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Facebook Video 101: Guide to Facebook Video Marketing 2024

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  1. Video Consumption Behavior on Facebook
  2. Facebook Video 2024 Trends That Should Not Overlook
  3. Facebook Video 2024
    1. Facebook Dedicated Video Chat Device in 2024
  4. Facebook ‘Watch’
  5. Getting started with Facebook Desktop Video App Ads for Game Installs
  6. Facebook Video for Marketers
  7. With Facebook Video Insights On Pages
  8. Getting Started with Facebook Premium Video Ads
  9. Facebook Video Campaign Checklist and Best Practices
  10. Business Opportunities with Facebook Video
  11. A Step-By-Step Guide To Facebook Autoplay Videos
  12. Autoplay videos and its working with Mobile Data Plans
  13. How to Stop videos playing automatically on News Feed
  14. Facebook Video Publisher Tips
  15. Use Facebook Native Video To 10X Your Organic Reach & Engagement
  16. Getting Started With Facebook Video Metrics
  17. How To Use Facebook Premium Video Ads
  18. The Explosive Growth Of Facebook Video [Report]
  19. Engagement of video ads
  20. What Makes Facebook Video Go Viral [Research]
  21. How to Increase Video Engagement on Facebook
  22. Upload the video directly on the Facebook platform
  23. Add attractive thumbnails to your video
  24. Promote the videos across the platform
  25. Allot call-to-action in an innovative way
  26. Choose byte sized video content
  27. Top Ways to Use Facebook Video for Your Business
  28. Guide to Increase Facebook Video Reach & Engagement
  29. Inspire Viewers
  30. Educate Your Audience
  31. Be Entertaining
  32. Add a Featured Video
  33. Create a Playlist
  34. 20 Tips to make your Video Go Viral on Facebook
  35. Tips to make your Video Go Viral on Facebook
  36. Awesome ways to Increase Your Video’s Reach on Facebook
  37. Guide to Facebook Video Features
  38. 10 Best Tools For Facebook Video
  39. Tools For Facebook Video
  40. Clipchamp:
  41. Stupeflix:
  42. Powtoon:
  43. WeVideo:
  44. Loopster:
  45. Animoto:
  46. Moovly:
  47. Abode Spark:
  48. Lumyer:
  49. Facebook Live:
  50. Lessons from Brands Utilizing Video in their Facebook Marketing Strategy
  51. Getting Started Guide to Facebook 360 Video Upload
  52. How to upload 360 videos to the Facebook?
  53. Facebook Video Hacks: 10 Tricks You Probably didn’t know About
  54. 10 Ways to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook using Video
  55. 10 Uniquely Awesome Ideas to Skyrocket Your Facebook Video
  56. 10 Commandments for Facebook Video Marketing Success
  57. The Science of Engaging Your Facebook Audience using Video
  58. Top 10 Chrome Extension for Facebook Video
  59. 1.Facebook Video Downloader
  60. 2.FBDown Video Downloader
  61. 3.Facebook Full Screen Video extension
  62. 4.Disable HTML5 Autoplay
  63. 5.F.B.Purity
  64. 6.Social Video Downloader
  65. 7.Savido-Facebook Video Downloader
  66. 8.Video Downloader Professional
  67. 9.Video Blocker Plus
  68. 10.Silent Site Sound Blocker
  69. Conclusion

Since its debut in 2004, Facebook has come a long way,, especially in video. It has become a compelling platform for video and is an active competitor for YouTube. Marketers realize the importance of Facebook videos for their campaigns. Facebook Video 2024 is one of the Buzzwords in Digital Space.

Video is consumed more and more by mobile devices now than ever. It is said that more than a hundred million hours of video are watched by Facebook users every day. With such statistics, it is no wonder that both paid and organic video content are exploding. Studies revealed that Facebook videos get more reach than photos. The video will account for 75% of mobile data traffic by 2020. `

Video Consumption Behavior on Facebook

Video is the most engaging form of digital content, and in the coming years ,an appetite for video will increase. As per the latest data from Facebook, video watch time has quadrupled in a year.

Studies revealed that forty-five percent of the users are more likely to consume more video on their smartphones in the coming days. Mobile video is popular that it is short and can be be watcheded anytime, anywhere.

Digital video consumption is not increasing just because it is easy; there is a sense of communal sharing and engagement with friends.

Facebook is advising marketers to create the content that people will consume. Also, understand how people are consuming the video content.

According to the latest findings, people are opting more for short videos with explicit messages. Publishers, thus, should deliver their message actively within not more than fifteen seconds. Publishers should create content that can be understood even with sound.

Facebook also says that publishers should try to create content in vertical form as people will not turn their phones sideways to watch the videos.

