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WhatsApp Marketing: Best WhatsApp Marketing Strategies for Growing Your Business Using Video

The very mention of social media flashes in our mind Facebook and Twitter. However, they are not the only ones in the pantheon of social networking when it comes to communicating and marketing from the users’ point of view. Herein, WhatsApp Marketing and messaging apps are soon catching up with the race in leading the competition of apps that help market and advertise one.

The one that’s fastidiously growing as a leader in this brigade is WhatsApp. As per studies, it has over 1.5 billion active users globally. This makes it a potential platform for marketers that allow large-scale market penetration.

How to effectively use WhatsApp for Marketing?

WhatsApp is a free app that needs an internet connection for use. It allows users to chat, send messages, text, videos, and audio without any SMS charges.

Besides, users are also allowed to make free voice and video calls using the app in addition to sharing large files and images. The app supports different phones and is widely used even in regions that are levied high SMS charges.

For example, Malaysia, Brazil, and Mexico have over 60% population using WhatsApp. It is rather the best alternative tool to SMS widely used across 109 countries that contributes to 55.6% world population.

Even though Facebook acquired WhatsApp for US$19 billion in February 2014, it continues to operate as a separate entity. Hence, there have been very few changes or additions of marketing-friendly features in this messenger app in comparison to others.

WhatsApp Marketing for Business

One of the prime reasons to leverage WhatsApp for business is its huge user count. An average of 60 billion messages is sent daily through WhatsApp Messenger. However, as WhatsApp doesn’t sell ad space or have specific features, it depends on the advertisers’ to be innovative with their advertising.

Moreover, developing a strategy becomes crucial herein, as WhatsApp is different in comparison to other messaging apps. Although marketing on WhatsApp may not garner much attention, it does lay out a few potentials viz.

  •  It’s a free medium
  • Allows sending images, brochures, catalogs, and eBooks
  • Can get feedback from customers
  • Indulge in group discussions and meetings
  • Allows sending of alerts regarding new events and sales
  • Offline message alerts ensure the messages are not lost

These features pose a potential platform for businesses in trying out the medium of WhatsApp messenger to reach their customers and promote their brands. However, this also requires the backing of a good strategy that is developed after proper study of the entire customer base, what they are looking for to accordingly create one that can help in growing businesses.

Best Creative Ideas for WhatsApp Marketing using Video

Presenting top 10 creative techniques to market using WhatsApp Video

  1. It’s a cross-platform app5 – WhatsApp being a cross-platform advantage one to reach social networks that are currently on social media to know about your business.
  2. Allows group message sharing – Share group messages that are interactive with your focus group. This will assist in conducting market research before launching a product.
  3. Free of cost – Sending messages on WhatsApp is free and doesn’t cost money. Besides, it is available on Windows, iPhone, Android, Nokia, Blackberry, etc. This cost-free messaging app allows widespread interaction with groups, individuals, and also sends unlimited videos.
  4. Direct to other platforms – Opt for creative techniques to promote your products. Besides, you can also direct people to your YouTube channel.
  5. Generate sales via inbuilt features – You can generate sales calls using the in-built version of VOIP. This allows businesses to respond to customers as soon as a request is generated.
  6. Be informative – Keep your messages short and crisp. The message must be powerful and informative. Unlike Twitter, you are not limited to 140 characters and hence utilize it appropriately.
  7. Send content across to the audience – WhatsApp allows businesses to send curated and original content that follows the set guidelines of curated and created content ratio.
  8. Keep the audience taste in mind – Create content that resonates with the audience.
  9. Pitch your sales in lines to audience need – Get a good understanding of your audience. Take into consideration how your advertising will resonate with the crowd to turn your leads to sales.
  10. Build rapport with customers – Share your WhatsApp details on social networks and website to build a rapport with the customers and help them contact you directly.

Let’s get a sneak peek of WhatsApp statistics to build strategies and trends in 2020:

  • Over 1 million daily user registration and 3 million WhatsApp Business users
  • Over 2 billion minutes of voice and video calls daily
  • 50+ billion messages sent via WhatsApp daily
  • As per studies, the number of users is estimated to increase to over 25.6 million in the US by 2020
  • 60% of users use the messaging app several times
  • Free WhatsApp Business app for small businesses.
  • The app offers an enterprise solution for bigger businesses enabling services such as customer care, conversational e-commerce through Chabot, and other live agents.
  • With a simple UI design, WhatsApp makes it possible for businesses to reach users to promote and advertise their services and brands. Top trends in 2020 include:
  • Promotional marketing: Develop media based on gender, location, and send media to specific people with logo as profile, media with captions, as well as links. Businesses can filter numbers and send scheduled messages through videos, images, audio, and to specific GPS locations on WhatsApp.
  • Transaction Marketing: This allows businesses to get ticket confirmations, generate OTPs, etc. directly on WhatsApp instead on the phone.

WhatsApp Marketing Tools & Software Used by Companies

Listed below are some of the top used WhatsApp Marketing tools viz:

  • WhatsApp Integration using websites
  • WhatsApp Group Strategies
  • WhatsApp Automation through API
  • WhatsApp Strategy for Status Update
  • WhatsApp Integration using websites
  • WhatsApp Strategy for Broadcast List


The strategies, as mentioned above, pose a potential ground for businesses to grow ahead. It provides a broad platform for marketers to reach their clients across the globe. This makes WhatsApp a must-try tool to make businesses reach customers.

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