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Video Podcast: A Guide to Turning Your Podcasts into Video Podcasts

Podcasting has come a long way in the last few years. In this digital world, the average person has at least heard of podcasting concepts. More than 40% of people listen to podcasts every month Globally! Podcasting is nothing but the art of presenting, promoting, producing, and profiting from a podcast that may be an audio or video. However, if you would like to expand your business audience and become more discoverable on search engines, consider Video Podcast and cross-posting your video podcast to YouTube.

What Is A Video Podcast?

A video podcast is a podcast with a video element. The video element could be as straightforward or as complex static images, or it may be a video recording of the podcast guests or hosts. Podcasts are dramatically growing in popularity, and people want to watch and follow the guest and host of the podcasts. If you plan to start recording the podcasts, you must go for filming the video content and upload it to a video platform like YouTube.

Why You Should Start A Video Podcast

Making a video series on a podcast feed will confuse your prospective audience, confused with delivery, especially for younger audiences. Millennials go to specific places for video Podcasts.

Some podcasters want to make a great video podcast because they think they will make a wonder when presenting on video, and video content will work better than an audio podcast. Having a YouTube channel makes much more sense in this case of creating video podcasts.

If you would like to upload something trending on the podcast feed, record video that means you can rip the audio from the video. If it is the audio podcast, you can share it with the podcast feed, and if you have the video podcast, you can directly post on video blogs such as YouTube.

Some of the podcasters want to use video in their podcast for better engage with their audience. With the help of video podcasts, businesses or general people can send quick little videos to say hello. In this case, using Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter makes much more sense.

There are several social media platforms where visual content makes sense, and your podcast should be on top, and you can manage. Some podcasters like Snapchat, Instagram for creating more fun. Some of the Podcasters like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube for generating more engagement to their business.

Making the Video Podcast is an excellent way of making video-forward platforms meaningful for your socials. Don’t waste your time. Let’s start the video podcasts for your business that make the scene.

5 Ways To Create A Video Podcast

Creating a video podcast is a personal, ideal way to reach your business clients with more entertaining and compelling podcasts. Video podcasting has a lot of ongoing for lacks streaming video, Mack notes, etc. Viewers can download fresh content automatically when they are watching.

1. Diversify your publishing sources: 

It is better to have a strong story or source to create podcasts with vital content to publish a series. Focus on delivering valuable content, not sticking to a schedule.

2. Be Honest and Relaxed:

People can smell how honest you are, if you are not Honest, that will do more harm than good. Be honest and relaxed about providing the video content rather than hide a promotional pitch behind the fake setup. This is the best advice to all podcasters.

3. Buy a Good Microphone and Preamp:

Having a good Microphone is mandatory for podcasters. Buy a good microphone that might seem odd to emphasize audio in a video podcast. People like to view the video if you have good sound in your video. So, buy a good microphone and Preamp in your budget.

4. Choose the Right Location with Proper Light:

Choose the right location with the required lighting apt for video shootings. Use some equipment to create visual effects. If you can spend more money, then you go for a full three-point lighting setup. Softbox is suggested for video podcasting for creating rosy light.

5. Edit the Video Podcast:

Once you are finished shooting video content, you must edit the content in a few minutes by removing unwanted clips. While shooting and editing the video content, keep your viewers in mind what type of content they want. Make your video tight and brief. If you have more visual content, make them short and sweet so that viewers can spend a bit of time on your podcast.

Best Audio and Camera Gear for Video Podcasting

Here is the full list of the audio and video gear needed for recording high-quality Video podcasts. These are the essential Audio and Video equipment suggested for the podcasters who are staring at the video podcasting. Equipment brand name, the price may vary depending on the invested budget.

  1. Shure SM7B Mic
  2. Samson Desk Stand
  3. XLR Chords
  4. Cloudlifter
  5. Zoom H6 Recorder
  6. Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphone
  7. SD Card

Each of the audio as mentioned above and video gear has features that are suitable for a podcast filming, and it is entirely up to the podcasters which one do they prefer the most.

Ways to Turning Your Podcasts into Video Podcasts

Converting a podcast into a video is a relatively simple way. It requires simple images to add to your audio podcast file, which runs statically in the background for creating a video. Few people use simple experiences with overlay captions on it. More podcasters will create dynamic slides and even record their podcasts in real-time.

  • Turn your podcast episodes into the video and make it the more discoverable online that maybe YouTube, Facebook, and Google.
  • Video yourself or guest interview while recording the audio episodes.
  • Video record both the Host and Guest while recording the interviews, webinars, and Q&A sessions.
  • Record your Podcast from your video camera or the webcam.
  • Turn the audio podcast into a video by adding a few images, slides, and backgrounds.
  • Upload your podcast web series into Facebook and YouTube.
  • With the help of third-party apps like VEED, you can convert the audio file into the video.
  • Use the PowerPoint to create presentations, and they convert them into video files.
  • Apply Transcriptions and Captions to your podcasts while turning them to video podcasts.

Benefits of making a Video Podcast

Podcasts make personal information:

In podcasting, the content is communicated directly to the audience, the listener, either audio or through video. This is an intimate way rather than reading blogs.

Podcasts are Easy to Consumer and convenient:

If you are new podcasts, you can automatically download to your computer as they are available, and you can listen at your convenient time.

Podcasts cut the costs:

Podcasts are delivered through the digital medium. You can quickly eliminate the cost as compared to other promotional methods.

Time-efficient form of communication:

While listening to Podcasts, you can do other things at home or work. Podcasts are productive and save your time.

Podcasts are portable:

Once your podcasts are downloaded to your computer or portable devices. You can easily carry it anywhere.

Podcasting us an OnDemand:

Podcasting is an OnDemand technology so that most of the people want to hear it. Video podcasts are more engaging than ever.

One way to deliver on social media:

Podcasts are the ultimate way to share video content on social media.

Drives Leads and sales:

Video podcasts on YouTube drive more leads and sales to your business.

Data-Driven User Experience:

Data offers marketers the binding touch. Data-driven marketing is the road to audio and video key, as podcasters can leverage data insights to get a deeper understanding.

PodCasting Events and Live streaming:

Podcasters are more targeting on Live streaming the podcast events.

More Podcast Platform competitions:

More Podcast streaming platforms are trending and bringing competition among them.

High-Quality Podcast Content:

Content marketing is bringing huge competition and leading the way to quality content. The podcast industry has pumped the quality content.

Podcasts are Optimised to Voice Search:

Businesses rely on one or two marketing channels. Nowadays, podcasts are trending more they are optimized for voice search.

Listeners are more Accepting the Ads:

Podcast consumers are using more adblocking software. Listeners are accepting the Ads while they are listening or watching the content.

Marketers spending High Budget for Podcast Content:

Nowadays, podcasts content has high demand, and marketers are spending vast amounts on quality Podcast content.

New Niches like Bio Pods will Appear:

The growing focus on sustainable living and being more environmentally conscious, we are sure that more Niches may come in True.

The rise in Programmatic Advertising:

As the programmatic ads are raising the use of Artificial Intelligence and marketers are optimizing their content in real-time.


However, podcasting is an entertaining and fun way to meet the new people, grow up your followers’ number, build a huge audience community, find out some useful information, and finally provide a lot of great thoughtful stories to your Viewers. Here we have described an ultimate guide to turning your podcasts to video podcasts.

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