Though the video quality is going to reduce with vertical videos, the numbers say that the consumption of vertical videos is increasing and creators must keep this in mind.

Facebook Video 2024

Facebook Dedicated Video Chat Device in 2024

Lots of Facebook users love video chatting with their friend.

Facebook revealed that it is working on a dedicated video chat device. The device is said to be coming with a wide angle camera lens, speakers, microphones, and touchscreen. The users will be able to make a call to their friends on Facebook who has a phone or laptop.

Facebook is also trying to be a significant hub for video content online. Platform is ready to spend $1 billion to create original shows in 2019.

Facebook ‘Watch’

The Facebook watch is going to be the platform for live and prerecorded video content on Facebook.

Facebook ‘Watch’ presently available only for limited publishers and creators. It is expected to be widely available in the coming days.

People can watch the video here instead of finding the videos in the feed. Facebook Watch is now available for users in the US.

They can watch it on their mobile devices, desktop, and also on Facebook TV. It observed that Facebook is adding exciting content on its Watch Tab.

With limited room for more ads on the social network and revenue growth dragging down, the new video inventory ads selling is going to help to face the challenge.

The only thing is that Facebook has to share the revenue with the creators.

Early data suggests that Watch video can hold the viewer’s attention, and the average watch time is one minute to one and a half minutes. But there is a long way to go for Facebook to provide the best video experience for its users.

Getting started with Facebook Desktop Video App Ads for Game Installs

Facebook went from being just a social networking site or service provider to being the base for several of the world’s companies to invest in by providing them with the ability to post ads. A decade ago, Facebook was just an idea. Today, people weave their innovative ideas around this networking giant’s website. However, the versions of Facebook, such as the mobile, desktop, and Tablet version, are all so sought after that it becomes difficult to choose which device is to use for which purpose. But Facebook has mastered even that, in that it allows for seamless integration of all platforms to be both conducive and responsive. The desktop, however, has still not lost its sheen through the mobile space is quickly invading the boundaries of devices. Though native, the desktop remains to be most used and most comfortable for a plethora of users, and so, have the top companies capitalized on these opportunities.

While browsing Facebook over your Desktop PC, they are several Ads that pop up and ask you to install games. These ads, while considered spam, are the ones that allow one to play games, and the purpose of bringing them right while you’re on Facebook is more than just a marketing gimmick. With desktop app install ads, you will be able to reach people at scale and drive installs where they are most engaged in News Feed, in addition to the right-hand column. Your ads will attract attention with an active call to action, “Play Now,” or “Use Now,” and a sizeable engaging image. Each user that clicks your ad and accepts your app’s permission prompt will be counted as an install, allowing you to measure and optimize your ads based on installs.

This way, you can make the most out of Facebook, thus helping your game usage and propagation.

Facebook Video for Marketers

It is challenging for digital marketers to know about the latest trends and make use of them in their marketing campaign. Facebook recently announced some updates for videos.

Augmented reality was the central theme for Facebook F8 Conference. Though this technology is not going to be the mainstream in the next couple of years, it is expected to open many opportunities for marketers to create content that will keep the followers engaged.

At present, the marketers can make use of the effects available on Facebook camera and create content that helps in building brand awareness.

Facebook is dominating the social media advertising arena. Facebook first launched advertising with sidebar ads. Then came the news feed videos live videos and then the Stories.

What is going to be Facebook Video 2024 advertising in the coming years?

Facebook video is going to the original ad format in future. Facebook is pushing the video to compete with other video platforms such as YouTube.

If we look at the product development of Facebook in recent times, we can understand that the platform is going to be video-centric in the coming days.

The platform launched live video in 2016. It is claiming that in the coming few years, the platform is going to be all video.

Apart from launching Facebook Stories it also released a tab Watch dedicated to the platform’s original video show. The original video content of it is likely to have in-stream ads even.

Facebook has become the most seeking social business platform to make ultimate brand promotions that completely stimulates the Facebook audiences to become customers by purchasing the products or services. All this can be done by using the medium Facebook video which is the major source to reach the exact audiences.

How the video is going to play vital role on Facebook?

What are the major aspects that have been considered while launching the video ad campaign on Facebook?

All these can be found in the below lines that completely defines the workflow of Facebook video ads through best practices.

With Facebook Video Insights On Pages

  1. Facebook has been at the very forefront of every future and trending social media strategy.
  2. In fact, it is currently leading to the number of users who use it either for their news feed or funny videos or their marketing.
  3. The rapid growth of Facebook video going from 1 billion daily views to 4 billion in six months, has outpaced the social network that supports publishers trying to measure how their video is resonating with the audience.
  4. Facebook admins already know that video is a big traffic booster. But itís hard to quantify.
  5. The tab will let page admins see insights like Views and 30-second Views at the page level; top videos within a specified time frame, and numbers associated with videos shared from other pages.
  6. These let page owners compare aggregated views and 30-second views within custom date ranges.

