Instagram Video Ideas for Your Nonprofit

Easy-to-Implement Instagram Video Ideas for Your Nonprofit

Instagram makes it easier for Nonprofits to raise money by using the advanced features of Instagram Video. It is not surprising that Instagram is continuing to build out its features for Stories, IGTV videos, Live Videos, etc. Instagram Videos is a good idea, and the most popular video marketing tool to get the word out. If you are not sure how to promote a nonprofit event, Here are a few helpful Instagram Video Ideas for Your Nonprofit you can use on Instagram to bring awareness to the target audience.

Instagram is a great way to connect with your audience and give them an inside look into what goes on at the organization. Using Instagram video ideas for nonprofits can help you get more followers, raise awareness, and even make some money!

Some good examples of video content are videos from events, testimonials by people who have been helped by your nonprofit, or their stories about why they support your nonprofit’s mission. Be sure to use hashtags so that people searching these types of posts will be able to find yours! #nonprofitvideoideas #nptechtips

No matter the size of your nonprofit, social media is a valuable tool for sharing your mission and connecting with supporters. One great way to engage followers on Instagram is through video!

In this post, we will go over some ideas for how you can use videos to create a more significant impact on your organization’s marketing strategy and drive more donations. No matter what type of organization you are managing, some benefits include video in your content strategy. These benefits range from increased engagement rates to higher conversion rates. Video also has the power to raise awareness about an issue or event while educating viewers at the same time. So let’s get started!

Imagine a world where every day, millions of people are exposed to your nonprofit’s message. Imagine that they were being introduced to the work you and your team do for the first time and how powerful it would be if they could see firsthand what you’re doing.

“Instagram Video Ideas For Your Nonprofit” is an article that will give you inspiration on how to use video as a tool in your marketing efforts. You’ll learn about different types of videos – from live-streaming events to short explainer videos – all to increase awareness while raising funds for our cause!

Instagram Video Ideas for Your Nonprofit

Use Tag Handles in the Photo and Caption Itself

Turn on the Push notifications on your Smartphone.

Include proper Community Hashtags

Differentiate Between Your Business and Personal Account

Use on Desktop Site for promotion

Use both videos and Photo Content

Enable your Account as Public

Request your followers to Turn On Post Notifications

Invite Friends on Facebook to Follow Your Page

Create Business Profiles

Upload the Behind the scenes pics and videos

Mark your Profiles as Business profile

Collaborate with Facebook

Finding brand success using Hashtags

Include other Profile Links in Your Bio

Don’t forget to Include Business Details in your Profile.

Include Love quotes in your Posts

Don’t focus on business all the Time; include some fun

Include Social Media Icons in Your Profile

Monitor Likes and Dislikes of Followers

Use other Video Editing Tools for Photos, Videos

Tell the organization’s story

Show people what you do for your community and how they can help

Share facts about your cause to raise awareness

Ask followers to share their own stories or pictures of what they’re doing in support of the organization

Share your organization’s mission statement

Talk about the people affected by your nonprofit’s work and how they’re helped

Interview a volunteer or staff member to get their perspective on what it means to be part of your organization

Show your staff members doing what they do best

Share pictures of the work you’re doing and the people it’s benefiting

Post videos that show how your nonprofit is making a difference in the community

Create a video that tells your story and the impact you’re making in your community

Take a tour of what your organization does

Show people how to make donations using Venmo or Paypal

Use Instagram’s new features, including Boomerang and Hyperlapse

A recap of your year in review

What you’re working on this year

How to use social media for good

Inspiring quotes from the people who work at your nonprofit

Share a video of the people you’re helping

Show your team working hard at an event or on a project

Create a video that introduces your organization’s mission and values

Document how you use donations to help others in need

Show your team hard at work and the difference they’re making

Interview a client to show how your organization has helped them

Share pictures of what you do, including volunteering opportunities for people who want to get involved in the community

Document a day in the life of someone on your staff or an individual who has benefited from your services

Share a video of your nonprofit’s mission and goals

Promote an event or fundraiser

Show how to make a difference in the community

Create a video showing what you do on a typical day at work

Share some behind-the-scenes footage from recent events

Upload your Day highlights as Stories

Follow other Instagram Blogs

Use the proper amount of Hashtags

Keep your stories with Little Tricks

Follow Non-profits Hashtag Tips

Modify your Photos to add Manually

Delete Your Filters and Recorders

See What Type of Content Your Followers Like

Include proper Tags, Tag, Tag

Include Donate Sticker in your Videos

Find relevant hashtags for your Non-profits

Choose the best Place to Include Your Hashtags

Promote volunteer opportunities on social media

Optimize your content to Mobile apps

Browse Your Likes and Dislikes

Be Consistent while scheduling Posts

Research virtual events

Adapting the Others during Pandemic

Choose your color palette

Include visually-stunning images for posts

Share Inspiring Quotes to Donate

Use Instagram Ad for promotion

Use Automation Tools to Automate your Tasks

Create your Inspiring Content

Release as a weekly series

Share an instructional video

Post Feature travel teasers

Leverage filters such as Boomerang

Create and share a recap video

Celebrate and share fun social holidays

Celebrate the Calendar Holidays for creative content

Share some awesome tips videos.


Are you Looking for more fundraising tips? Check out these Instagram video ideas for non-profits on how to work better. The above guide will put you on the path to success. Keep it light and go off with the right cause once in a while. Instagram can help you to raise charities and funds only if used properly.

You can use Instagram as a powerful tool for your nonprofit. It is an ideal platform to showcase your work and connect with more supporters through visual storytelling. However, it’s not always easy to develop good ideas for videos that will resonate well on this social media site. That’s why we have compiled some of our most popular video concepts below! The first suggestion would be something fun – like creating a stop-motion animation or lip sync battle between two staff members using silly props from around the office (think fake mustaches, cowboy hats, glasses). For another idea, try filming short interviews with employees about how they got involved in your mission and what their favorite part has been so far.

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