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Video Marketing Campaigns 101: Steps to Launch Your First Video Campaign

We are living in the world of videos everywhere across the web and so in the marketing strategies. Marketers always find a place where their audience is spending most of their time. It is an open secret that people are addicted to video viewing today.

Yes, people are watching video content across multiple screens than earlier. This is the biggest opportunity for every marketer to include the video marketing campaign strategies in their marketing plans to reach their audience across multiple platforms as well as multiple screens.

If you are a beginner and going to launch your first video campaign, don’t get panicked. Just follow this step by step guide and enjoy your first video campaign.

What exactly is the video marketing campaign mean?

A campaign is the period of time in which marketers make their efforts in reaching their targeted audience and bring brand awareness which is called as a marketing campaign. When it is targeted with the video content for marketing then it is called as a video marketing campaigning.

How to start a video marketing campaign?

Do research

Yes, this is a most common sentence that you might hear in a lot of blog posts in the marketing category. Yes, exactly, researching is nothing but you have to estimate by observing various campaigns that are successful in your field and must know the right points which are played as key factors in their success.

Apart from that research on your audience meaning, where they are spending most of their time, what type of content they are interested in your category, which type of content in your category was receiving best engagement etc.

This detailed research about your audience will definitely very helpful to initiate your video marketing campaigns.

Define your objectives

Your objectives will definitely reflect on your entire campaign strategic planning. Know what you exactly expect from your audience to do in your campaign and the ultimate goal of your video marketing campaigns. This brainstorming will help you get with the right planning and implementation as well as can helps you in estimating the ROI.

Know about the distribution plan

Before going for the creation of your amazing video for campaigning, you must understand the present video marketing ecosystem to know about the various distribution methodologies that you can implement in your strategic planning.

There are multiple places where you can promote your video online. You can track and analyze your performance if you have a clear understanding of the distributing methods.

Build Assets

Target your business channel on YouTube, email newsletters, webpage, social networking platforms where you have your official accounts.

Remember these places while campaigning your video to your audience. These are the most important options you can go with and you can also explore the other options.

Create new, unique, compelling and interactive

The most important thing in your video marketing campaign process is the creation of the video you are going to utilize in your marketing campaigns.

Before creating your video, once re-check the objectives and targeting places you have already listed.

Create something that is interactive with your audience. The main objective of your video marketing campaign is to interact with the audience then only you can reach your audience with your specific goals.

If your video marketing campaign is interactive, then only you can be successful in your efforts. So, make sure you are conveying your brand message in a creative way where your audience can easily interact with your business or brand or services you are offering, and you want to make them aware of.

Don’t compromise. If you need to outsource, don’t step back.

Many companies didn’t produce their own video production for the campaigns. You can simply go with your concept and approach the right Outsourcing Video Production Company. The company you have to choose to outsource your video production must have good experience in taking up similar projects. Because your video is the vital element for your campaign and it must win the audience hearts.

Know about the factors that are concerning and how much the particular company charge and whether they will come up with outside shoot or not, etc. must be analyzed before you go for video production outsourcing.

Steps for better ROI

Measuring your video campaigning is the first step to estimate and generate the ROI from your video campaigning. You can utilize the three types of ROI measurement such as absolute, Relative and attributive ROI measures.

Absolute ROI is nothing but the absolute measure where you can track metrics basing on cost per subscriber, purchase, and download.

When comes to relative ROI, it focuses on the campaign’s performance, and it is the somewhat difficult to type of metric to understand, but it can provide you the better insight about the budget allocation in the future investments.

The attribute metrics are another complicated analytics that measures the impact of your video on the marketing funnel. It focuses on every stage of your marketing funnel.

Make a better analytics system

Evaluate your customer interaction and how your video marketing campaigns were gaining good or negative impact on your audience. this is very helpful to you to set the things in a better way to get successful in reaching your potential audience across the platforms you have targeted.

So make a perfect strategic planning for your analytics. You have a lot of useful tools that are very helpful to you to achieve things. Track your analytics and note down the key measures and adjust your strategy.

Tips to double your video marketing campaign success rate

• Engage your audience with good storytelling by including animation and other effects to deliver the best experience.

• Make audience as a center in your story without over-promoting your own products or services.

• Keep your video short and interesting to your audience.

• Add good call-to-actions

• Post your video in different platforms.

Finally, follow this guide and be successful with your first video marketing campaign.

Bringing More Attention to your Site with Video Marketing Campaigns

So, you’ve put the bulk of the hard work into setting up your eCommerce site. You’ve spent hours mulling over your branded design and collaborating with the best freelancers out there to bring it to life.

Your branded logo embodies the spirit of your brand and what you are selling. Your color scheme matches it perfectly and brings up all the right color associations in the consumer market’s mind.

Your brand name is simple, yet effective, and your tagline is catchy. You’ve worked with a brilliant web designer to bring your webpage together: the landing page is inspiring, the site navigation is simple and straightforward, you have easy to access links to your terms and conditions, your shipping details, and your returns policies.

The product photography is pristine, and your product descriptions make you want to add each item to your basket. In short, you’ve nailed it. But this isn’t where all of the hard work ends. What use, after all, is a stunning and functional site if nobody visits it?

If you want to make sales, you need customers to land on your page in the first place. So, how do you go about directing the right kind of traffic to your eCommerce site? Here are a few areas to focus on to get things started!


SEO. These three letters are thrown about all over the place when it comes to marketing. But what do they even stand for and what do they mean?

Well, SEO stands for “search engine optimisation.” SEO is the process of maximising the number of visitors who access your page by ensuring that your website appears as high in search engine results as possible.

Think about it. Whenever you need something, what do you do? Type a few keywords into Google, Bing, Yahoo, or whatever search engine it may be that you prefer.

Now, once the results have loaded, do you ever really go beyond the first two or three?

No. In fact, it’s extremely rare that anybody will ever go past the first page. This is why SEO is so important.

You want to appear as high as possible. Work with a reliable SEO specialist such as to secure your place right at the top.

Video Marketing Campaigns

Nowadays, we spend more time than ever watching short videos. The internet makes them easily accessible – all we have to do is pull our smartphone out of our pocket, and the chances are that we’ve tagged in a few by friends on social media.

Viral videos are a phenomenon that has taken the web by storm over the past decade or so. People love a feel-good video or funny moments captured on film. If a video well-liked, it can quickly round up hundreds of thousands of hits.

Savvy business owners have used this to their advantage, making brilliant video marketing campaigns to promote their products and wares. The more views your video gets, the higher conversion rates tend to be.

After all, if your product or brand brings a smile to someone’s face, they’re more likely to engage with it. Remember to tie together your marketing techniques. Perhaps you could use the SEO above to bring traffic to your video marketing!


These are just two ways to get people onto your page, but they’re two of the most effective. So, start engaging with them as soon as possible!

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