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How to Get Global Media Attention for Your YouTube Channel

After launching the channel on YouTube you might not have an idea about how to advertise your YouTube channel. It is the initial stage where you need to step in as a YouTuber.

YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform across the world. YouTubers can get global media attention for their YouTube channel by expanding their reach to global audience. It can be achieved by the following strategies.

The content created by the YouTubers who want global media attention for their videos should be enjoyable by people in different countries. There may be cultural differences in people liking or disliking the content. Before creating content check from which countries you are receiving more traffic. You can use the demographic report of YouTube analytics for this. Check which topics are trending in these countries. Create content on these topics, and this can help attract more viewers from these countries.

Include translated subtitles, metadata for viewers in other countries and non-English speaking countries. Possible collaborate with popular YouTubers in other countries. Offer good viewing experience to the international viewers, and this helps grow the viewing rates and watch time.

People in different countries speak different languages. However good the content of your YouTube channel is, a better understanding of it by the audience is possible when the subtitle and closed captions translated.YouTube channel boosts the global visibility of the channel, and it can be enjoyed even by hearing impaired. Offer translated titles in the local languages. YouTube channel enhances video visibility in search engine results.

Translation of videos increases YouTube channel views, and this also helps to get SEO benefits. The videos will rank higher in search engine results. Google and YouTube will index the videos in each language they translated into, and so these will be visible to more people. Translation helps non-English speaking people watch the videos for a longer time.

How to Create an Excellent YouTube Channel Intro ?

YouTube Channel Intro or a channel Ad is the best way to attract the audience, get subscribers for the YouTube channel. Many say that the intro video is better added after there is some content on the YouTube channel, say about six or seven videos that make people subscribe to the channel. The professional image of the YouTube videos is presented in the intros and help for the promotion of your company, website or YouTube channel.

How to create a good channel intro video for YouTube? First thing is it should be short for only a few seconds long. The viewer must be able to understand what they can expect from the YouTube channel in the intro itself. Introduce yourself or introduce your company or website at the beginning of the video.

• It is always advisable to let a professional create your video intro. Choose the video makers carefully by observing their services and also the price.

• There are many online sites that offer intro template videos. Some of them are free, and some priced.

Intro Video Makers Online

Here is the list of few of the best intro video makers online is the most popular YouTube intro maker. Video templates are available to text can be added. The site offers free templates and you can also get templates which are priced very affordably. offers templates to which a logo can be added. Free and inexpensive video templates are available on this site.

• Another site to consider is and it also has good pre-made intro video templates that are offered free. The quality of these videos is also great.

These YouTube channel intro strategies can be used to build the perfect YouTube channel that grabs the attention of the audience with huge traffic.

10 Growth Hacking Tactics That Every YouTube Channel Needs to Know

YouTube is the dominant online platform that gets millions of views every day. Getting the views, however, is not an easy task. Due to the competition, making the videos stand out from the rest is tough. This is the reason why people love for tactics o get views. Here are the YouTube Growth Hacking tehniques.

1. To get easy YouTube views, using the annotation effectively is one of the best methods. Annotation can be used to drive traffic to other videos. This also helps to increase the watch time.

2. Increase the Channel views by creating playlists. Playlists allow auto-playing of the next video in the list that can engage the viewer.

3. Increase the channel views to gaining more subscribers. The more subscribers the channel has it is likely that more people will watch the videos.

4. Post worthwhile content on the channel and encourage the users to the subscriber using the annotation.

5. Communicate with the fans regularly to engage them. Make audience stakeholders in the content strategy.

6. Use bulletins to communicate with the subscribers and send notifications and alerts to them.

7. Social proof is a tool to grow the YouTube channel.

8. Upload lot of videos as being active helps to engage the audience. Keep track of the popular trends and keywords and use them in your videos.

9. Use analytics, analyze the performance and learn from the results and improve the content quality.

10. Updating the titles also will help the see the results. Adding translation also helps to get more views.

Using some of the growth hacks mentioned above can grow the YouTube channel and help get more views and subscribers. Every YouTube channel whether it is a popular channel or a new channel should know the growth hacks that help the channel to stand out.

How to Growth Hack Your YouTube Channel through Partnerships

The partnership is a wonderful thing for YouTubers who want to increase revenue with their content.   Before applying for a partnership, the see that your YouTube channel has at least a sustainable number of videos, no copyright problems, the handful of subscribers and the channel must be at least two weeks old.   Here are few growth hack tips for a YouTube channel to make money.

Stick to the theme of your YouTube channel whether you are a musician, blogger, beauty expert, etc.   The audience will have an idea of what to expect from your channel. Increase the viewership of your videos by tagging them with relevant keywords. Use as many keywords as possible. The title also must contain the keywords.

