SaaS Video Marketing

Why SaaS Companies should use Video Marketing

SaaS companies have been snowballing from the past decade. Experts predict that the SaaS market will reach more than $60 billion by 2023. SaaS companies are considering more video marketing strategies than ever before to promote brand awareness and increase Sales. With the advancements in video marketing and advertising, SaaS businesses should choose the right SaaS trends best for their business to increase your client conversion rate and leg up over the competition.

How to Get Started with SaaS Video Marketing:

SaaS Companies’ software requires more detailed explanations about the products and services than the regular ones. Video is the most effective way to provide the practical steps and instruction to supercharge your SaaS video marketing. Adding video to your SaaS video marketing strategies will increase the conversions and improving the SEO ranking.

Nowadays, SaaS companies are learning how to use video marketing to their benefit, which can do wonders for their business. It is essential to understand web-based service usage to ease their process and accelerate growth and streamline channels. Before getting started with Video, you need to sort out few things first.

  • Identify the things that you want to achieve through SaaS video marketing campaigns.
  • Segment all your brand audience
  • Pick the right video type for a particular goal and target audience.

How to Increase SaaS Sales with Video:

SaaS is a billion-dollar industry, and it is going to get more prominent in the future. SaaS companies want to improve their sales, and you will need to introduce the unique value proposition and apply the best video marketing strategies to grow your customer base.

  • Handle the Objective like a Pro
  • Offer useful trails and Demos.
  • Make sure to Understand the fundamentals of SaaS sales.
  • Hire and Pay for Sales Representatives
  • Find the right target audience.
  • make your customers more successful
  • Introduce the Self-services sales or High touch Sales
  • Know how to fire the customer’s right way

How to create the Perfect Video Tutorial for SaaS:

Video Tutorials are great ways to showcase your company’s services and SaaS products. Focus on these three easy steps to create excellent video tutorials for SaaS make Successful video marketing strategies. Let’s dive into it.

  1. Make sure to create the perfect video Tutorial for your Customers, Not for your Products
  2. Translate every product feature into the benefit your customer to get out of it.
  3. Motivate the customers with the great benefits throughout the entire video.

What Makes a Great SaaS Promo Video?

The SaaS promotional videos have been used by many companies, allowing users to connect with the cloud-based apps over the internet easily. SaaS promo videos offer the ultimate route to go down to the complex subjects matter and describing the physical concepts.

Clear Spider SaaS Promotional Video is one of the best examples of a SaaS promo video. This video comes under Inventory Management, and we can consider it as SaaS Promotion Example.

Examples of SaaS Customer Onboarding Videos:

SaaS companies want customers to grow with their products and get the most out of them. So, there is no alternative and better than the SaaS Customer Onboarding videos. These new generation SaaS Customer Onboarding videos hold the customer’s attention and keep them to stay for a longer period. Take advantage of the best use of Onboarding videos to derive the maximum benefit.

Benefits of using videos for SaaS companies:

SaaS companies always struggle considerably with breaking down the most complex ideas into simple and understandable concepts. Using Video in SaaS marketing campaigns helps new and recurring customers feel more informed and connected to the brands. Video personalization has become one of the biggest trends in video marketing strategies depending on different industries and niches. Here are the top benefits of using videos for SaaS companies.

  • Video Converts your prospective customers as SaaS product is the right tool for the job.
  • A short-animated explainer video saves effort and time for sales teams.
  • Educate your customers through SaaS company videos.
  • These videos ease your customer’s mind that transfer, simplify the information.
  • SaaS videos help to connect with recurring customers.
  • Using SaaS videos helps to build the brand identity.

Types of SaaS Videos to Supercharge Marketing:

Here are some video types for SaaS companies to explore their services.

Company video:

Company culture videos describe the company’s values, vision, missions, and reputation.

Product demo/explainer video:

Product demo and explainer videos are great sales tools for SaaS companies. It leads your prospects to the journey of the buying process.

Social videos:

The social video speaks to the conversations that can increase your engagement and reach. Use all social media platforms for compelling social video posts to increase brand awareness.

Promo video:

Create an eye catchy promo videos to leave a viewer’s impression. Promo videos bring to the top positive feedbacks from the audience.

Testimonial videos:

Case studies and testimonial videos are effective ways to show the impact on your offerings. These are the proofs of the company’s services to solve the specific problems.

How-to videos:

How-to videos or instructional videos can add value to your video marketing strategies, helping people better understand your products and services.


When it comes to video marketing, SaaS has its own set of rules. Driving people to free trails and Demo are crucial in SaaS marketing. More SaaS companies become expertise in adopting new challenges and developing their brand messaging. Hopefully, keep these above things in mind while introducing the perfect video marketing strategies into SaaS companies to create an ideal video for your SaaS product. Keep an eye on this guide How to use video marketing for SaaS companies to boost your video marketing.

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