Video Streaming Trends and Predictions 2024

The world of video streaming is constantly evolving, with new technologies and platforms emerging all the time. What shall we expect in the next few years? Here are some of the trends we’re likely to see in 2024.

It’s hard to believe that video streaming has only been a thing for the past few years. It looks hard to imagine life without it. But when you take a step back and think about how quickly video streaming has taken off, it’s pretty amazing. And according to industry experts, things are only going to get bigger and better from here. Check out our top video streaming trends and predictions for 2024!

  • 4K will be the new standard for video quality
  • Video streaming services will replace cable and satellite TV providers
  • 8K will become a thing but won’t be mainstream until 2028
  • There will be more on-demand content than live content by 2024
  • Video streaming will continue to grow rapidly
  • Streaming services will start to offer original content, not just licensed content
  • More people will watch videos on their phones than any other device
  • Live-streaming apps like Periscope and Facebook Live will become more popular than ever before
  • Streaming will get faster and more reliable
  • The number of hours streamed per day will increase
  • More people will start streaming themselves – both professionally and for fun
  • People who stream themselves for a living can expect to make $1000+ a month from their videos alone, with the potential to earn much more through other streams like Patreon or YouTube ads
  • Video streaming will be the most popular form of entertainment, surpassing TV and movies
  • Streaming services will continue to grow in popularity, with more companies entering the market
  • Netflix will remain on top as it expands its original programming to compete with Amazon Prime’s programs
  • More people will cut cable due to high prices and limited channel options.
  • Streaming will continue to grow in popularity
  • Streaming services will provide more options for content, including live events and on-demand programming
  • The number of streaming devices will increase sharply due to competition from TV providers and tech companies like Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google, etc.
  • Consumers will stream video on any device they want at home or on the go.
  • Video streaming will be the preferred way to access video content
  • More people will use video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus
  • Streaming services will become more personalized, which means that they’ll have a better understanding of what you want to watch based on your previous viewing habits
  • The average person’s monthly data usage for internet-based video streaming is expected to increase from 1 GB in 2016 to 5 GB by 2024
  • Video streaming will replace the video on demand
  • Streaming services will offer personalized viewing experiences based on the viewer’s mood or preference
  • Streaming providers will offer more content, including exclusive series and movies only available to subscribers
  • TV networks are beginning to stream their programming online before it airs live.
  • The number of people who watch traditional TV declines as more people choose internet-based streaming options.
  • Video streaming services will become more common and popular
  • More people will start using video streaming services to watch TV shows, movies, and other videos
  • The number of hours that people spend watching video content on their phones each week will increase by 33% in 2024
  • 60% of all video content watched online in 2024 will be delivered via mobile.
  • Streaming will be the dominant mode of entertainment
  • More and more people will move away from owning DVDs or Blu-rays as they turn to stream services instead
  • There will be a rise in over-the-top (OTT) content providers that offer video on demand, such as Netflix and Hulu
  • Video streaming will become more personalized with the increased use of artificial intelligence to recommend videos based on what viewers have watched before.
  • Video streaming will be the most popular form of entertainment
  • There will be a rise in video subscriptions, with more people paying for individual channels or packages
  • Video streaming services are increasingly personalized to suit your needs and tastes.
  • Video streaming will become even more popular, with people spending an average of 8 hours a day watching videos
  • The number of video streaming devices available for purchase will increase to include clothes with built-in screens and virtual reality headsets
  • People will be able to watch videos anywhere they want, including on the bus or in line at the grocery store
  • There are no predictions about how many people live under totalitarian regimes who are not allowed access to any form of video content
  • Video streaming will be the most popular form of entertainment
  • There will be a push for more diversity in video content and its creators
  • A new technology such as VR or AR will emerge that changes how we consume video content
  • More people will have a subscription to a video streaming service
  • Video content will be more interactive and immersive
  • There will be an increase in the number of niche streaming services, such as for sports or gaming
  • People will watch videos on their mobile devices more often than on their computers
  • Video streaming will be the dominant form of entertainment, replacing traditional TV
  • Streaming services will offer more personalized content that reflects individual’s preferences and interests
  • The line between social media and video streaming will blur as people watch live videos on their feeds to stay connected with friends and family
  • VR headsets will become famous for watching movies or shows at home
  • The rise of the “cord-cutter.”
  • Streaming services will offer exclusive content to their subscribers
  • YouTube and Facebook will continue to dominate in video streaming, but there will be a decrease in people using these platforms for videos
  • More people are going to start streaming live video on Twitch, which is an app focused on gaming
  • Netflix’s original programming won’t affect its viewership because it has already reached critical mass
  • Video streaming will be the most popular form of entertainment
  • The average person will spend more than 90 minutes a day watching video content on their mobile devices, laptops, and TVs
  • Live streaming video will become the new norm as people want to feel like they’re part of an event or happening as it’s happening live
  • More and more people will start using virtual reality headsets for their viewing experience
  • There will be increased competition among companies that provide video streaming services
  • Video streaming will be available on all platforms, including smart appliances
  • Streaming video will become the primary way people consume content, surpassing traditional television viewing
  • The number of live-streamed events will increase exponentially due to viewers’ increased desire for immediacy and authenticity in their entertainment
  • Live streams will become an increasingly popular medium for artists to express themselves
  • Video streaming will be the norm for all video content
  • Streaming platforms will have a wider range of programming options to choose from, including exclusive and original shows
  • People will start to watch television on their phones as screens get smaller and more portable
  • Video streaming services will be the new normal
  • Consumers will demand more original programming
  • Streaming services will offer exclusive content for their subscribers only
  • Video streaming will continue to grow as more people sign up for services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime
  • Streaming services will offer original content that is exclusive to their platform
  • Services like YouTube will continue to grow in popularity because they are free and easy to use
  • There may be a push for live video streaming on Twitch or Facebook Live platforms.


We’ve seen a dramatic increase in video streaming on mobile devices in the last few years. With this trend continuing to grow and evolve, businesses need to prepare themselves with the right technology tools and a strong understanding of how their customer base uses these platforms.

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