Getting Started with Facebook Premium Video Ads

Facebook is the most interactive platform which connects the consumers and marketers at one roof with attractive brand new video ad formats competing with the other ad platforms today. Facebook Premium Video Ads platform was going more interactive and binding the relations with the most compelling form of video advertising today.

The Facebook videos have a great capability in which they are displaying the videos with a good sound and quality, which can reach the mobile Facebook users too. Facebook videos made the platform the biggest competitor in video advertising too.

Facebook Premium VideoAds

The Facebook premium video ads are just like advertising weapons for the marketers. It is beneficial in measuring the gross rating points that are usually targeted to reach the audience within a short period. So they are beneficial for the marketer to have better interactivity and interest from the consumers online.

The premium video ads on the Facebook platform play automatically on the newsfeed for 15 seconds without any sound. If the user was interested in the ad visuals that are playing on the platform then, the user can click on the ad to view it full screen along with the sound at high definition. These premium video ads are attracting both marketers and as well as consumers online. These video ads will not disturb the privacy and peace of the viewers while they are interacting on the platform socially. So, there is a great demand for premium ads as they are working great.

Facebook Video Campaign Checklist and Best Practices

Are you planning video campaign for Facebook? Facebook videos receive more than four billion views every day. Video ads are the most successful campaigns on Facebook. They get greater engagement. Here are the checklist and best practices for a successful Facebook video campaign.

• Content is the important feature of any campaign including the videos. Choose content that attracts the audience and increases the number of clicks.

• Ensure that there is a strong call to action that diverts the audience to encourage taking necessary action.

• Target different groups and see how these audiences respond to your video ad. Do not run the video campaign without defining the audience.

• The initial five seconds of any Facebook video are very important and should be able to attract the attention of the audience. Make the content informative.

• Keep the videos short and simple to make them more appealing. If the video is long, the audience may skip it without watching it till the end.

• Keep track of where your videos are getting traffic. Decide the length of the video depending on the platform.

• Retargeting is available for Facebook video ads. Retarget the audience who watched your previous ads.

• Facebook videos can be uploaded directly to the site for better user experience.

Having short and powerful video campaign that grabs the attention of the audience will help to build brand awareness and will do a lot of good for the business.

The social media is the most trending platform to do anything. In that one of the major stream, Facebook plays a major role of clutching audience through the attachment of video. To make such ultimate video campaigns keep an eye on the following points.

  • Determine your target audience to who you want to see your ad. Decide on their ages, where they live, and what interests they have. Will they be fans of certain pages?
  • Decide on the type of ad you want. Is it a video ad, text only, or text with an image?
  • You may want to start with a wider focus for the first video to build out a custom video retargeting bucket among a mass audience, then retarget users who’ve watched the first video for subsequent campaigns.
  • Consider splitting up your campaign flight, so the first 25% reaches a mass audience, and the last 75% focuses on a precise audience of users who are most likely to watch your video.
  • For most campaigns, the best practice is to prioritize video views and optimize the campaign over time to users who are likely to watch.
  • Consider broad targeting (e.g. age/gender only/ high-level interests) to increase reach and lower advertising costs.
  • Engagement is best for videos with a strong call to action to encourage sharing.
  • Remarketing campaigns target potential customers who visited your landing page or website but never converted. Choosing remarketing lists as a target audience will likely be a profitable decision due to high conversion rates and low cost.
  • Many YouTube viewers use the site while doing something else and don’t pay close attention to the video. Expand your video ad with a voiceover that could be a stand-alone
  • Create different versions of your videos for each target audience, then implement a split-testing schedule with a solid strategy for what will split tested when. For continuous improvement, build a system that helps to identify the best video and create versions of that. Choose the top-performing ad, create versions of that, and compare it to the previous.
    Winner. Repeat this cycle enough times to accumulate sufficient data to make an informed decision.

