Online Video Statistics Asia

50 Online Video Statistics in Asia

Video ad spending statistics reveals the ad spending and the response towards the videos in marketing and advertising statistics are included in the below list.

1. More than 30 percent people are watching video every day

2. One third internet users are spending on online video.

3. More than 62 percent users are watching three by fourth video content.

4. More than 400 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute

5. 50 percent users at an average are watching at least two videos in a month.

6. 59 percent users are watching at least two minutes of video daily.

7. 40 percent users are stopping watching video content after one minute.

8. 86 percent internet users in the US are watching online videos.

9. Four out of five users are not showing interest in the video that takes a long time to load.

10. The consumption of mobile video has increased by 100 percent.

11. Mobile video viewing session at an average was reported as more than 38 minutes on YouTube platform.

12. The videos views through mobile devices were increased by six times comparing to desktop views of the previous year.

13. Only 20 percent viewers are watching video content through browsers.

14. 50 percent viewers are watching video online through apps.

15. More than 60 percent mobile users are discovering videos via YouTube platform.

16. 30 percent people are watching video content on social media platforms.

17. More than 21 percent people are watching video content through search results.

18. Only 13 percent people are watching video content through advertising.

19. Mobile video budgets are raised by 25 percent.

20. The sixty-second video content was equal to the 2 million words.

21. 79 percent users are watching video content and only 21 percent people are like to read the content online.

22. The landing page conversions are increased by 23 percent by replacing the image with video content.

23. More than 48 percent growth was noticed in video marketing.

24. 80 percent marketers are preferring video as their marketing medium on any platform.

25. Video in email campaigns was doubled the ROI.

26. The Click through rates is also increased with the Email marketing campaigns which are included with the video content online.

27. More than 60 percent marketers in the US have increased their mobile video marketing budgets.

28. The video content on the home page was boosting 20 percent more conversion rates.

29. An average internet user is watching more than 17 minutes of video ads.

30. More than 80 percent users recalled video ads they have already seen in past thirty days.

31. 25 percent users are looking for additional information after watching the video advertisement.

32. Around 20 percent users are visiting the link that is provided on the website or in video ads.

33. Email marketing with video content included in it can boost the campaigns by 30 percent more effective.

34. More than 12 percent users are purchasing the featured product content in the video ad

35. The online sales probability is higher if your customers watch the video related to the marketers’ product.

36. More than 72 percent executives are watching work-related videos on business websites

37. More than 60 percent people more likely to visit the business website if it contains videos.

38. 40 percent chances are there to get a call after watching video ad

39. More than 80 percent people prefer video rather than reading text content.

40. 40 percent users trust video content.

41. About 49 percent people are more likely to act after watching the video.

42. 70 percent marketers reported positive side in ROI

43. 25 percent consumers lose interest in the certain company if they don’t have video content.

44. 60 percent people believe that if the company had a website then they definitely need a video.

45. Video can boost CTR rates by 68 percent.

46. Video marketers are receiving 49 percent more web traffic from the search results than others.

47. More than 50 percent consumers prefer visual content in customer service.

48. 30 percent shoppers prefer YouTube videos before shopping.

49. The email subject containing video was getting 20 percent more open rates.

50. Video content increases the blog subscribers.

Therefore, the video has become the powerful element in marketing and advertise across the web in any campaign at any place.

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