More subscribers can be attracted by networking with other YouTubers. Interact with the audience responds to their comments and queries.   Keep posting the videos regularly. Through partnerships, it is possible to make money from sharing the advertising revenue based on the views and clicks on your video. Partnerships also help to get greater exposure for the YouTube channel. Subscriptions and views increase with this.

YouTube channel videos’ HMTL code can be posted on other social websites or your blog to increase the views.   The video then will appear as it appears on the YouTube channels. Identify the trends and make quick videos on these topics to capitalize on them.   Use the feature of YouTube comments to socialize with the subscribers and the followers. An ideal way to attract the audience is to keep the videos short.

With YouTube video partnerships, you can run ads on your videos this can afford additional revenue. The revenue depends on the number of subscribers, clicks on your video, total views of your YouTube channel, etc.   Earning money with YouTube channels partnerships requires a lot of patience and hard work.

 Ways to Promote YouTube Channel with No Marketing

YouTube is the fast-growing video ad channel and as per some reports every minute, there are videos (of size 35 hours) uploaded on YouTube. This statement amply puts the importance that the marketer should give to promote his channel on YouTube.

Given below are some of the tips to promote the channel on YouTube.

1) Video to be searchable

Use of suitable keywords ensures that the video is searchable on YouTube. Attractive tiling is another way to make the video searchable.

2) Description about the video

Just placing the video without proper description is not going to serve any purpose. The video should contain an optimum description of the content. The description has to be exactly of the required size. The undersized description may not give enough attraction for the viewer to view the video and similarly, the oversized description gets the viewer bored, and he will immediately leave the site.

3) Keep It Short & Sweet (KISS)

KISS is always the buzzword particularly when it comes to video. Particularly when the video is about a product (not entertainment), the content has to be very precise, accurate, and ‘answer to the point.’ Unwanted detailed notings in the video will force the viewer to downgrade the rank of the video as well.

4) Ample display

The layout of the content has to be in line with the content and also it has to be attractive. Placing proper sizing of the sheet will attract the viewer to see the video completely.

5) Pushing own channel is required as without publicity no one will be aware of the presence of one channel. Hence the marketer has to be constantly promoting his channel through various modes. Many sources can promote the channel. There are own employees, suppliers, customers and also other online channels to promote the markets’ channel.

Best Tips to Drive Good Views to a Newly Launched YouTube Channel

Every new YouTube channel creator may think about how to get the video views to their videos. Many people also got worried about their channels. The first thing you have to remember is everyone starts from zero in getting views on YouTube. And it depends on you to make your channel as the most viewed channel on YouTube. To get excellent views to your new YouTube channel, you must follow specific tactics to succeed.

Build better YouTube network and Use video marketing for initial push

Many people were treating the YouTube as a video site but, the real truth is it is a better social network where you can connect with more people and build effective community. So, try to make good connections with the people by sharing and liking their videos and start conversations about their videos.

Ember your video links and uses blogger outreaching strategy

Pit your video links on to the Facebook platform where there is a chance to increase the exposure to your channel. Try to create the best business page on Facebook platform too and embed your YouTube video there.

Alert your subscribers

If you have good subscribers, you can alert them about your next videos. So that you can increase the views with your subscribers.

Add annotations and video links to emails

An annotation helps your videos to get found among millions of videos and increases your channel view count much better than before. Also, add the video links to the emails and send to your previously viewed people and subscribers.

Add your friends and mutual friends to your YouTube network and outreach with Twitter

Ask your friends to subscribe and view your channel videos and promote your channel on various social networks. The social networks like Facebook; Twitter helps your channel promotion and can lead to better video views.

10 Tested and Easy Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel Subscriptions

YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform and it is free to use. Many video content creators are making YouTube a crucial part of their digital marketing strategy. Many brands have a specific YouTube channel where they upload their video content. It is no wonder that individuals and brands want to have a large number of subscribers for their channel to increase their reach.

1. Use tools that get more views organically. Tubebuddy is a recommended and proved tool for increasing YouTube views.

2. The content of YouTube videos must be highly engaging and the script should be well structured.

3. Videos with entertaining and informative content have great chances of engaging the viewers and will encourage the viewers to hit subscription button.

4. The subscription numbers increase when the content is uploaded regularly. Consistency is the key to building a relationship with the subscribers.

5. Another key to a successful YouTube channel is to give offbeat names to videos. this will drive curiosity.

6. Make custom thumbnails for each video in the channel. The click-through rates can be increased by using annotations and relevant images as thumbnails.

