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Video Commerce: What is AI-Powered Shoppable Video?

Video commerce is a new concept emerging as we’re able to connect more and more devices with the internet. AI-powered shoppable video is a new way for brands to showcase products and generate sales on their website or app.

The AI-powered shoppable video has been proven to work, so it’s time for companies of all sizes to give it a try!

Video Commerce is the future of e-commerce. It’s what retailers need to be doing to keep up with the changing times and stay competitive.

Shoppable Videos are a new way for brands, advertisers, and publishers to showcase products through video content on their websites or social media accounts.

The AI that powers this technology analyzes data from a company’s product catalog and then creates shoppable videos that consumers can click on, purchase items from within the video itself, and have it delivered straight to their doorsteps!

Video Commerce is a new type of video advertising that combines AI-powered shoppable videos with product placement. Consumers watch the ad and then click on a link to buy or learn more about the product, all within the same viewing experience.

Video Commerce allows brands to engage with customers in an immersive way while also providing them with an opportunity to purchase products from their favorite brands at any time, day or night.

What is Video Commerce?

Video Commerce is a new trend in online shopping. With video, people can see products and shop from their mobile devices at any time, anywhere.

Video Commerce allows merchants to create video content to drive sales. These videos are then distributed on various platforms, including social media and paid advertising campaigns. The goal of this type of marketing is to get potential customers interested in a product.

Video Commerce is a new way to connect with your customers. It’s about creating videos that answer frequently asked questions, show how-to guides, and share product information.

Video Commerce is a technology that allows businesses to integrate video into their web and mobile storefronts.

What is a Shoppable Video?

A Shoppable Video is a video ad that directs viewers to purchase on your store.

A Shoppable Video is a video that the viewer can buy. It’s like watching an ad, but you’re buying something!

A Shoppable Video opens a new world of possibilities for brands by seamlessly allowing shoppers to discover and purchase products within video content.

A shoppable video is a native ad that allows viewers to swipe up and purchase a product right from their screen.

A shoppable video is a short video that shows products and allows users to click on them, navigate to the product page, and make a purchase.

Difference between Live and non-live Video Shopping

There are two types of video shopping, one is live streaming, and the other type is non-live videos.

The most important difference between the two is that when videos are live, they can be interacted with and commented on during the video.

Using live video to sell on Shopify is a great way to increase your conversion rate. When you use live video, potential customers can see and interact with the items they’re interested in buying. This creates more of an intimate and personal experience.

The difference between live and non-live video shopping is that you can’t change or cancel an order in live.

What is a Video Commerce Platform?

A Video Commerce Platform is an application that provides a suite of tools for managing and distributing videos. It allows users to upload, create and distribute content on various platforms such as websites, social media channels, and mobile devices.

You can use it for online video stores, content delivery networks, and other internet media.

A Video Commerce Platform, or VCP for short, is a web application that allows users to create and share videos.

A Video Commerce Platform is a video content management system that connects to your existing website. It can be used for product demonstrations, training videos, and how-to guides to corporate communications or funding campaigns.

A video commerce platform is a website that uses videos, images, and data to help businesses connect with their customers. The goal of these websites is to provide better customer service by giving users the information they want in an easy-to-use format.

What is AI-Powered Shoppable Video?

It’s a new way to connect with your customers using shoppable videos. It enables retailers to create custom video content that allows shoppers to purchase items directly from the video.

AI-Powered Shoppable Video is a technology that supercharges your Shopify store with shoppable videos.

AI-Powered Shoppable Video is the best way to ensure that you immediately connect with your audience and get them to take action.

AI-Powered Shoppable Video is the future of video marketing.

AI-Powered Shoppable Video allows users to find clothes in the video they like and then take them directly to product pages.

Why is the future of commerce a Shoppable Video?

Shoppable Videos are a powerful tool for content creators because they allow viewers to shop directly from the video without ever leaving YouTube.

Because Shoppable Video is an engaging way for your customers to shop, it helps them find the product they want without having to leave your site!

Shoppable Videos are a new way to shop online that is fun and engaging for consumers. With Shoppable Videos, you can turn boring product pages into entertaining videos filled with beautiful content from your brand’s story.

