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YouTube Community: How to Use the YouTube Community Tab to Engage with your Audience

If you are a frequent YouTube user in the past few months, you will be heard of the YouTube Community tab. Introducing the YouTube Community tab is a fun and new way to share all your creativity while interacting with your YouTube channel community. Here we are going to introduce some top tips on the best ways to use it!

How to Use the YouTube Community Tab to Engage with your Audience

Leverage Online YouTube Marketing pieces of training:

With the help of the YouTube Community tab, you can get YouTube marketing online training.

Leverage Poll on Your Community Tab:

If you are taking more than two contents, a survey introduces the poll on your Community tab to know what viewers think about.

Promote your channel latest videos:

Share the latest video link in the community tab for brand promotion.

Include the YouTube Community Tab in your Videos:

Introduce your YouTube channel community link in your video descriptions. Share the videos in social media networks So that people can quickly know about your channel subscribers and engagement rate.

Describe the Purpose of the YouTube Community Tab in your Video:

Explain the purpose of why the audience should enable the YouTube Community tab in your videos to build a strong community.

Request Viewers to Enable Notifications:

Request your viewers to enable the channel notifications tab to know your YouTube channel activity and explain how to allow the notifications tab in your videos.

Market Your Products through the Community tab:

Product marketers can efficiently market their product images and videos to tab and also link their sales pages.

Hosting a Q&A on Community Tab:

You can host a Q&A on your YouTube Community tab to engage with new audiences and subscribers.

Launch Teaser of Your Video:

Another way to promote your videos is by launching teasers so that people get interested, and they want to know and click your video.

Prompt your community:

Give importance to your audience and encourage the audience to direct to a specific topic.

Keep monitoring comments on Social Media and YouTube:

Always Watch and keep monitoring social media networks, including YouTube, for better content opportunities.

Inspire viewers to Your Next Video:

Using polls in your community tab can inspire the audience to be in your next video.

Share rated Memes and GIFs:

Most of the audience creates some funny GIFs and Memes in all fields. You can share their related Memes and Gifs in your community posts.

Collaborate with Other YouTubers:

Collaborate and conduct guest interviews with the other YouTubers to boost your audience.

Community Management Guidelines:

You should be transparent in following the YouTube community guidelines to enhance your subscriber count.

Introduce storytelling in your videos:

Storytelling is one of the best video marketing strategies to encourage and create interest in the viewers to click your channel videos.

Respond positively to Critique from Your YouTube Community:

As YouTubers, you must invite and respond to the Critique from your YouTube Community.

Engage With your Audiences:

As a YouTuber, you must always engage with your audience through community posts.

Do not include Misleading URLs in Your Videos:

Be honest with your audience; don’t use the misleading links or images in your community posts.

Know Your Audience:

First, know your audience by type of content they like and most viewed in your channel. Focus on that content by showing variation in your videos.

Leverage Family-Friendly Approach:

Come up with a personalized approach for more audience collaboration.

Keep Monitoring Social Media Channels:

Focus on other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. only include the URLs in the video descriptions.

Be Honest in managing social Media community:

Be Proactive in community and social media management.

Invest your time in building your audience:

Don’t just borrow the audience by investing money. Be transparent and spend more time growing your audience.

Offer Exclusive content:

Give the audience an excellent reason to check your video updates by posting the trending and exclusive images in your community posts.

Invite Your Audience to participate:

Conduct some live sessions, interactive programs, and launch limited-time offers through community posts. Invite your community people to participate in more audience engagement.


As a YouTube Channel owner, you aim to boost your audience engagement, increase subscriber count, and get more likes and comments. When you’re in a bind, you can leverage the above YouTube Community tab advantages to engage with your audience. So, there you have, YouTube community building hacks you never knew about it.

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