Business Opportunities with Facebook Video

  • Facebook is the most engaging social media platform today which was going successfully with various latest developments and trends for the marketers.
  • It was providing the users with great tools for the marketing on its platform. Several brands and even the startup business were also interested today to advertise and market on the Facebook platform.
  • Business makes the Facebook video as an essential strategy for the marketing plan, and more than one billion video views were noticed on the Facebook platform every day.
  • Facebook was going to develop its video related features and services to next step.
  • Facebook had introduced the video plays on the news feed and also created an application for the celebrities as Facebook Mentions exclusively for the checked pages of celebrities too.
  • So, these objectives of Facebook were encouraging the business opportunities for the people too.
  • The videos on Facebook are of high quality and also consume very less data on the mobile devices which is the most important thing to consider.
  • Facebook makes the people create their opportunities rather than finding something
  • The rise of digital media marketing, e-commerce, it becomes effortless for a ground level entrepreneur to reach their dreams by utilizing the platforms for the business.
  • Previously, people used to look and search for the business opportunities but, today platforms like Facebook and many others were letting the people to create their own business and supporting on the platforms.
  • By creating the pages, groups, applications, ads polls and content on the Facebook can improve the business and paves the way to get success in business.
  • So, new startups were looking forward to using the various tools and features on the Facebook platform and getting success in their business.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Facebook Autoplay Videos

Autoplay videos had received good interest from the marketers, users as well as brands also.

The autoplay videos on Facebook play silently on the timeline without disturbing the users on Facebook.
If the user is interested in a particular video, they can click on the video to watch it with sound in a full-screen mode.

Autoplay video was increased in the Facebook timelines today and had a high impact on the audience. Here is a step-by-step guide for Facebook autoplay videos.

Autoplay videos and its working with Mobile Data Plans

Autoplay videos consume the data if they are ON and it is depended on the time consumed in watching a particular video on the mobile data.

If the user went through the previous data by scrolling, then it will not consume much data. If you are watching the autoplay videos with Wi-Fi connectivity, then the videos can be auto played only, if you have Wi-Fi connection in an active state. Sometimes, the autoplay video cannot be able to play automatically because of a slow internet or mobile data connection.

How to Stop videos playing automatically on News Feed

By adjusting the app settings, the user can choose On or OFF options to adjust the settings in Android or Tablet. By simply approaching towards the app settings the users can choose the option to disable playing the videos automatically on Newsfeed.

Adding videos to Facebook

The videos can’t be uploaded by from the mobile browser, and they can be uploaded from the computer or app for Android, iPhones, etc.

Facebook Video Publisher Tips

The platform was developed with new publishing tools and expanded its video features competing with the video giant YouTube platform.

People are showing their interest in watching the video content on the Facebook platform.

Even the marketers were also voting the Facebook platform as the best place for the video promotions. Here are some best tips for the publishers on Facebook platform.

Automate the calendar

You can automate the content on the calendar by scheduling the videos on the Facebook platform.

The videos can be scheduled on your page which helps you in better organization of the content. To schedule the video on Facebook, you just go to the publish option and choose the schedule post option. You can choose the time and date also.

Set expiration and publishing date on Facebook platform

It is beneficial for you to retain the access to the video insights. To set the expiration date, you can access the schedule post option where you can enter the publishing date and also the expiration date of the post which can help you to manage the deletion process too.


Captioning is very important for the Facebook videos as the videos on Facebook plays silently. During the upload of video content, there is an option for adding the captions to different options like video captions and Backup language.

Editing and managing the videos on Facebook

You can manage and edit the video content on the Facebook platform by using the various editing options. You can create best thumbnails and can edit the video and description too.

Use Facebook Native Video To 10X Your Organic Reach & Engagement

  1. The native video has a great demand these days. The native video is nothing but the videos that are uploaded directly to the platform.
  2. The shift towards the native video mainly plays a great role in the user engagement and the consumption behavior of the users.
  3. Facebook is the most effective advertising medium for marketers to approach the audience in real-time with the Facebook real-time analytics services and other native Facebook video ads on the platform.
  4. Nowadays, many marketers didn’t like to share videos from other sites on Facebook. They choose the native video adverting process on the Facebook platform as it has great engagement and has better organic search results for their content.
  5. Long-form content, the usage of native video on the Facebook platform is it is tough to get captured with the long form of video content, and a one to the two-minute preview of the video content has good engagement than the long form.
  6. According to survey reports, it was revealed that more than 140 percent of the increase was reported in the organic reach for the native videos comparatively to the other video content on the Facebook platform.
  7. There is a 10X times increase in the exposure and engaging rates of an audience with the brands. The native video content allows the audience and marketers to meet their needs. The brands can also answer the questions in real-time and can grow good exposure on the platform.

Getting Started With Facebook Video Metrics

  • Facebook, known for its innate capability of making anyone who doesn’t t have a Facebook account feel literally out of place, has had some quantum leaps in its technology.
  • From social networking to advertising to analysis on different metrics, this giant platform has succeeded immensely. Not a day goes by when the average consumer doesn’t t log on to check what’s going in his/her friends’ lives.
  • Of late, the one thing that has garnered more interest in this amazing networking platform is the rise of video. The video for a long has been the only source for a user to have a visual experience that is one of a kind.
  • Facebook slowly followed suit after YouTube made online video an almost certain tool for businesses and individuals alike. It is now touted even YouTube in viewership metrics.
  • But how much of it is true? Here are some metrics that you could bank upon.
  • The following metrics appear only for videos uploaded directly to Facebook
  • Video Views A view of 3 seconds or more of a video.

