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Video Repurposing: 50 Most Effective Video Repurposing Techniques for Social Media

Are you planning to repurpose social videos? Learn what type of video content works best on different social media platforms. You can also know how to turn old footage rather than writing the brand new content each day and make use of your possible number of old posts by consolidating, updating, and repurposing them. Video is increasingly accessible for all types of businesses; one way to simplify the process of consistent content is to repurpose the old content into new formats. Here’s are the 50 most effective Video repurposing techniques for Social Media.

Video Repurposing Techniques for Social Media

Include call-to-action for Instagram posts:

Make some simplified checklist with call-to-action buttons for Snapchat and Instagram posts.

Repurpose 2 minutes videos for LinkedIn:

Take some influencer videos and update it as per 2 minutes length and share it on LinkedIn.

Repurposing for YouTube:

Ideally, your Facebook Live video could turn into more than three videos for YouTube. Create each video with its own introduction and conclusions and publish it on YouTube channel.

Create Videos with Podcasts:

Use some video editors and add simple audio bumpers to make it sound like a podcast. Simply Export the audio from the 3 smaller YouTube videos having one long podcast.


Memes may be a square image, a video that has a humorous message. These short video content can be shareable on Instagram, Facebook Stories, and other video sharing sites.

Create Screen Capture Videos:

Build the Screen capture videos that show if you are, you are carrying any activity, and describe it in past blog articles. You can use any possible screen recording platforms.

Expand Older Posts:

Fix and update if any older information exists on your blog content according to the recent Google Algorithms.

Record yourself ad-libbing posts:

Record topic by yourself by ad-libbing topics you have covered in previous blog posts. Record a conversational video by past topic posts that will come across as more natural for viewers.

Explore Live Streaming on Social media:

They were exploring the world of live-streaming with Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope Live. People loved it, and you can see an immediate response.

Turn Emails into Video Emails:

Turn your older email newsletter to new video content and send it with link building techniques.

Create Snapchat Stories:

Snapchat has quickly become one of the biggest networks on social media. Since if you already know the type of response and engagement of specific older post has generated. You can republish that content.

Build a SlideShare presentation:

Collect all the older posts from the social media and make a slide share video presentation using free tools.

Repurpose the Live Videos:

Repurposing a live video includes already recorded live videos to promote it. If you have great live video content, divide them into parts, share it on social media.

Convert How -To post into Video Tutorial:

How-to content is a great way to educate and get more engagement on social media channels. Turn all the older How to content into video tutorials for the best result.

Share your Creativity Before ad after video:

Share a video that before and after videos using creative skills.

Untold Stories:

Create short videos that have a specific reason by publishing that particular post on social media.

Release behind the Scenes Footage:

Release some behind the scenes footage freshly by tagging that particular video post.

Create Interesting Videos:

Create an interesting video by repurposing the older posts and share them on social media. This will bring back your memories.

Product Videos:

Add some additional new content to the old videos. That is, add some more product features to the video and make it a new post.

Host a webinar:

If you are influencers in your blog posts, consider collaborating your audience via a series of webinars.

Cross-promote your video posts:

one of the best video repurposing techniques is cross-promote your older video posts into other social media platforms.

Convert it into Blog posts:

Convert the existing video content into blog posts and share it on your company blogs.

Organize the Facebook Live foe same topic:

Organize the Facebook Live and interactive session for the same topic. That older content also still receives attention.

Publish on LinkedIn:

Share the older video recordings on LinkedIn profiles. Then all your employees of that particular organization and other professional may create engagement.

Update the YouTube Videos:

Do some necessary changes need for older videos and make it as newly published videos?

Periscope Live video:

Periscope Live video is increasingly popular among social media, and you can take it as a new blog post or create as a live update.

Social Media Graphics:

You can take content from Pinterest, do some graphic work to make it as a video, share on other social media. Else you can take a quote to make graphics share on social media.

Transcribe Webinar and Post-it with Recording:

Transcribing Webinar is great for SEO according to the new Google Algorithms post it as a recording.

Convert Webinar content to Multiple Blog posts:

The content from a webinar can easily be converted into more blog posts depending on the topic.

Create a White paper or eBook with Webinar content:

A webinars audio or video content can directly lead to e-books and can easily convert them into an eBook.

Make Webinar content into Micrographics:

Once you have content as an infographic, divide it into miniature pieces is a snap. These great micrographics content for sharing on social media with backlinking.

Create a Webinar Highlight into a Reel:

It is offering the five-minute highlight of a great speaker into a reel that shows a potential speaker and expertise of your company’s webinars.

Create a small Tradeshows or a Conference:

Create a small tradeshow from the webinar content that may be helpful to internal organizational development.

Transcribe Your Videos:

Video transcriptions are features that are shown below the video in an interactive manner, and those are the basis of blog posts that repurpose the original video content.

Break long Videos into Shorter video Clips:

Break your long-form videos into shorter video clips and republish it on social media.

Choose Text from Explainer videos turn it to Articles:

Use the important text from explainer video and make it as “How it Works” pages and broken into steps.

Convert Testimonial Videos:

Every company has some testimonial videos from various global customers; you can easily string together all clips from different customers based on the Subject.

Use Clips from the corporate video:

Use clips from a corporate video to that showcase various impressive elements of your company’s corporate culture and make it a new form to share it on your company social media pages or share with individuals.

Convert Educational videos to podcasts:

If you belong to an educational content type, it works well as a podcast. Either you can upload it as a podcast may be in videos or audio on different platforms.

Repurpose video to Landing pages:

Repurpose your video transcripts into text form uses it for the websites and share on platforms such as medium, twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, and your company website and also convert into short clips.

Convert Corporate video to Leadership Quotes:

Convert your company’s corporate video features to the senior leadership team in an organization. Based on the type of content, you can consider it as direct quotes or make it a story on about us.

Convert Interview Videos to FAQ content:

If your video belongs to Q&A or an interview video, easily convert, it uses shorter clips, and use the content for the FAQ page.

Add Subtitles to the Existing Videos:

Use the Subtitles and transcription to your videos and republish it. Subtitles can work well in situations like difficulty in hearing people, language barriers, and great understanding.

Use Outdated video as a Background video:

If your video is outdated or published long ago, rather than just scrapping that video, use it as a silent background video.

Webinars into video series:

If your company launched several webinars over the past several years, you could repurpose these valuable webinar content into videos publish it as a series.

Old videos into an ad campaign:

YouTube and Instagram videos involving product products and services features you can quickly turn it into an ad campaign. Spend some budget and make it an ad campaign.

Go beyond YouTube:

Use the old YouTube video content to post on video hosting platforms like Vimeo, Daily Motion, Vidyard, and more. Spend some time and repurpose your video content on new hosting channels.

Use to Answer questions on Quora:

consider your valuable videos and convert them into content to answer in the Quora platform. Quora is the most engaging platform with a huge community.

create social media campaigns:

convert video to Small snippets and small snippets of video can help to target the audience based on the content type.

Place video on the Product page:

use your old video that describes the products and services you can simply place on the product pages related to that content.


Repurposing the old content is time saving and effective way by updating and republishing video content on your website. It will increase your organic traffic and have a higher chance of older blog posts ranking better than brand new posts. Hopefully, these video repurposing techniques may enhance your blog content visibility for social media.

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