Tech Startups Can Use Video Marketing

How Tech Startups Can Use Video Marketing?

We live in the visual digital world, so video content draws people’s attention more easily. The world of Tech Startups is highly competitive in space. Video content is easier to digest and more engaging than other forms of written content. As per statistics, it’s proven that video marketing can effectively boost your conversion and visibility to impact your bottom line truly.

Many Entrepreneurs prefer traditional video marketing methods over modern startup marketing techniques. Overall, Video marketing refers to sharing videos, filming excellent quality, and editing to attract and promote your business to your target audience.

Over 90% of online users revealed that product videos help to make purchase decisions. So, Online Video helps deliver the simplified information format quickly to your target audience. These killer videos attract a vast audience base via social channels. Informative videos with high-quality and compelling CTAs can lead to massive traffic to your business websites. Video marketing is a powerful lead-generation tool for your business.

You’re a tech startup, and you want to use video

  • Because it shows off your product better than all other content
  • Solves one of the main growth problems at tech startups
  • Get more clicks from YouTube for advertising
  • Get more people in your funnel for social media
  • Produce high-quality videos
  • Get the right lighting equipment
  • Understand the best practices for video shooting
  • Provide a clear takeaway
  • Use video to look more human to your audience
  • Share actionable content in snippets

If your business is tech-based, you should be showing up in the video.

  • 60% of people watch more than an hour of video every day
  • 7x as many 18-24-year-olds use Youtube vs. cable
  • 6.2 billion hours are spent watching videos on Facebook per month
  • Daily views on Youtube have more than doubled over the past four years
  • 3x as many companies use Instagram video ads vs. FB and Twitter combined

What are some solid video content ideas for startups?

  • Your CTA needs to be crystal clear at the beginning
  • Use at least one testimonial in every video
  • Always put your logo and web address at the end

There are a few ways you can use video marketing effectively

  • Make Videos on your Phone
  • Hire a YouTube Channel Manager
  • Create Animated Videos
  • Engage in Live Streaming

Are you a new startup and want to use video marketing?

    • Make a Reel
    • Don’t forget to synthesize your clips into 15 seconds
    • Make a solid Reel before uploading your videos on Instagram

  • Start pitching your Reel to bloggers, journalists, and celebrities
  • Please do it!

What are video marketing benefits?

  • Focus on how it helps your project
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  • Plan out how you’re going to use video before making one.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of timeliness- create content around the right time.
  • Be ready to scale quickly, and don’t overwhelm yourself with non-related tasks.

77% of companies that use video marketing achieve some level of success.

Do You Want to grow your tech startup faster?

  • Use video on Instagram to stand out
  • Create a ‘story that explains your product
  • Take behind-the-scenes photos for your followers
  • Tell stories about your customers
  • Make videos about your workday

Startups use video marketing to get customers interested in their products.

Tutorial: There are different types of videos on Instagram. Tutorial Videos – Have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Be specific and teach your audience about something they didn’t know before.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Tech Startups

Video marketing is among buyers’ and sellers’ most influential and engaging mediums. Video marketing offers the audience exciting content in the real-time market situation. Rather than using broachers and banners, use Videos that are more convincing and communicate with the audience in a lively manner.

As a StartUp, we must focus on the fastest revenue-generating ways to involve in funding and to seek the returns on their money. The foundation for many companies’ success has excellent stellar service. As per the survey, Online videos have a wide range of viewership across the globe with massive advancements in digital technologies.

    • Video is a must for modern-day digital marketing
    • Your site needs videos to help grow your business
    • Having video on your site will lead to more traffic
    • It’s a human medium
    • It’s easy to share
    • It’s flexible
    • It can convey a powerful message
    • Videos help you connect with your customers on a deeper level
    • Explain your product
    • Humanize your company and service providers
    • Educate your audience
    • Build trust
    • Showcase your products and services
    • It passes the boring test
    • Get shared on social media
    • Quality and engagement
    • Easy setup
    • The video is more compelling
    • It’s easier to scale expenses than increase content
    • Visual content is always the best way to get a message across
    • Video Marketing leads to higher conversion rates
    • Video Marketing increases your website traffic
    • Videos have a longer retention rate
    • Videos convey everything you need in one message
    • Video Marketing produces more return on investment
    • Video Marketing costs less than marketing through other means
    • Video Marketing appeals to more people and markets than photos and text alone.
    • Get more funding
    • Make your company appear bigger
    • Become more popular with customers
    • Sell products better
    • Build Trust