How To Use Facebook Premium Video Ads

Facebook has announced and implemented the videos ad feature to its platform. Facebook is one of the most effective media for marketers to make video advertising as their marketing tool.

Facebook its algorithm of the news feed and allows the access of time to time with relevancy. One must invest in the Facebook video advertising with the new autoplay video ads, which are also called premium video ads.

It was also announced the anticipated marketing, which lasts longer that can deliver the video to your ideal customers online.

The auto-play video ad on Facebook plays automatically for 15 seconds. It also approves the Facebook video.

The video on Facebook can be autoplay without any sound for 15 seconds, and if the user likes to watch the commercial, they can click on the video,o and the video can be played on the large screen with the sound that is present within the video.

The autoplay videos had become the hottest topic worldwide as its inventory has been captured with high quality, which is matched with the format of both desktop and as well on the mobile.

Options for the ad placement

One can buy the placements of the ads within the news feed in which there is a logout page towards the right column on the Facebook platform.

The Explosive Growth Of Facebook Video [Report]

  • Facebook is not a video destination on the web. Still, the social media platform was gaining more attention after it was allowed its services in video advertising and native videos.
  • It was reported that more than 8 billion videos are streaming every day.
  • Even the shareholders on the Facebook platform and the marketers were also getting excited to look forward to the growth of video ads on the Facebook platform.
  • The advertisers prefer Facebook ads rather than the flat banner ads.
  • According to the recent research reports, it was revealed that more than 1.37 billion active users are on the Facebook platform, which increases the audience reach for the brands and advertisers.
  • 214 million people in the US are using Facebook daily and watching at least one video per day on the platform.
  • There are no clear reports on the autoplay video clicks but, it was revealed that 70 percent of the video views on the Facebook platform were noted through mobile phones.
  • The video growth on Facebook was increasing substantially, which was pushing more than eight billion views which were taking the platform to the next level.
  • From the global survey reports, it was clear that internet users have greatly increased. More than 80 percent of millennials show their interest in using the net via smart devices, especially through mobile browsers.
  • So, the advertisers were also targeting the same and connecting with the mobiles, especially with the high definition Facebook ads.
  • From various reports, it was revealed that the expectations of the video growth on the Facebook platform has raised and it was forecasted that more than 152 billion dollars to 220 billion dollars raise could be expected in the Facebook share value when we reach 2020 in the US
  • Facebook Video Statistics [Study]

Videos are the most engaging form of advertising medium to reach potential customers online across the globe.

Users are also very interested in watching the videos, and people are habituated to sharing attractive ads with their friends and the public.

This made the increase in the demand for a video advertising. Videos can be turned viral if the content can reach a range of audiences and can help the brands to bring awareness among the brands and people towards the brands.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Engagement of video ads

Youtube videos are getting more likes, and the content cannot be shared with the upload to the platforms.

But, the links to the videos are can be shared across the social media platforms. And the administration pages have two choices while posting videos on to the platform.

One is either upload natively within the files that are present in the computer or from the links that are posted or from the other platforms like Facebook.
A study revealed that nearly 4000 links of Youtube had posted when compared with the Facebook links of videos according to the 2013 census reports.

The video engagement is more on Youtube when compared to other platforms like Facebook video content.

Even the engagement of the videos are revealed from a survey as the videos of Facebook have achieved only through clicks is nearly 93.2 percent engagement rate than the Youtube in a certain period as the Facebook videos have the chance to perform well because they are limited to the platform.

Brands are also using the Facebook and Youtube video ads efficiently as the people are driven towards the videos.

What Makes Facebook Video Go Viral [Research]

Facebook has been in the forefront of the social media promoting personal as well as business relationships. The platform has been able to offer increasing popularity and hence is considered one of the best platforms to promote business.

In view of the prominence enjoyed by Facebook, people like to use the platform for promotion of their business as well.The best promotion has to be taken up through video and the success of the marketer is measured through the level of viral that the video has been able to gain.

Some of the steps that can make the video go viral on Facebook include some or all the following:

• Personalizing the updates on the profile page.

• Using viral photo finder (unique photo/video that has more acceptability).

• Request for share/like/comment.

• Best schedule/timing of the release of the video (generally Thursday and Sunday are considered the best time).

• “Save” articles to curate the content.

• Leverage interest lists to stay organized (creation of separate country specific profile).

•  Monitor the competitors’ activities (response to their ads on various platforms including FB).

• Reviewing own page progress on the platform.

• More Facebook interaction through tagging personal profiles.

