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Instagram Video: 50 Metrics That Actually Matter For Your IGTV Videos

Everyone needs to know about Instagram metrics that increase your brand awareness with Instagram Video. It’s an essential thing to check these Instagram Insights frequently! Accessing the Instagram Video and IGTV analytics is a quick and straightforward process. Open a video and tap the three-dot icon to see all video engagement. Here are the 50 Instagram Video metrics that matter for IGTV videos.

50 Instagram Video metrics that matter for IGTV videos


It counts the time a user spends watching your IGTV video post. It indicates the total number of people who interacted with your video, even for some time in a couple of seconds.

Audience Retention:

It is important to tell you the percentage of all viewers who watched a video from start to end.

Audience Retention Graph:

The audience Retention Graph is a visual representation of the percentage of video views of all posts at any moment. Use this graph to see the exact point in the video where people stop watching it. It improves your IGTV channel growth.

Engagement Rate:

It is variable if you’re using Instagram analytics apps, enabling you to measure each IGTV video’s engagement rate.

Social Media Reach:

The number of Instagram profiles that might have come across on social media reaches Instagram video posts.

Website clicks:

The number of link clicks goes from your Instagram video posts to Websites.

Call Clicks:

The number of calls generated from your Instagram video post information.

Video Posts:

It is calculated as the number of Instagram video posts published in your Instagram Account.

Stories reach:

The number of Instagram profiles visited your accounts.

Social mentions:

Social Mentions describes the number of mentions your Instagram handles and hashtags.


Hashtags may be a brand name, a keyword, or a title, and the number of hashtags you mention in Instagram videos.

Email Clicks:

Several Email Clicks are generated from your Instagram profile bio information or via video post info.

Engaging Locations:

Identifies the most popular locations where your followers are coming from.


Most engaging or the Top hours your followers are most active in your profile.


The most engaging days and the Top days your followers are most active on your profile.

Top Posts:

Identify the Top Video posts by the number of Views generated for that particular post.

Social media reach of a post:

It is represented by several Instagram profiles that might have come across your video post.


It was analyzing the number of Instagram profiles that liked your video post.


Instagram profiles that are commented on your Video posts.

Branded Hashtags:

Brand hashtags tell you the number of hashtags used in your Instagram video posts.


It identifies the number of Instagram profiles saved in your Instagram feeds or videos.

Post engagement:

Post engagement number of Instagram profiles who interacted with likes and comments on your Videos.

Video Views:

You are counting the number of views that your Instagram video generated.

Stories impressions:

Counting the number of views your Instagram Story feed got.

Stories exits:

The number of times Instagram users escaped from your accounts.

Video Impressions:

The number of times that your Instagram Profile views from the web.

Stories replies:

The number of times Instagram users answered your Instagram stories.

Live viewers:

Count the number of profiles that saw your Instagram live conversation.


It analyzed the overall number of profiles that saw your Instagram live video at any time.

People Insights:

A total number of followers for your Instagram profile and counting the number of unique shapes visited.

Stories Engagement:

Analysis of stories engagement by replies, reviews, etc.

Online times:

You are identifying the best times for people to engage in your video posts and online profile.

Instagram Home:

People who saw the other Instagram feeds or videos from their meal.

Search & Explore:

The number of people who searched for the keywords and saw your Instagram profile videos on an Explore feed.


Number of People who found your post from your Instagram profile feed or profile page.


The number of post notifications that show whether you are tagged or mentioned on posts shows on the notifications tab.

Taps forward:

The number of times users Tap the forward button to move on to the following Instagram story.

Taps back:

The number of times your users tap the back button to view the previous stories.

Swipes away:

The number of people who Swipes your Instagram stories.


You are monitoring the number of Video posts published on your Instagram account.

Link Clicks:

Counting the number of times users’ links on your video were tapped.

Outbound Clicks:

It is finding the exact number of clicks on the link that shows your product details. These Outbound links metrics apply only to shopping posts or shopping video ads.

Product Opens:

Product Opens describes the number of times your product tags were tapped to view your tagged product details. This metric also applies only to shopping posts.


Follows tell the number of followers you have gained on your Instagram Videos.

Get directions:

A total number of viewers who clicked on the “Get Direction” button on your profile or by a video post.

Next Story:

You are counting the number of taps that occur to see the following story that other users posted. The difference between the Next Story and Taps Forward is whether the destination is within your accounts.


Ad Clicks:

The number of clicks to your Instagram promotion has received until the present moment.

Click-through rate (CTR):

CTR tells the number of times someone clicked any of your Instagram ads. It will consider the number of times your promotion was shown.

Cost per click:

CPC provides information about the money you spend each click on your promotions.

Average cost per click:

The Average cost per click is calculated by the total cost of your clicks divided by the total number of clicks.


Knowing Instagram analytics is essential to targeting the right audience by posting the right content on your Instagram Marketing. Instagram metrics will help you to get more likes, clicks, views, and comments on your Instagram account. I hope these 50 Metrics matter For Your Instagram videos, stories, Live videos, and IGTV Videos.

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