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YouTube Cooking Channel: How to Start a Successful YouTube Cooking Recipe Channel

According to the Tubular Labs analytics, YouTube cooking videos have been viewed more than 20 billion times. Cooking is a skill that everyone can expand greatly by watching a variety of chef’s programs to acquire new ideas. YouTube lends itself as well-known content based on food preparation. Here we have highlighted some of the most exciting things that every YouTuber who is starting a YouTube cooking channel.

Skills You Need to Start a YouTube Cooking Channel

As a food blogger, it is a crucial thing to keep expanding your fresh ways to share your ideas and brands. Before spending more money on equipment, expensive software just follows these tips that will help you in a better way.

  • Creating cooking content for YouTube needs to test the techniques and recipes frequently practically.
  • Recipe creator must spend lots and lots of time on testing dishes, talking to cameras, brainstorming plating techniques, thinking about each step in your recipe.
  • Of course, you need to have the basic cooking technique such as you need to know your around the kitchen and have an idea about your kitchen. You want others to watch your cooking style.
  • Just Practice how to break your recipes, to shoot videos easily, and subscribers can also easily understand the steps.
  • One of the most important skills that every cooking Blogger needs to have is problem-solving. In case if any recipe disturbed or spoiled, you should know how to fix the dish.
  • Cooking YouTubers must spend hours preparing the perfect dish that can attract the global audience.
  • Attract the users and make them like your recipe by personal communication.
  • Filming and Video editing are also one of the important skill that every Cooking YouTuber need to know.
  • Viewers can only be impressed by the professionally presented video with proper video editing skills.

How do you start a cooking channel on YouTube?

Cooking is an art, and it is a creative process. Channel creators must get inspire yourself and procrastinate for as long as possible. Luckily, there are thousands of videos featuring professional chefs on YouTube, amateur home cooks.

Pick a Niche:

People love to start a new thing if they find a specific type of content. If you would love to grow your channel faster, decide, and start a good channel. A niche can be great for the tone of your content.

Have a Schedule:

Pick a publishing day whenever you are comfortable with and also stick to the plan strictly. Remember that, better to publish one great video per week to get a bigger output.

Focus on Appetite Appeal:

Make every snap the most scrumptious that it can be and take your own time on how to display your recipe in your video. Use the nice pans and pots, keep the filming area clean, and set proper lighting.

Don’t go for Crazy Equipment:

You just need to produce quality sounds and videos. Just Start filming whatever you have for the first few months. If you are getting more views later, convert and start buying better equipment bit by bit.

Plan how to share on Social Media:

Once the filming is done, you need a few pictures to create a deliciously inviting thumbnail image for each video. Thumbnail images are a great source for sharing on Social media.

Follow Trending Content:

It is an important thing to provide ideas that inspired and what people are currently searching for. So, follow some trending seasons and get inspired fresh and current videos.

Think Globally:

To attract the worldwide audience and subscribers to your channel, make sure to share measurements in both imperial and metric. In case if you are using the local ingredients, make sure to tell other alternatives.

Get Personal:

One of the main reason that YouTube becomes popular is that is connected to content creators and subscribers. Make sure to read and replay to the comments.

Think Series:

A good week of themed recipes is a great way to attract the Global audience and attention to your channel. It can also lead to new subscribers.

YouTube Cooking Channel Income

There is no secret that being a successful YouTuber can gain an incredibly profitable career. Logan Paul, the highest-paid YouTuber who made approximately $14.5 million in 2018. After creating a YouTube channel account on Google AdSense, Link it to your YouTube channel for getting revenue.

If your channel is liked with the Adsence account you can get around $1–$10 for 1000 views. It depends on advertisements shown on the channel status. As per your channel stats, you can earn about $100 per the video, but we are not sure the channel statistics depends on your content and video reach.

So, here is a few examples of YouTube chefs who make huge revenue from their channels.
“You Suck At Cooking” channel estimated annual income is already between $12.4K and $198.5K. He has uploaded 13 videos, which means he has made between revenue between $953 and $15,269 for a single video.

“Binging with Babish” channel receiving an approximately $98.1K to $1.6M per year for considering he has uploaded 93 videos so that he received in between $1,054 and $17,204 per video.

“Rosanna Pansino” channels annual income range is estimated at approximately $67.3K to 1.1M per year. She has uploaded 102 videos, that means she makes between $659 and $10,784 for a single video.

YouTube Cooking Channel Tips

  • Have a perfect schedule for your cooking channel
  • Pick a Recipe niche
  • Do Collab Videos with Other YouTube Creators
  • Time Commitment and Consistency is important
  • Don’t go more advanced equipments
  • Analyze data of your channel
  • Ask Users to Like and Subscribe to your channel
  • Engage with Your Audience& Subscribers
  • Focus on quality videos
  • Have a perfect social media strategy
  • Think globally and locally
  • Follow current food trends
  • Product serie of videos
  • Give your videos a personal touch

Types of Great Food Content for Your YouTube Channel

  • Tell Ways To Cook With different Ingredient
  • Focus on Single Recipe
  • Focus on Multiple Themed Recipes
  • Recipe Techniques
  • Grocery Roundup
  • Your Kitchen Roundup
  • Telling Different Tastes
  • Food of the Day
  • Local Recipes