7. Have a channel trailer to engage the audience. Let the trailer play automatically to people who visit the channel.

8. YouTube creators must make use of the call to action annotations.

9. More subscriptions can be gained by using a link for channel subscription added as the call to action in the video.

10. Also, use the subscription button on the website and the blog and link it to the YouTube channel.

YouTube has billions of visitors and every kind of video uploaded will have lots of audiences. The possibility of driving big traffic to the website or blog is high with YouTube and for this, the YouTube channels need call for more subscribers.

How to Clean Up Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for video uploads. There are a number of people who create their own YouTube channel and regularly upload videos. There can be hundreds of videos in the channel. It is necessary to Clean Up Your YouTube Channel using some tools.   Maintaining the YouTube channel well will help you rank higher in search results.

YouTube does not allow any tags in the description of the videos. Having these tags in the description can also lead to shutting down of the channel. Check the old videos and see whether you have included extra tags in any other descriptions and remove them.

Organizing your video will make it easier for the viewers to search for the videos they want to watch. It is correct that they can sort the videos based on the date of popularity but making your playlists will help them a lot. Create a playlist of the videos also ranks higher in search results of YouTube.

Clean your YouTube channel so that it looks professional.   When the user experience is improved, the results will show in better ranking in YouTube search results. Here are few cleaning tips for the YouTube channel that help you to boost the video ranking in search results.

Create playlists and these should be tightly themed. Do not neglect to add your video links to social media and also your company website. Write a good description of the channel. Creating a branded watermark for your YouTube channel videos is also a better idea. Use the annotations and cards to increase the click through rate. Use these cards on your older videos also especially those which are very popular on your YouTube channel.

Tips to spring clean the YouTube channel are very simple and after making small changes you can observe improvement in search result rankings.

10 Simple Steps to Backup Your YouTube Channel Data

The risk of losing all out videos that we upload in YouTube is always there as for some reason or the other, YouTube channel may get suspended. It will be a waste of our resources and hard work is we lose the video content. Here are steps to back up the YouTube channel data.

1. Sign into your YouTube account from which you want to download the data.

2. Go to

3. The videos in the YouTube account will be counted and analyzed.

4. You can see a button ‘create archive’. If you want to create the archive click yes.

5. The full collection created can be downloaded to the computer.

Instead of storing the videos on the hard drives of the computer or to the DVDs, you can choose to store them in the Google Drive. Backup of YouTube video content on this is easy and the management of this data is also simple.

6. Go to the Google Takeout page.

7. Login to your Google account and choose the ‘create an archive’ option.

8. In the next page select the YouTube content that is associated with the account. And now click on the ‘Create Achieve’ button.

9. The more the number of videos in your YouTube channel the more time it takes. Choose the ‘Email me when done’ option to get a notification when the archival is completed.

10. Copy the video content to Google Drive’s shared folder.

You have backup the videos in the YouTube channel. What about the new videos? You can upload the videos to both your Google Drive and the YouTube channel. Instead of this you can simply upload it to Google drive and use the option that will email the video to the YouTube account. Once YouTube processes and uploads the video to the account, write the title, descriptions and tags.

How to Create a New YouTube Channel Once Your Account is Suspended?

There are few reasons why YouTube suspends accounts. There is something wrong with the videos, wrong tags; thumbnail is obscene or sexy, etc. Sometimes the account may be suspended due to a misunderstanding of YouTube.

One YouTube suspends an account; it is permanent. Not one channel but all the channels associated with the user are also suspended.

The suspension can be of two types – Community guidelines strikes and repeated copyright violations. Once the account is suspended, the user must submit an online appeal.

YouTube will send the response in a week, but it is not easy to understand why the account is suspended.

Most common reasons for channel suspensions are going too far with titles, descriptions, tags, links, and thumbnails to attract views. Providing unrelated affiliate links, requesting for money, etc. or encouraging people to violate terms of service of YouTube or having pornography, hate speech or harassment in the videos.

  • It is not possible to create a new channel with the same Gmail ID once the YouTube channel is suspended.
  • One has to create a new Gmail ID to create a new YouTube channel.
  • A suspended account does not allow uploading new videos or commenting on others videos.
  • The account information is still accessible and so the YouTube account can be closed permanently.
  • To close the account, go to the corner of YouTube homepage and click on ‘Settings.’
  • Go to account overview page and then go to ‘Advance’ option.
  • Click the ‘Close Account’ option.

YouTube is a free platform that helps the content to reach a wider audience. Mismanaging the channel will end up with a suspended channel. It is thus important not to violate the copyright laws or go overboard to increase views for the channel. Right kind of content for the right kind of targeted audience will automatically result in many views and good revenue.