Last but not least, the marketer has to ensure that the original video is posted on Facebook to get it viral.  As there is an option as well as the temptation to post a link, the marketer needs to avoid posting the link.

The above does not comprise the exhaustive steps to be taken by the marketers to ensure that his Facebook video goes viral.

How to Increase Video Engagement on Facebook

Facebook is one of the top social networking platforms. Nearly four billion videos are watched on the Facebook platform every day. The autoplay videos feature one of the most used features by advertisers and marketers across the platform. An active Facebook user was watching at least 2 to 3 videos daily at different times. So, there is a wide scope for video engagement on the Facebook platform. Facebook is moving forward in success by developing its features with the video content on its platform. Facebook videos have great organic reach compared to other platforms. You can achieve high Video engagement on Facebook by following these ways.

Upload the video directly on the Facebook platform

Facebook native video uploads have great demand, and viewers love to watch the direct videos that are posted onto the Facebook wall. The videos shared from the other platforms will not be there directly in the news feed, whereas the videos uploaded directly can be the next trending and appears in the news feed.

Add attractive thumbnails to your video

Thumbnails are the first impression of the video content. Add attractive and colorful thumbnails to raise the interest in the audience to watch the video content. So, always add attractive relevant and compelling thumbnails to the videos.

Promote the videos across the platform

Whenever you upload a video on the Facebook platform, don’t forget to promote it with different titles posted publicly on Facebook. Raise your curiosity by using the video trailers on your newsfeed. Share them with your friends and mutual friends to raise the engagement of your video on the platform.

Allot call-to-action in an innovative way

This is the most powerful weapon to magnetize the audience through the video. But it should be in the most innovative way, which could immediately motivate the audience in the way you mentioned. Call-To-Action can bring huge engagement for the video on Facebook, which leads to sharing or commenting.

Choose byte sized video content

As short as video content you upload, then you can expect unpredictable audience engagement at your video on Facebook. Because they don’t find time to watch time-consuming long-form videos. High-Quality video content in a short and simple form will be the best option to drain the huge traffic.

These lines can boost up the engagement capabilities on Facebook that are used in the development of the business branding through video promotion. As everyone knows that Facebook is the topmost player in the field of social media marketing.

These are some of the fine strategies that are most required to get huge engagement for your video on Facebook. If you want to have that experience in a short time just apply those in real time.

Top Ways to Use Facebook Video for Your Business

When you consider social video marketing, the majority of us quickly think of YouTube, the dominant player in the industry. Between its billion users and controlling elements for advertisers, it’s sincerely nothing unexpected that YouTube has for some time become the main video circulation stage. When you figure the various advantages that video marketing presence, it’s likewise no big surprise why more bands are getting into the video content diversion.

What’s intriguing, be that as it may, is how rapidly Facebook has turned into the second most significant referral hot spot for social videos. Since the auto-play highlight in the Facebook News Feed, the connection with video content has changed, and everybody knows it.

As it was, this shouldn’t be the only thing stunning. Videos are an excellent source for advertisers to acquire consideration and expansion transformations since they can advise and enthrall guests.

Viewers likewise will very much like to share videos with 92% of versatile video viewers.

Facebook Native Video Tips :

If you need to try social video marketing out on Facebook, you’re about the need to ponder upon the best practices that Facebook hopes to see. You’ll need to comprehend the right files and sizes of Facebook required, know how to change them appropriately, video quality, and other investigating issues.

Right Video Length Is Important :

Remember, as you begin shooting video content. Keep it short as in; less than 30 seconds – 22 seconds to be accurate are the number you need to pull for, as the study confirmed that videos of that long had the best finish rate. Viewers who viewed more than 95 percent of the video did as such more in that length.

Make A Simple Video :

Making video substance can be tedious, so making sense of the right recipes to create content that will rouse your gathering of people to make a move is essential. An extraordinary approach to testing this is the point at which you’re merely beginning to utilize Facebook’s video publicizing highlight to get focused on viewers to watch your videos immediately.

Create a Costume Thumbnail :

Design a Custom Thumbnail to catch the user’s eye on the Facebook Newsfeed.

Optimize It With The Best Title And Tags :

Optimise keywords, descriptions, titles and tags to increase your exposure on Facebook Newsfeed.

Guide to Increase Facebook Video Reach & Engagement

If you’re looking for ways to increase the reach of your videos over Facebook, the buck stops here.

Read on.

Inspire Viewers

Inspirational videos get more shares and engagement than sales messages. Marie Forleo regularly posts answers to questions to inspire her audience to go farther in their business. Her videos are very professionally done.

Educate Your Audience

Another type of effective video is to give a quick tip or teach something useful to your audience. For the Super Bowl, Lowe’s created a fun set of hyper lapse tips.