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Are Mobile & Easy To Share
  • Video is a cheap and easy way to explain your product to the world
  • Videos generate more organic search traffic
  • A picture paints a thousand words, and you can show how your product works
  • Video content attracts more organic traffic
  • Video increases SEO rankings
  • Video boosts conversions and sales
  • Video marketing is cost-effective
  • Video increases audience engagement
  • Video builds trust and relationships
  • Video drives social sharing
  • The video provides better SEO ranking
  • Video in email marketing
  • Create a marketing strategy
  • Start with the content you need the most
  • Please find a way to make it worthwhile for your audience
  • Decide on your call-to-action format
  • Shares better than text
  • More click-throughs
  • Easier to create
  • It’s suitable for tech products
  • Links back to your site
  • Timely and on-theme visuals
  • Stay Top of Mind
  • Pique your prospect’s interest
  • Get attention from influencers
  • Establish yourself as an expert in the space
  • We live in a visual world
  • Video boosts SEO
  • People like to share videos

Video Marketing and How to Go About It

video marketing is becoming increasingly popular in all business growth and is expected to increase. Whereas video usage and quick sharing are possible across various social network platforms. More startups are focusing on using video marketing for many reasons. ROI for video marketing can be huge, and marketers see more than 49% of the growth who use video for their marketing strategies. Some common goals include educating the audience, increasing brand awareness, selling products, and providing valuable by demonstrating authority in your niche.

Video marketing works

  • Use the same information as your YouTube description
  • Get a mobile-friendly background for your phone
  • Get a few different types of background images
  • Get as much natural-sounding audio as possible
  • Don’t just go for it; practice in advance

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow on Instagram

  • Use a phone app like Superloom.
  • Create the video and save it even before you upload it.
  • Ensure you have all your settings right before you start recording.
  • Don’t text or talk too fast in your video.
  • Always give value by answering questions in your videos!

Video marketing is Excellent for growing your business

  • Don’t skimp on production value
  • Make sure you have a strong CTA
  • You do still need visuals with video marketing

Video marketing is a powerful way to build an audience

  • Use Instagram stories to create behind-the-scenes content
  • Vlog about your interests (solo, not in collaboration with other accounts)
  • Do in-depth tutorials or how-to videos
  • Cut down your videos to 1 – 2 minutes long

Video marketing is one of the hottest things to do on social media

  • Zero in your niche market carefully
  • Add a voiceover and subtitles to your video
  • Include an authoritative figure
  • Tag influencers and other businesses in the industry

Video is the future of marketing. Why?

  • Consumers are visually driven.
  • Video is measurable and provides ROI
  • It can be used as content in any form.
  • Targeting specific audiences is easier than ever before through Facebook ads and Youtube channels.
  • Using video increases your organic sales and traffic

Gaining Competitive Advantage through Video Marketing

Leading quality traffic to your website may include various marketing and advertising strategies. Most people aspire to do or run a successful business that sounds lucrative. Ideal video marketing can lead to a successful business, and the leading companies using various campaigns require determination, patience, and hard work. The video has been around, and video marketing is nothing new. Nowadays, an individual influencer can take your business to large corporations where you’re promoting personalities, products, and services.

Here’s how to gain a competitive advantage through video marketing

  • Videos build trust
  • Use Facebook Custom Audience to find clients
  • Create an epic intro for your video posts
  • Put out relevant videos for your audience
  • Promote your videos in groups

Here’s how to gain a competitive advantage in marketing through video strategies

  • Create a video marketing strategy that will help you stay on point
  • Be consistent with showing up for your audience
  • Identify and resonate with the larger audience
  • Get your target audience hooked from the get-go
  • Clear Use titles and be upfront about what you’re offering

Want a competitive advantage? Try video marketing

  • It’s the only way to cut through the noise
  • It can increase conversion rates by 3-5x
  • You can benchmark your performance with specific videos
  • Just do it. Video is the wave of the future.
  • Create a reel for every other post you publish.

Video marketing is a no-brainer for increasing your competitive advantage on Instagram.

  • Your videos don’t offer a value
  • Your videos follow the trend
  • Be a visionary and take the lead in the video marketing boom!

Gain more customers by broadcasting video

  • Video offers a live 360° experience
  • Video captures the emotion and sentiment of your product or service
  • When done right, the video will drive immediate action from your viewer
  • The stats don’t lie – 73% of businesses that use video grow faster

Stop worrying about video marketing

  • Stop thinking about growth hacking for your business
  • Pick one social media channel and stick to it
  • Focus! Choose the platform that makes the most business sense
  • Traction, traction, traction! Convert and repeat

Reasons Why Tech Startups Need Online Video

Startups vary from businesses; they are designed to grow fast. They have something to sell. They are products in a large market. Video content is one of the wealthiest ways to invest time in creating, promoting your services, and creating valuable video content for your business and brands—a great chance of repurposing the same content into multiple forms of content marketing. For several reasons, startups exponentially expand their potential reach through video target marketing.