By linking the Youtube account to the ad words account allows the users to access the additional features on the platform. By linking the Youtube channel with Ad-words account, the users can be allowed to view the statistical data of their videos and the call to actions overlays along with the engagement statistics and the remarketing which are earned views. There are two options to link the ad words and Youtube accounts. One is to link Youtube account with Ad words and other is Vice versa.

By linking the Youtube channel to the ad words account the features like view counts and call to actions can be available for the users. The users can view the ad completion rates of the videos from the linked channels and also allowed them to create the call to action overlays on to the videos from the linked accounts. It can be very helpful to know more information about the video content and increase the interest in your channel. It is also very helpful for the remarketing purposes basing on the list of the past interactions of the viewers on various linked channels.

How to link?

  • After signing into your Youtube account just click on to the channel icon and click on My channel button and then on video manager. Under the channel, section click on to the advanced option n d link an AdWords for video account by clicking and selecting on to the link an AdWords account and then click finish.
  • If you want to link Youtube channel to AdWords account from AdWords then sign in to your ad words account and click on to the settings type of icon next to your ad words account name at the top. Click on to the linked accounts and press +channel icon and enter Youtube video URL and click next. After the process click close.

10 Video SEO Secrets for YouTube Channels You Must Know

YouTube is the most popular and number one video platform in spite of encroachment from other platforms. YouTube is also the second popular search engine. Strong YouTube Video SEO Secrets required to compete to get the content discovered on YouTube as hundreds of hours of video are uploaded to this platform every minute.

  1. Adding closed captions will help deaf or hard of hearing viewers and those who do not understand your language. Google gives priority to that content which enhances the experience of the user.
  2. Using YouTube’s automatic option will not help for SEO as Google or YouTube do not index the auto-captions.
  3. Optimize the title, description, and tags of the video with the right keywords. These should describe the content of the video accurately.
  4. YouTube chooses automatic thumbnails for your video. Choose the right one which describes your video. You can also upload a custom thumbnail which will be more beneficial for SEO.
  5. Having the transcription of the video in the description helps the bots to know what is there in the video.
  6. If your video is long, you cannot have the entire transcript in the description field as it is limited words. Try including the truncated transcript. You can otherwise add a link to full text.
  7. Having subtitles of the video in multiple languages broadens the reach of the video. More viewers mean more views, more watch time and high search rank.
  8. Publish the videos regularly on a schedule. Build Links to Videos as much as possible.
  9. In the first week of publishing the videos get SEO boost and regularly publishing video ensures that the videos have higher up in SERPs.
  10. Embed the YouTube videos on your blogs and your websites.

Knowing the above secrets gives the video creators have a successful YouTube SEO strategy. Ask your subscribers to like and share the videos on your YouTube channel to social networking sites.

10 Best Strategies for Educational YouTube Channel Marketing

Anyone who has expertise in a subject can create educational videos these days and upload them to their YouTube channel. But to get the subscribers is not that easy. Therefore it is important to choose the best marketing strategies that work best for the promotion of educational channels on YouTube. Here are some of them.

1. Analyze each educational video. Make sure that the requirements and learning needs are fulfilled by the YouTube channels.

2. Ensure that the videos are given the correct titles, description with proper keywords is given and the tags are in order.

3. Also, check the video thumbnails. These should give an idea to the audience what the videos contain and these also look appealing to create interest.

4. The benefit of YouTube is that people can connect with a channel by subscribing to it, sharing the videos and leaving the comments.   Educational YouTube channel owner also must encourage his subscribers to leave the comments and he should also take the feedback to improve his future videos.

5. Add a banner, profile picture to the educational YouTube channel. Also, display the popular uploads.

6. Create a trailer of the channel which is about a minute long and delivers the message to the audience about the channel.

7. Online collaboration helps the YouTubers to reach a wider audience.

8. Stay active on the educational YouTube channel. Reply to the comments o the subscribers. Personalize the comments. This helps to personally connect with the subscribers.

9. Conduct content to the subscribers and offers them free educational videos or ebooks. This helps get new viewers to the channel and they can even turn into subscribers.

10. Categorize all your videos and create playlists so that it becomes easy for people to search the videos.

Follow some tested and proved strategies to promote the educational YouTube channel and raise its popularity and make it a big success.

Ways to Encourage YouTube Channel Viewers to Watch More Videos

YouTube has been able to prove itself as the No.1 online video platform adding increasing number of viewers on a daily basis.   This platform is having over a billion users and this is around 33% of the total users of the internet world over. The content on YouTube generates billions of views. In addition to the quantity (no. of users,) video adds the magic of harnessing the viewers to the content.