One 17-second video shows people making a fun Jenga-like game with Lowe’s tools; the other is people making a chalkboard table for game-day treats.

In less than a week, each video had over half a million views.

The Food Network also has quick-tip videos that get a lot of shares. A video of the chef creating the recipe in 15 seconds links to the recipe itself to drive traffic.

Be Entertaining

People go on Facebook to have fun. But that doesn’t mean you have to post cat videos or something completely off-topic just to get their attention.

Entertain with informal, behind-the-scenes interviews at your company or create something fun like a cartoon video that has a business purpose.

With the tools available online today, making an unusual video is easier than ever.BuzzFeed regularly posts humorous videos that get lots of shares.

The video below is just a series of images and text set to music. It received more than 45,000 views and 620 shares in 17 minutes.

Featured videos are still currently rolling out on Facebook. When you add a featured video, the video is more prominent. It’s placed above your ABOUT section and is larger on your Videos tab. Featured videos have to be enabled by Facebook for your account.

There is no way to request it. They are still in the process of rolling it out. You’ll know you have it when you  go to the Video tab and see the button to Add a Featured Video.

Create a Playlist

Something else you can do on your Video tab is add playlists. You can have multiple playlists, so you can control people’s experience navigating through your videos.

At Social Media Examiner, we’ve added a playlist of hot tips so people can get them all in one place.

20 Tips to make your Video Go Viral on Facebook

Facebook is the King of social media websites where your video goes viral. Some Video marketers still agree that YouTube is the best place for video ads. But uploading the video on Facebook gives better result than uploading a video on YouTube.

To make your video Go Viral always depends on the holy grace of video marketers and content makers. Sometimes it Goes Viral automatically once you uploaded it on Facebook or any of the social media sites. If you follow some small tips to create a video that goes viral all the time.

Tips to make your Video Go Viral on Facebook

  1. Create good quality content
  2. Create interesting and something different to get the audience attention towards your content
  3. Create a Facebook page to build close relation with the audience
  4. Understand the factors that are responsible for virality of the video content on the platform
  5. Utilize the paid or premium video promotion services like autoplay videos on Facebook
  6. Build good fan base to your Facebook page to increase exposure to your content
  7. Follow other Facebook pages
  8. Research on different keywords
  9. Include the best keywords in the video title
  10. The title of the video must raise the curiosity among the audience to watch your video
  11. Make consistent upload of your content and promote them across the platform
  12. Tag your friends, mutual friends in your video content and share it publicly
  13. Create shareable content on the platform
  14. Add your website and blog links and post along with your video content
  15. Ask audience to like, share and follow your content on the platform
  16. Majority of viral video content on Facebook are very short in length and the emotional videos with up to 5 minutes in length had turned viral
  17. Respond to the people’s comments in a positive way
  18. Follow the social media influencer accounts and note down the key points in viral video content to implement them in your videos
  19. Create interesting contests at the end of your video to create good buzz
  20. Follow and participate in different conversations on your niche.

Awesome ways to Increase Your Video’s Reach on Facebook

Video ads are everywhere: on online videos, popping up over articles on your favourite websites, or Video’s Reach on Facebook appearing on your social networks and if you think they’re annoying, you’re not alone. While consumers often don’t enjoy online video ads, their popularity among advertisers and ad networks are climbing, though it’s not likely to replace TV ads just yet. Complete details of Video’s Reach on Facebook can be found here. While spending on digital video ads is growing, its momentum isn’t nearly strong enough to see it overtaking the TV ad market shortly.
. When Facebook first started offering businesses professional pages, companies took advantage of that to increase the reach of their brand. Over time, Facebook got smart and restricted its reach, forcing companies to pay for promoted posts and advertising. Today, it’s pretty tricky to stay in front of even a small fraction of your fans.


You’re shooting for quality, not quantity. The lifespan of a Facebook post is short. The viral ones are almost always “wow” shots of someone doing something epic, something extremely nostalgic, something audacious and out of the ordinary, or something so controversial and divisive that people are practically forced to comment. So, even though, right now, it seems like reach is dead, it’s not. It just reinvented through a lens of quality. So, refocus your efforts on that, and try to move people from your epic posts to your website gently. Start a group on Facebook, and then advertise it. Guess what? Facebook won’t limit your reach in your group, and you’ll have a captive audience of people that want to hear what you have to say. Groups are a great way to have an ongoing discussion, promote interest in your blog, grow an audience, and avoid long-term marketing expenses.

Using better visuals will help you engage more people who, in turn, will help you hang onto the reach you do have. Facebook has always been a visual platform, with images and videos outperforming text-based status updates. Shorter posts get 23 percent more interaction. with “tiny” posts up to 70 characters getting more “likes” than posts of 231 or more characters.

