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EdTech Product Marketing: 50 Best Video Marketing & Advertising Strategies

It is not a good time for educational institutions and Universities across the world. Like all other industries, educational sectors are also impacted by coronavirus pandemic. Learning is bridging the gap between the in-school and at-home learnings with the EdTech products. EdTech software’s designed to improve teacher-student communication with more multimedia content in online classrooms. EdTech Product Marketing to enhance the learning process and performance in the education system.

The future of the Education technology market has been expanding its boom in the United States. Education marketing companies market their products with the help of a wide range of marketing strategies. New techniques of EdTech gaining a competitive edge. Edtech learning programs are very well equipped for learners to achieve their objectives of mastering their skills. EdTech will continue to be in-demand through these tough times.

EdTech Product Marketing Strategies

EdTech Product Video Marketing:

  1. Create a great website to publish your products and service videos.
  2. Marketing can be done significant social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter.
  3. Focus on the audience’s quality, not on the quantity.
  4. Market your products by creating Snapchat stories.
  5. Engage and empower the student’s ambassadors with the social media takeovers.
  6. Facebook live video is 3X more times higher engagement for EdTech video marketing.
  7. Market your products on YouTube videos that create higher marketing goals.
  8. Edtech learning programs are very well equipped for learners to achieve their objectives of mastering their skills. EdTech will continue to be in-demand through these tough times.
  9. Instagram is one of the best video marketing platforms through engaging videos. Market your videos on Instagram stories and posts.
  10. Creating compelling product video content is the key to motivate online video consumption.
  11. Encourage the viewers to subscribe, comments, ratings, embedding, and share your videos.
  12. The live streaming feature is the ultimate video marketing and trending strategy. Conduct guest lectures, seminars, events, conferences to reach an engaging audience.
  13. Identify your ideal perspective strategies; outline the characteristics and attributes of a perfect customer.
  14. Go for product targeting content teams that say away from using excessive education technologies.
  15. Getting leads is not enough in the education technology business; you need to nurture your potential customers to convert them into conversions.
  16. Utilize online reviews and testimonials for individual references.
  17. Use other digital technologies to create expelling videos for marketing purposes.
  18. Optimize your product videos for massive organic reach. Optimization techniques can be increasing the watch time of your video.
  19. Create compelling brand thumbnails for successful product marketing.
  20. Create a future playlist and recent videos. Use the last video uploads for analyzing the video performance.
  21. Create various types of videos that attract consumers. Create a virtual video and AI induced videos for personalized interactions.
  22. Introduce your product videos with personalized salespersons.
  23. Answering the FAQ’s about your product be creating live interactions and special seminars for better marketing.
  24. Crete videos on how to use your Edtech software, and share it on the social media platforms, blogs, and your website.
  25. Host your company YouTube channel for promoting all your products and services.

EdTech Product Video Advertising:

  1. Understand your target audience for setting campaign goals.
  2. A great video is only for a strong video marketing campaign for an essential video marketer.
  3. Optimize your product videos to target each channel.
  4. Understand the video views count on YouTube keep continuous monitoring in the video campaigns.
  5. Use the email subscribers for blasting video campaigns.
  6. Boost your EdTech product videos on Facebook ads.
  7. Utilize YouTube video advertising to get the initial traction of your product videos.
  8. Use Twitter advertising for active product video promotions.
  9. Keep big budgets on targeting ads. Instead of using smartphone video making spend on professional video creation.
  10. Personalize your video marketing presence targeting educational institutions and universities.
  11. Mobile video ads become all-time trending with the increasing use of mobile devices. Use mobile video ads for product targeting based on the demography and industry.
  12. Native video ads are going beyond the advertisers, followed by versatile approaches.
  13. The product launching video is trending now and craziest with the help of advertisers. Create your product videos, specially designed for commercial purposes.
  14. Behavioral targeting in the audience in the education technologies successfully grabbed the customers towards your product.
  15. Monitor your video advertising campaigns to boost your campaign strategies.
  16. Monitor the cost per view, view rate, clickthrough rate, target audience, and filtering the content are the top strategies in any video advertising.
  17. Vertical videos are the next big thing in video advertising strategies. Create your vertical educational product videos for only mobile video targeting.
  18. Viewers are accessing online videos on multiple screens. Go for multiscreen advertising for creating multiplatform optimizing content.
  19. Introducing virtual reality and Artificial Intelligence content in your videos enhance your audience engagement. Offer a more personalized touch to your marketing campaigns.
  20. Programmatic Tv advertising is trending nowadays. TV streaming through various OTT platforms increased nowadays. Try these for educational technology ads also.
  21. Machine learning generates leads and insights with predictive consumer behavior.
  22. Introduce your Edtech products in the form of ads on all social media platforms that supports video advertising.
  23. Calculate the video ad engagement rate, comments, and demographics. Contact them in an appositive manner convert them to conversions.
  24. Big data helps marketers to know and target the audience for excellent video advertising.
  25. Bid date plays a crucial role in video advertising, and data analysis will help you to choose a better alternative in the product video advertising.

10 Online EdTech Statistics for 2020

  1. Education technology market expected to grow at 17% per year.
  2. 86% of the Tutors think that it is essential to use EdTech in the classrooms.
  3. 96% of teachers believe that EdTech use increases student engagement.
  4. The global EdTech investments reached $18.66 billion and are projected to reach $350 Billion by 2025.
  5. Mrinal Mohit, Chief Operating Officer of BYJU’s stated, company, has seen a 200% increase in the new users of new students using its product.
  6. Researches have proven that students retain 25% to 60% of material learning online compared to 10% in a classroom.
  7. Education technology market expected to $252 billion by 2020.
  8. VIP Kid EdTech has an estimated valuation of $1.5 billion and is the largest of the Edtech companies currently.
  9. Coursera is another popular online learning platform that received over $145 million in revenue globally.
  10. Five years old EdTech startup’s total funding has crossed $12 million.


Scaling your Education Technology firm does not happen overnight, but with the appropriate EdTech Product Marketing strategies, your company will increase its customer base and its ROI. Methodologies is a compelling set of long-term strategies that will help you accomplish your business goals of scaling and growth. These are the top EdTech Product Marketing and advertising strategies.

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