The success of the content marketer depends on increasing the number of viewers for his content on YouTube channel.  Give below are some of the ways to encourage the YouTube channel viewers.

Business Cards:

As always ‘old is gold’ and older & traditional marketing tools can contribute a lot to the increased viewers for the channel.  One of the simplest forms is business cards containing the contact details and also the details about the content marketing on YouTube channel.

Promotion through T–Shirt Marketing:

Latest addition to promoting the channel has been through T-shirt marketing.  It is another most convenient way to spread information about your channel.

Gifts & compliments:

Promotional activities like small stationery items like phone cases, pens, key chains can contain and hence promote the channel of the marketer.

Powerful social media:

Despite the fact that the marketer is able to place the best content on his channel, the same needs to be promoted on other social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram etc.  All these social media has been equally powerful for the promotion of the content.


Inviting prospective customers through personal invitations through the mail is another way to push them to your channel.  There are many promotional tools available for email marketing and the marketer can make best of the same for the promotion of his content on YouTube channel.

Above are some of the ways to encourage YouTube Channel viewers to watch more videos.  This list is not exhaustive and is ever encouraging.

The 10 Commandments of YouTube Channel Success

YouTube videos are most watched by the audience in the world.  YouTube is the most preferred to watch online videos. This is the reason why most businesses, individuals, and others are having their own YouTube channels to promote themselves and their businesses.

YouTube is the largest video sharing site and has all types of audience. This is the best place for marketing the brand also. Here are few tips that help you in making your YouTube channel successful.

1. Identify the audience first and decide for whom you are creating the content.  Creating content for a specific group of audience is easier.

2. Having good content is not just enough for the success of any YouTube channel, you need to make the most of the title, description, keywords, and tags. Metadata makes your videos discoverable.

3. The Title of the video plays a crucial role in appearing search engines. Include most searched keywords. The title must describe what the audience can expect from the video.

4. Audiences watch online videos either for entertainment or for some information.  See that your videos accomplish one of these.

5. If the quality of your videos is low, don’t expect people to watch them, share them and like them. Let there be good lighting, no blurring or shaking and let them appear professional.

6. One of the features of YouTube that are used very less by YouTubers is End Card. This can be used to ask people to subscribe to your channel.

7. Respond to the comments of the audience so that they know that you read the comments and value their opinions.

8. Keep posting videos regularly as this is important for the success of your YouTube channel.

9. Optimize your videos so that they appear in the search results.

10. Share your video links on social network sites for more reach.  You can also promote videos to your subscribers in an email list.

10 Steps to Prepare Your YouTube Channel for a Winning Video Ad Campaign

YouTube is the perfect marketplace beyond the social platform. The platform has high conversion rates at an average of 15 percent which is 50 percent higher than the Facebook platform. The video campaign on YouTube can do everything that required for better sales leads today. Many marketers are generally choosing the platform for the video advertising using the video campaigning for better results.

Here is the ultimate checklist and step by step procedure to launch a successful video campaign on YouTube platform.

10 Steps for Winning Video Ad Campaign

  • Create a perfect YouTube channel and sign in to your account. Go to ‘all my channels” option and create a new channel.
  • Create New channel with a relevant and interesting name. Select the relevant category and create a brand or product and you can create multiple channels basing on the size of your company. Click the done button and give an effective title to boost the search engine rankings.
  • Don’t just stick to SEO procedures. Try to include the keywords in your metadata and descriptions. Add links in descriptions to drive tragic. No need to use the anchor text keywords. Create a better call to action to attract the audience. Don’t create spammy links to drive traffic.
  • Create and upload unique video content. Link your channel with AdWords account. Understand the bid process on the YouTube platform. Know about the CPM and CPV bidding strategies.
  • Construct perfect blueprint for the campaign promotion. Include promotion with emails, posts and texts.
  • Target mobile users by using best formats that can support multiple devices. Target the interest of the audience. Interact with the audience and answer their questions.
  • Promote your campaign on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.
  • Send videos in the email to your relatives, friends and mutual friends. Follow other favorite channels on YouTube and get connected with new people and invite them towards your campaign.

Top 10 YouTube Channels to Learn Programming and Coding

There are some YouTube channels that teach programming and coding effectively. Software developers are always in demand and can draw high salaries. Let us now look at best YouTube channels for learning programming and coding.


LearnCode.Academy YouTube channel teaches web designing and Javascript. It has 374,986 subscribers. The channel was launched in 2012.

Coder’s Guide

Coder’s Guide YouTube channel offers the students videos on JavaScript, HTML/CSS and also on advanced topics. Learn Java programming and VisualBasic from videos on this channel.