YouTube Cooking Channel Name Ideas

  • Try some of Cooking business name generator to find and help with more ideas.
  • A Cooking channel name that lets your customer know what you are offering and the core values your business is a great way to show business appear trustworthy and relevant.
  • A right cooking channel name should encourage people to subscribe, easy to remember, the name should sparks curiosity, an emotion that associates you with your channel, and increases your discoverability in the YouTube search engine.
  • You can implement the user suggested ideas and contribute your own suggestions also.
  • Try some things to cook and regarding cooking.
  • Choose the Country of Origin and Culture.
  • Combinations of recipes and variations.
  • Search for cooking terminology like fruiting, pinch, grill, glazing, Blanche, sterilize, etc.
  • Things to do with the taste such as sour, sweet, hot.
  • They are related to courses like the main course, dessert, entree, etc.
  • The wordplay on wok that is associated with a knife, fit, kitchen, meals, garnish, Cook, chef’s hat, whisk, etc.

How to Promote YouTube Cooking Channel

  • Embed your YouTube Channel videos in your Food Blogs and few recipe pages.
  • Request your subscribers Like share and comments on your channel.
  • Share on social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • Create some short preview video of your recipe, share it on social media don’t show all steps.
  • Share short video clips as Facebook and Instagram stories.
  • Add your YouTube link in the description and ask them to share and comment.
  • Forums are still alive and engaging for great promotion of your YouTube Food channel such as Quora, Reddit, Google forums.
  • Take advantage of viral videos, tell a story, and get some emotions.
  • Target your Channel using long-tail keywords, such as “How To cook …” “easy recopies for veg,” etc.
  • Be active on Instagram promotions; focus more on the Instagram videos, stories, and image posts.
  • Introduce some paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Focus on CTR, CPC, CPV and etc.
  • Go for Google AdWords and start creating a search, display ads.

How to Make Money with Cooking Videos

Become a food blogger:

Start your own food blog and start sharing recipes on website. Cook food and explain the recipes clearly. The only thing you need to be good at writing.

Write recipes to other websites:

Start writing recipes procedure and ingredients to other websites and blogs. Many other websites accept recipes from others.

Make food vlogs:

Start making food Vlog and travel vlogs to upload the videos on YouTube. If you are a foodie, you are good at facing the camera and traveler, this is the best option for you.

Start online cooking classes:

If you are really good at cooking, have a YouTube Channel, then start conducting online cooking classes. Else use some techniques social media for marketing your video.

Make YouTube videos:

Start making recipe videos on YouTube. You need to have a camera, video editing skills, tripod, and cooking interest. It is another successful you need to work hard until it clicks.

Food reviews:

If you are very good at writing and judging the recipes, you can just start writing food reviews for restaurants, food websites, and reviews on some cooking appliances.


IF you know too many good recipes, then you can think of writing the cookbook that may be useful to the food lover who loves to learn cooking. You can also sell in some stores to get money.

How to grow YouTube Cooking Channel

  • Learn and implement how the YouTube algorithm works.
  • Know how YouTube Video SEO works well for Cooking YouTube Channel growth.
  • Engage with your channel subscribers and audience in the form of chat and comments to grow to watch views.
  • Come up with amazing ideas to entertain people in between the cooking process.
  • Research and add good food-related keywords for your channel.
  • Use different keywords that come up with video ideas such as Travel Vlogs, Hotels, and restaurants, expensive, cheapest, etc.
  • Come up with worthy titles so that viewers can tend to click on your titles.
  • Focus more on Watch time and audience retention through analytics.
  • Slowly increase your video length, long-form videos work well for YouTube channels.
  • Create click-worthy, HD, bright thumbnails.
  • Create special content for the non-subscribers requests them to subscribe.
  • Pay attention for the real-time analytics to know the Realtime views.
  • Focus more on audience engagement and global audience reach.

Top YouTube Cooking Channels

Here are the top five most popular cooking channels on YouTube.


Tasty, the BuzzFeed food-focused network that is helped to increase the popularity of online food channels. Tasty most popular YouTube channel videos tend to be a bit longer than the 60-second and viral videos popular in Facebook feeds.

Jamie Oliver:

Jamie Oliver channel offers expert tutorials with cooking a range of dishes, a perfect pot roast, tray-baked salmon, and vegetable curry. A recent video was a roast chicken similar is trending now.

Laura in the Kitchen:

Laura is well known for Italian-American dishes Since starting her YouTube channel in 2010. She has published a cookbook and still continuing to keep her from posting new episodes on her YouTube channel.

Binging with Babish:

His channel focuses on adapting dishes and foods from pop culture. Also, shoots videos masterfully recreated recipes from popular television shows and movies, like the Cubano sandwiches and Krabby Patty from Spongebob.


Maangchi channel provides viewers with step-by-step instructions to the users. She began posting cooking videos for fun and turned her hobby into a full-time business.


YouTube has become a primary source for cooking and food content. Empowering nearly everyone with these YouTube Cooking Channel hacks for high-quality content creation. YouTube allows everyone to create their own YouTube Channel and broadcast from any kitchen in the world.

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