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Connected TV in Display & Video 360: Everything You Need To Know

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to get started with Connected TV in Display & Video 360. From targeting and buying options to creative best practices, we’ll help you get up to speed on all things CTV.

If you work in digital advertising, you know that connected TV is one of the hottest topics. But what exactly is connected TV, and how can you use it to reach your target audience? Display & Video 360 has the answers.

Google to add an OTT in DV360

Google is working on adding an OTT (over-the-top) feature to their DV360 platform.

Google wants to integrate its cloud business with the CPE systems of DV360.

Google has announced it will bring a new OTT video service called DV360 to its Google Play lineup. It is currently available on the platform in some countries, and other markets will see it added soon.

360 Degree Video to OTT Customers

Many companies, particularly OTT providers, are using 360 video technology. It provides a better experience to the viewers and helps generate more revenue.

OTT customers can now enjoy 360-degree videos, just like in movie theaters. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in an experience.

The OTT industry is expanding rapidly, and there are many benefits of using this technology to deliver media. It allows for live streaming of concerts, sporting events, and more very engaging.

Delivering the best experience with 360 Degree Video to OTT customers requires a unique approach.

360 Degree Video is an immersive experience that allows the viewers to feel as if they are there.

360 Degree Video is a new technology that OTT customers can use to enjoy Virtual Reality content.

There are many ways to deliver media content, and 360-degree video has emerged as a new trend that can help you engage your customers.

Connected TV in Display & Video 360 best practices

  • Understand the different types of connected TVs
  • Determine the right ad format for your brand and campaign goal
  • Leverage video creativity to create a more engaging experience for viewers
  • Test and measure how different connected TV strategies impact your overall marketing objectives
  • Create a strategy for connecting with viewers
  • Optimize your video for different connected TV platforms
  • Use social media to drive viewership to your connected TV content
  • Analyze viewer engagement and optimize your content
  • Understand the different types of connected TV devices
  • Place ads on the right connected TV devices
  • Use video creatives that are optimized for connected TVs
  • Target viewers with relevant messages based on their location
  • Adjust your budget and bidding strategies for connected TV campaigns
  • Determine your goals for connected TV
  • Launch and track your campaign
  • Use interactive features to engage viewers
  • Measure performance and optimize as needed
  • Understand the different types of connected TVs
  • Create a video strategy that aligns with your business goals
  • Use targeted advertising to reach specific audiences
  • Measure performance and optimize as needed
  • Select targeting and delivery options
  • Tailor your creative to fit each type of connected TV
  • Create video ads that are short, snappy, and to-the-point
  • Make sure your videos are properly formatted for different screen sizes
  • Use strong calls to action in your videos
  • Test your videos on different devices and browsers to ensure compatibility
  • Monitor your video’s performance and make changes as needed
  • Keep your videos updated with fresh content
  • Connect your TV campaign to a specific goal
  • Choose the right type of video for your campaign
  • Create custom targeting for your TV campaign
  • Leverage video insights to improve your campaigns
  • Experiment with different ad formats
  • Use remarketing to reach people who have already interacted with your brand
  • Test and measure how well your campaigns are performing.


The connected TV advertising market is growing rapidly, and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve.

We have years of experience creating successful connected TV campaigns for our clients.

If you’re looking to jump into this exciting new arena or simply want to make sure your current campaign is as effective as possible, contact us today for Connected TV Ads Consulting.

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