Thenewboston is the best channel for programmers to learn code. It has 1,680,750 subscribers and tutorials on different programming topics.

Adam Khoury

Adam Khoury has videos on JavaScript, SQL, CSS, and others. Web development learners can benefit from watching these videos.

With around 664,953 subscribers, this channel is the most popular for learning programming from a single video.

Tuts+ Web Design

Tuts+ Web Design offers the best free web designing courses. Students can become acquire master skills in web designing with the help of tutorial and course videos on this channel.


Treehouse is another great YouTube channel for learning programming and code. Launched in 2011, it has 154,299 subscribers. Programming tutorials on C++, Java, CSS, PHP, Python etc can be found on this channel.

CSS-Tricks Chirs Coyier

CSS-Tricks Chirs Coyier channel focuses on teaching CSS, SVG and several other development apps.


ProgrammingKnowledge YouTube channels for new programmers. Videos for both beginners and advanced users can be found on this channel.

Brad Hussey

Brad Hussey has videos to teach website designing. Web hosting is also taught on this channel.


It is one of the best programming channel that generates the videos of the most required topics like iOS, Java, Python, Javascript, and Android.

Online YouTube channels that teach programming and coding skills help those who do not understand basics or those who cannot afford these courses. Subscribe to any of the above best channels and acquire the skills to become the best.

Idea for YouTube: Playlist for YouTube Channels known as Channel Lists

YouTube is the biggest destination for the video content on the web. Some millions of users are used to upload the content and also place under the different categories in the playlist feature on the YouTube platform. The platform had given an opportunity for the users to manage the playlists according to their privacy preferences online. It has provided various opportunities to meet the right audience and to increase the traffic towards your videos.

Like Twitter lists, why YouTube can’t launch the public lists and private lists for Channels

Twitter lists are created to bunch the people together on the platform to organize the tweets abusing on the groups and to get recommendations from the other users to follow by creating the public listings of people. The lists feature on the Twitter platform also useful to follow the people who are not following you. The lists dived into two categories which are private and public lists. The private lists on Twitter allow only creators of a list to manage and they can able to see or subscribe to them and also able to keep an eye on your competitors by listing them in a private list. Whereas the public lists can see to anyone and anyone can follow them.

When comes to the YouTube channel, there is no listing like private or public. Instead, the playlists help the users to proceed with the subscriptions, and there are only options as private and public privacy for playlists. If the video in public playlists favored by others, then they will follow and get subscribed to the concerned creator. So, if the YouTube also maintained separate channel lists, then it will be more beneficial for the users to get more subscribers as well as beneficial for brands to know more about their followers too.

YouTube introduced YouTube Channel Lists feature platform, be more user-friendly, and channels will have more subscribers by sharing this packed list of best channels in on all kinds of industries.

10 Ways to Create Engaging Content for your Dull YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great place for brands and individuals to build relationships and allow users to converse with each other. Engaging video content is necessary for YouTube channels to rank higher.

1. Having great sound quality for the video is as important as having good video quality. People may have the patience to watch mediocre quality videos but if the wound is low, they will abandon the video.

2. Having better lighting is important for people to enjoy watching videos.

3. The best video content that is winning the people’s heart is mostly funny.

4. Political satire videos also win the minds of people around the globe.

5. Create video content that sparks discussions and encourage the audience to share it.

6. Whether you are a brand, B2B Company or an individual, think out of the box and create content that prompts discussion.

7. Include number and niche market data in your video which makes it a reliable source of information. People who love to know the statistics will share the video.

8. Testimonial videos are other sure success videos. Record the interviews of customers and upload it to engage the customers.

9. Create engaging video content to deliver answers to questions of the audience.

10. Step by step tutorial types of videos, how-to videos also engage the customers.

Good quality content is not the only required thing to make the video engaging. Conversations with the people, replying to comments, etc will help keep in touch with them. Creating a video featuring the conversation that you had with some users is a great idea. Let people talk about video content. Ask a question in the video that helps to provide the required information for the community. Provide more valuable information to the audience to engage them more.

YouTube is the only media through which a marketer can elaborate his business and to as a top by defeating the competitor the content for the video is very important and these will be beneficial to do the best.

How to Conduct YouTube Channel SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A YouTube Channel SWOT Analysis helps to check the strengths of the channels, find the weaknesses, discover new opportunities, and eliminate threats. This also helps to carve a niche in the market.

Understanding the weakness or strength of the YouTube channel helps to manage the channel well. Using SWOT, you can design a strategy that helps to stand you apart from the competitors.

This is how you can perform a SWOT analysis on a YouTube channel. You will only need a simple paper. Mention the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of the channel. Before this do not forget to define the goal of the YouTube channel. Effective SWOT analysis is not possible without knowing the goal. Conducting SWOT analysis has many benefits.