In a world where people watch more digital video than they ever have before, brands need to find ways to keep viewers engaged. Shoppable Video is one of the most powerful tools for eCommerce because it allows consumers to discover products and make purchases.

Shoppable Video Commerce Strategies & Best Practices

  • Create video content that is engaging and relevant to your customer
  • Always be authentic, transparent, and honest in your videos
  • Use the product you are selling as a prop for storytelling
  • Include details about how to use the product, so viewers know what they are paying for
  • Show off the benefits of using your products or services with before-and-after shots or testimonials from happy customers
  • Build a shoppable video
  • Add the shopping element to your video with product placements and links in the description of the video
  • Use hashtags on social media to get more views and promote your videos
  • Include an email list sign-up form for viewers who want updates from you or have questions about what they saw in your videos
  • Create a video to tell your story
  • Make sure you have an engaging video that will attract people’s attention
  • Include products in the video, but don’t just show them off- actually use them and talk about how they work for you
  • Keep the videos short – no longer than 3 minutes; otherwise, people will get bored and stop watching
  • Use tags on YouTube so that people can find your videos more easily1.
  • Make sure your videos are optimized for mobile viewing
  • Use motion graphics to tell the story of your products
  • Add sound effects, music, or voice-overs to make your videos more interesting
  • Offer customer service through social media channels, including live chat and video calls
  • Create a video that illustrates the product
  • Design a shopping cart interface in your video
  • Show how to use the product and its features
  • Include testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Promote your videos on social media platforms
  • Optimize your video for mobile viewing
  • Create a call to action at the end of your video, such as “Click here to shop now.”
  • Use videos with an engaging story to create an emotional connection with viewers
  • Offer personalized service by including product recommendations or answering viewer questions in the video
  • Promote your video to get more views
  • Offer incentives for watching the entire video, such as discounts or freebies
  • Use call-to-actions throughout the video that encourage viewers to purchase items featured in the video
  • Write captions on videos with relevant keywords, so people searching YouTube will find it easier
  • Utilize shoppable video to increase engagement
  • Create videos with a purpose- whether it be entertainment, education, or product demonstration
  • Include your logo in the first frame of the video, so viewers know who is behind it
  • Use high-quality sound when filming your videos
  • Create a shoppable video
  • Make sure the product has at least one picture and description
  • Include a link to buy the product on your website or social media accounts, such as Twitter or Facebook
  • Add an email signup form for viewers to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Encourage viewers to share their favorite clips with friends.
  • Video is the most sharable format on social media
  • Videos are more likely to be watched with the sound turned off
  • People are willing to buy an item if they see it in a video and hear about how it works
  • Product reviews can be embedded in videos, which makes them more trustworthy for consumers
  • Shoppable videos are a great way to show off products
  • They can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with other marketing strategies
  • Videos allow people to see the product from all angles, which is helpful for those who have difficulty seeing
  • This type of video also increases customer confidence because they know what they’re going to get before purchasing it
  • You can use shoppable videos on your website or social media platforms
  • Shoppable video is becoming more common
  • Brands are using shoppable videos to build trust with consumers
  • Mobile shopping is on the rise, so brands need to be mobile-friendly
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality will continue to grow in popularity
  • Brands are using video as a marketing tool to create immersive experiences
  • Brands are using shoppable videos as an extension of their product catalogs to drive sales and increase engagement with consumers
  • Consumers want to shop from the convenience of wherever they may be, which is why brands need to focus on mobile-first design and implementation.


When it comes to video commerce, there are many platforms and solutions available. But one of the newest is AI-Powered Shoppable Video. It allows marketers to create shoppable videos that can be embedded on their site or distributed across social media channels like Facebook.

It’s a new way to connect with customers by providing them what they want when they want it instant access to all your products in an immersive experience. Interested? Contact us today for more information about how we help brands leverage this exciting technology!

As you can see, video commerce has a lot of potential for success, and we want to help your business get more sales. If you’re looking for Video Commerce Consulting or need any other marketing services, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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