Instagram Video Advertising: Ultimate Guide to Instagram Ads in 2024

Getting Started with Instagram Video Advertising

Instagram become more popular by stepping forward its platform towards the advertising for business. Instagram had provided various tools for the users along with different applications to build a strong presence on social media networks. The platform helps the business and brands to bring awareness to the audience about their brand or business on an Instagram platform. Brands can grab good attention from the audience by creating unique videos with different points of view of the brand to approach the people on Instagram. The short video content has great demand, and the users love to watch the 15 seconds length videos on Instagram. So, the brand message must convey to the audience within 15 seconds. So, it must be clear, perfect and innovative to attract the audience.

Instagram Video Advertising


Lets get started

Get connected with various channels

After signing up with the Instagram platform via email or Facebook account. The user can choose the page for the brand with the relevant username. The brands can create their logo and biography of the company and the URL. You can get connected with the other social media accounts like Foursquare, Twitter, Tumbler and Flicker also. So, your brand can get integrated with the other channels very easy to share your content on various channels to increase the exposure.

Share Unique Content

Visual content can impact the audience attention towards it and when comes to the short type of content, one must choose different and unique approach by combining your brand message in the video. The content which is fresh and compelling has great demand and also can get good results.

Instagram Video Marketing Tips & Tricks

Brands are choosing the Instagram for their video marketing. Instagram Video platform has more than three hundred million active users every month. More than 60 million photos shredded along with more than 2 billion like’s every day on the platform which made them turn towards the Instagram video advertising. Here are some important tips and tricks which are useful for the Instagram advertising.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the compatible ratio of video with 1:1 aspect while uploading on to the Instagram platform.
  • Crop your high definition videos in the form of a square to get fitted on to the Instagram platform
  • Don’t just go with several hashtags on to your video
  • Use the keywords in the video descriptions
  • Use the captions and it is better to include the main keywords in captions which can enhance the rankings on the platform.
  • Maximum thirty hashtags are allowed for a video on Instagram platform
  • Respond with the audience comments in a positive way as to increase the engagement levels.
  • Because the audience expects the answers in real-time and by responding to them, they felt even trustful on your brand or services and have a chance to reach you.
  • Make your post viral with unique and innovative titles. That helps you increase your visibility on Instagram platform.
  • Follow your targeted audience and like their posts and comment on their posts in an engaging way
  • It is better to use the direct as well as the indirect marketing ways on Instagram advertising.

How to Create Instagram Video Marketing Campaigns

Instagram had entwined with the Facebook platform and especially for the advertisers of brands. Instagram is allowing the brands to advertise with their short video, which lasts for fifteen seconds in length. The Instagram platform allows all sizes of businesses. The advertising on the Instagram ads API can also be allowed on Facebook interfaces too. Here are some strategies for running an Instagram video campaign for brands

Get started with the Instagram video campaign

You can run user-generated Instagram campaigns, which increase the sharing of the content. By enlisting the community to share the content is the most effective way of building the marketing campaigns. The campaign must be informative to the audience, which must help them to know well about your services and the products you are offering to the audience. The campaign could give good results in your marketing of products or services if it went into the minds and hearts of the people.

Plan a contest

Planning an interesting contest can be more effective and influences many consumers towards your brand. The content makes the best strategy to meet the desired audience. The contest made the people encourage their abilities and make them interested in every aspect, which in turn makes them your consumers by knowing about your brand and services. So, it is one of the best tactics that must be used in Instagram campaigns.

Use Hashtags

By leveraging Instagram marketing with the hashtags, many companies got to succeed in marketing. It helps to increase the customer reach. The hashtags can apply to the existing community, and the creation of new hashtags for a better social media strategy is significant. You must do research the tags and understand the content sharing during the video campaigns.

How Brands are using Instagram Video

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms which allow the users to get captured and share their images for their favorite moments with the world. It has introduced the video uploading option for its users. The new feature makes several brands excited towards it, as the video has a powerful impact on the audience. Instagram is offering some fifteen seconds of video length uploads on its platform. The platform owned a time-lapse video application which called as a Hyperlapse. It is beneficial in placing the video within a short frame. Now, the brands have completely made their focus on the Instagram Video advertising by following various tactics.

By recent studies, it revealed that more than 500 videos are posting on to the Instagram and the majority of videos uploaded by the brands. Brands made their special strategies to get the potential followers to their brand on Instagram. Brands are creating short and sweet images in the form of some motion video for 15 seconds which are attracting more audience on the platform.

Image Source: Simplymeasured

Brands were also approaching with their product videos and working on the company videos and some simple product teasers on Instagram in an innovative way to approach the audience. Many top brands have already got succeeded in the Instagram video. So, brands are using the platform as their medium of advertising as well as for promotion too. With the introduction of the application, it becomes easier for brands to approach the audience via mobile.

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