Find the advantages of the YouTube Channel. Find out what people like most in the channel. Understand the unique selling proposition of the channel. Understand where the videos are getting the views.

Also, check-in what areas the channel can be improved. What type of videos on the channel is disliked by the viewers? Identify where the channel can be improved. Find how the number of subscribers or number of views from each video can be increased.

Think how adding more videos will help to get more views.

After SWOT analysis of YouTube channel, study the results and act as per the results. One of the responsibilities of the YouTube channel creator is to make sure that the videos are offering entertainment and are engaging the viewers.

To analyze, SWOT analysis on a regular basis is the best thing to happen. Having less number of subscribers, not getting enough ads, very fewer comments and shares and also negative comments are the threats to any YouTube channel.

SWOT analysis is the best tool that assesses the YouTube channel thoroughly. It is possible to get correct feedback and know where to improve and what the channel is lacking.

Checkout our YouTube Audit Tool to get Complete SWOT Analysis of your YouTube Channel.

Metrics to Accurately Measure Your YouTube Channel Marketing

It is essential to know the updates and present status of engagement of particular videos online on the Youtube platform to know the minus points in the marketing. So, that we can rectify the mistakes that have done on Youtube channel marketing. There are several metrics are in use to measure Youtube channel marketing.

Some of the points we must consider while measuring the marketing of your Youtube channel are as follows:

Retention in Audience and Watch Time

The algorithms of the Youtube channel have rewarded with views or clicks, which keeps the viewers more engaged. These can consider as main things to measure the watch time of the videos. If there is a good increase in the watch time, the platform exposes your video visibility in searches.

Youtube analytics is the best way to measure the retention of the audience towards your videos on your Youtube channel. We can evaluate performance efficiently. The watch time is an interesting metric to measure Youtube channel marketing as it reveals the engagement of the audience with a particular channel. It also reveals the metrics of the complete video point to point.

Embeds and Coverage Links in

It reveals the value of your video to particular demographics of audience online. We can find out the sites that are linked to your videos and the number of views and provides accurate metrics of data which helps in analyzing the marketing of your Youtube channel efficiently.

The Cost Per Segment Impression

By using the CPSI, we can get to know about the different user segments in which the content is targeting. It varies the cost of the segments that are reaching the individuals. You will lose the Ad spend if you didn’t know about the segments you are targeting for the CPI.

Surveys on Brand Recognition

Best way to measure the impact of the campaign and the awareness on the brands which helps in metrics of marketing your Youtube Channel.

Share Rate and Shares

The shares and share rates will help us to know about the audience engagement online.

5 Things To Consider Before Hiring A YouTube Channel Manager

YouTube channel manager plays an essential role in managing the YouTube channel efficiently. The manager must have the ability to think creatively and differently in approaching the strategically plan on the platform. The manager must have good experience in handling the various teams that are related to the creation to the editing team of the media company. The manager must be updated with all trends and new features of the social platform and must have excellent ability in analysing and implementation of a specific strategy on the platform. A YouTube channel manager plays a crucial role in Your YouTube channel success. So, here are some five things to consider before hiring a YouTube channel manager.

Should be able to give new content ideas that drive the channel

The manager must have the ability to generate the new ideas related to the content because the YouTube is the biggest platform which consists top-notch content and your content must be out of the box to get good exposure and identity. So, an efficient YouTube channel manager can make it for you.

Should adopt new YouTube strategy

to create a blueprint for a particular strategy, the manager must be well versed with the new technology. The manager must have strong analytical skills and excellent grasp over the various new features and technology to adopt a new YouTube strategy.

Should be able to monitor YouTube channel brand mentions

The YouTube channel manager must have the ability to manage and monitor the YouTube channel brand mentions which is an essential quality in a YouTube channel manager to handle the brand’s needs.

Should drive team with new ideas

The channel manager must generate good ideas and must have excellent skills in driving a team with new ideas. He must have excellent management skills to lead a team efficiently.

Should monitor analytics and growth statistics

He must have the ability to monitor the various analytical or predictive data to analyze the position of the channel and must have the ability to build the new strategic plan to improve the position.

Ideas to Start a New YouTube Channel

YouTube has come so far since its inception in 2005, now offering an extensive variety of video substance conveyed to you by expert producers tantamount to what you’d find in motion pictures and on TV. From the web arrangement appears and enlivened shorts to music mashups and logical reality videos, YouTube virtually has it all. Here are the ways to start YouTube Channel.