  • Video can help to build trust.
  • It would be best if you had it to reach a global audience
  • Customers take notice of video
  • Video catches the attention of many
  • Improves companies marketing presence
  • Offline video is 5x as effective in conversion
  • Video works on mobile screens
  • It helps Sales
  • Customers want it
  • It generates leads and sales
  • It’s a visual world
  • As an extension of your business
  • Excellent for ad targeting and customer targeting
  • Fabulous – new technology is always cool
  • It’s the best marketing tool
  • It builds trust
  • It cuts costs
  • It shows expertise
  • It generates leads
  • It’s better than a PowerPoint presentation
  • It increases website traffic
  • It’s convenient
  • It’s sharing related
  • Great ROI on other channels
  • High engagement
  • Online video helps with marketing
  • Video increases user activity
  • Videos are easy to share
  • Videos make you creative and visual
  • Videos make your brand look professional and serious
  • User-Generated Content
  • Earn Money
  • Drive Traffic
  • Engagement
  • It builds trust and credibility
  • It draws the proper attention
  • It creates your company’s personality
  • It accelerates time to market and revenue
  • It drives engagement and growth
  • Don’t care about video quality
  • They may not have a TV spot
  • Time is more than money
  • Video brings attention to their company
  • Help keep their audience interested

Powerful Tactics to Boost Tech Companies with Video

YouTube videos without any auto-playing reach a more significant number of followers. Most of us probably don’t know when to implement videos in our marketing strategies. Brands can use video marketing and power to grow their audience and brand awareness. Online businesses are leveraging these video marketing trends into their marketing strategies. Short video content grabs people’s attention span in less time. Many organizations are creating excellent video types to engage with customers, trust-building, and converting them to Clients.

  • Video can be used to show a 3D action and promote services
  • Video can be used for testimonials
  • Video can be used in marketing campaigns
  • A video is a tool for creating long-lasting relationships
  • Plan to make videos part of your tech branding
  • Don’t hire actors to do the voice over
  • Give it purpose and show personality
  • Short is the most effective
  • Edit and produce with care
  • Marketing Through Video
  • Customer Service and Support Videos
  • Viral Marketing
  • Video Explainer/Introduction
  • Introducing Your Product/Service
  • Video Campaigns and A/B Testing
  • What is the video?
  • How to prepare for a video shoot
  • The right equipment for your startup
  • Types of videos
  • Helpful tech tips and tools
  • Copywriting for List-shaped Content (Vertical)
  • Vertical content differs from listicles because there are not many but long sentences or bullet points.
  • Super straightforward video production
  • Viral marketing campaign engines
  • Increased opportunities to acquire new clients
  • Produce live, informative, and entertaining videos
  • Live streaming and video marketing
  • Create a consistent voice
  • Create an explainer video to solve customers’ problems when they open their front door.
  • Use video marketing to rank higher on Google
  • Create video interviews with experts in your field
  • Start a Youtube Channel using your company name
  • Enable customers to contact you through videos
  • Video Marketing, The Old And New Way
  • Your Market’s Growth Showcase
  • Animated Video Creation Done Right
  • Have a video strategy
  • Know your needs and customers’ challenges before making the video
  • Write a great script
  • Identify the right voiceover talent
  • Record and edit your videos in a professional studio
  • Get mobile video marketing right
  • Try it today
  • Present compelling video
  • Make your message come alive
  • Plan Your Video
  • Develop a Screencasting
  • Get the Best Sound
  • Video for Sales Team to Grow More Leads
  • Describe the client
  • Show off your product
  • Encourage companies to post more videos
  • Use gifs to highlight your service
  • Create branded content for social media
  • Publish articles on tech blogs

Technology Companies with Killer Video Marketing Strategies

As a marketing manager, you must keep track of innovations to boost Click-Through rates. The latest video marketing trends in the social ecosystem are changing video marketing. Businesses should increase their promotions using Video marketing strategies in their social media manager to get enormous revenue. Marketers must be keen in today’s competition, and the video marketing arena is getting more crowded. All the B2B and B2C companies engage with this power and killer video content marketing. So, startups can include online marketing videos to stand out.

  1. Making a viral video with ‘The Annoying Orange
  2. Nokia – Powerful technology, fantastic production values
  3. Old Spice’s Video Marketing

The Best Budget Video Making Platforms for Tech Startups

Today’s Modern marketing platforms are expensive; you all need various tools and services to create and manage budget videos. Almost half of the startups shut their doors because they did not use the proper product videos that people expected. Now let’s take a look at the startup’s budget for video marketing that allocates most of these successful businesses are executed. These are the more effective and efficient budget-friendly Video Making Platforms for Tech Startups.

  • Renderforest
  • Animatron
  • Moovly
  • Animaker
  • Prezi
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Google Web Designer
  • Explore
  • Avidemux


As we discussed, video marketing is always the right choice to think about and stay competitive advantages. All the advanced tech possibilities are closing the gap between competitors. First and foremost, every startup must cultivate a growth mindset in its business culture. Based on your business, identify and adopt the right relevant video marketing strategies to the potential of your business.

SupposeCross-check what videos you post if you have already introduced video campaigns in your marketing strategies. Are they successfully executed? Have you noticed few videos work better for specific industries?

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