In spite of the unbelievable inconceivable and continually extending gathering of top-notch content you can appreciate on YouTube, a portion of the least complicated types of video still to a great extent overwhelm it. So on the off chance that you’ve been tingling to begin your own YouTube channel, however, felt threatened by every one of the makers who is unimaginably gifted with composing scripts, acting, utilizing embellishments and everything else required in video creation.

Now and then, getting started is the hardest part. You don’t need to be awesome at it immediately. However, you do require thought for a beginning stage so you can chip away at getting better. There are Some best ideas to start a YouTube channel.

Below are the Ideas to Start with

  • Make your videos on Your job or interest
  • Make videos on your family
  • If you love movies then start some short films or movie review videos
  • Movie Review Channel will be a good idea to start.If you watch movies every time.
  • Make your music videos if you are talented in music
  • Do local business review videos
  • Kids Rhymes Videos if you Love Rhymes
  • Teaching videos
  • If you love cooking, go with cookery channel
  • If you are a female and always do follow the latest trends in fashion, just go with makeup tutorials and fashion content
  • Go with time lapse videos on your travel places.
  • Go with some quotation videos
  • If you like technology go with the tech content
  • Go with how to videos on your niche.
  • If you are a hardcore Gamer. Start a Gaming Channel and Live Stream your Gameplay.

Pick the Category which you are best and passionate about it and become a YouTube Star.

How to Use Email Marketing to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Business needs promotion and the marketer has the single object of promoting his company and products.  The same is true with online marketing as well.  YouTube is the largest platform on which you can create your own YouTube Channel for the promotion of your business. There are thousands and lacs of marketers promoting their business/product on this channel.

As explained earlier, promotion of channel requires multi-faceted approach and one of the methodologies include email marketing.   Email is useful for communication both at personal as well as business levels also. Despite the advantages of email, there are certain limitations to this powerful mode of communication.  You can’t send mail to your customers who do not have access to computer and net.

Keeping this in the background, now let us briefly discuss some of the tips on how email marketing can be used for promotion of your YouTube Channel.

• Most email clients like Outlook and Outlook offers a facility to affix ‘Signature’ to all the outgoing messages.   This signature can contain more information (in addition to the company contact details), details about your YouTube Channel as well.

• ‘Signature’ also enables you to incorporate the color combination for the channel.

• The internal mail list is one that is accumulated over a period by adding mail addresses of the majority of your customers.  This list is one of the best dependable sources of mail and you can correspond with your existing customers through this list.  This list is going to elicit a better response than any other methodology as those existing customers are aware of you and your company.

• Using “bcc” (blind carbon copy) is a technique where one recipient is not aware of other recipients of your message and there is no direct link (through your mail) between the various recipients of your mail.

• Email response tracing is possible through software like DotMailer, Lyres HQ, Islax, Pitney Bowes etc.

Despite the fact that email is one of the best communication channels, the marketer has to keep in mind that he is not supposed to bombard his recipients with continuous emails about his YouTube Channel.

10 Different Video Content Types That Will Improve Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms online and the content that is posted on YouTube is watched by millions of people every day. Here we discuss different types of Video Content Types.

What type of content is sure to make your YouTube channel more popular? We can see many videos on YouTube such as unboxing videos, tutorials, beauty, makeup etc. What topic should we choose for our YouTube channel to make it popular?

1. Product unboxing videos are the latest trend in YouTube content has a large number of viewers. In this type of videos, a person unwraps a new product and show what the contents are. These types of videos enjoyed by most viewers.The products that unwrapped include toys, electronic gadgets, makeup and so on.

2. How To videos is another type of popular videos on YouTube

3. Tutorials videos are also popular, and these can be computer related or learn basics of any art, course etc.

4. Product review videos are another type of videos which can be produced easily and are very useful for generating leads. Product reviews can influence the behavior of the consumer and thus are very crucial in digital marketing.

5. Vlogs are another type of YouTube channel content video which can be created easily and successfully engages the viewers.

6. Interview videos are other sure success videos for your YouTube channel. The video must feel unscripted.

7. Event videos also get a lot of traffic and are good for any brand to improve its online presence.

8. Short presentation videos by quality speakers are another type of videos that are popular.

9. Animation videos for product tutorials, landing page explanation or product and service explanation are another type of popular content for YouTube.

10. Customer testimonial videos that look genuine also attract the audience who are interested in that particular product or service.

To improve video views to your YouTube Channel account, you must follow some tips and tricks. At the same time, video content should be unique and trending in the present generation. These above different video content types can help you to grow to spur YouTube Channel.


Having social network presence along with a YouTube channel also helps reach the global fans and build a strong community. The above is an ultimate guide to how to get Global Media attention on your YouTube channel.

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