Guide to Facebook Video Features

Facebook wants to make its home for businesses less like a newspaper that comes to you and more like TV channels you turn on. That’s why it’s YouTube that’s getting flattered by the social network with a new design for the Video section of Facebook Pages. All businesses will soon choose a featured video to be displayed extra-large with a live comment feed atop their Page and cobble together playlists of more of their videos. Facebook Video Features makes the Videos tabs of Pages look and feel a lot like YouTube Channels.

Native Video Upload: When a video is uploaded to Facebook natively, its appearance in the News Feed is much larger than the link page post ads pointing to the YouTube video. Additionally, when playing the video, it’s a much more engaging experience.

Statistically, the native video gave 2.5x higher CTR,30% higher video play rate (number of clicks on the ad unit which are video play clicks), 10% lower cost per engagement (e.g., post comments, shares, and likes), 3.5x lower CPC and 5.5x lower cost per video play.

Embed Facebook videos to third-party sites: YouTube makes it easy for users to embed YouTube videos on any website, meaning it is easy for people to embed most videos on a news site, blog or another content site. Facebook has now finally followed suit by giving Facebook users the ability to embed a video uploaded to Facebook by pasting an embed code into a webpage. The complete information of Facebook Video Features can be found here.

Create video playlists on Facebook To create a video playlist for your Page:

  1. Click Videos below your Page’s
  2. Click Create Playlist
  3. Add a title and description and click Next
  4. Select the videos you want to add to your playlist and click Next
  5. Click and drag videos to order them and click Create Playlist

Feature videos on your brand’s Facebook Page

Some people will see video ads come to life as they scroll through News Feed on mobile and desktop. Here’s how it will work:

  • If the video is clicked or tapped and played in full screen, the sound for that video will play as well

10 Best Tools For Facebook Video

Video has become an important part of the marketing strategy for all businesses that want to have online presence irrespective of size. Facebook Video improves reach and delivers the message powerfully using the Tools For Facebook Video.

Most businesses now have a Facebook page for reaching their target audience. Some online tools help in creating the video for Facebook.

Tools For Facebook Video


Clipchamp is a free online video editor which can be used free for a month. It allows trimming, convert and adjust your Facebook videos so that they look professionals.


Stupeflix allows creating free videos online. upload photos and videos, choose the soundtrack to be added, pick a style and the tool provides you with professional looking Facebook videos.


Powtoon is another great online tool for social media videos. Animation videos can be created with this tool.


WeVideo is another online video tool. It allows creating amazing videos and also to edit them. Check the videos and decide whether they are going to help you in the Facebook marketing strategy.


Loopster though is expensive is an intuitive video editor. Professional looking Facebook videos can be created easily with this tool.


Animoto is another video tool to make professional looking Facebook videos. make use of the free trail and check out how it is going to help you.


Moovly is another affordable online video tool for Facebook videos. it provides some great video editing features.

Abode Spark:

Abode Spark is a website/ phone app which is available as both paid and free version. This tool allows creating Facebook videos using pictures and video clips.


Lumyer is a phone app that can be used for free. Special effects such as glitter, sparkle or snow can be added to a picture and can be saved as a video.

Facebook Live:

Facebook Live is the simplest form of video. There is no need for video production or editing equipment.

Lessons from Brands Utilizing Video in their Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook has become the most powerful way to reach consumers online. That is the reason why marketers are choosing Facebook as their main medium for advertising and marketing online. The Facebook platform was always get updated with the latest trends in digital marketing techniques and implement them in its platform, especially for marketers and advertisers online. But many brands are failing to reach their targeted audience due to a lack of a good marketing plan online to reach the audience. Here are some important lessons from the brands that are successful with Facebook video marketing.

The Facebook platform has advanced in the two different video features, the first one is Facebook 360 video, and the other is Facebook live. Facebook is now supporting the virtual reality video content, and the viewers can explore things by just dragging their mouse. The 360-degree video format is the future of digital marketing. Many companies like TMNT movie promoted its new movie with 360 degrees Facebook video feature in one frame and explored its surrounding scenes too.

The Harvard University graduate has taken the viewers on the 360 tours on the campus tours by captivating the experience. It also exposes the internal perspective. Even the popular Buzzfeed platform also utilized the Facebook live feature and acquired more than five million views. Many other companies are also boosted their business with the Facebook premium and as well as the Facebook Autoplay video ads and got successful.

Getting Started Guide to Facebook 360 Video Upload

The 360-degree video is the latest trend in the videos across social media platforms today. It was created with specialized camera systems that can record the 360 degrees of the picture where the viewers can rotate the video and watch from different angles. The viewing angle can be changed by dragging the mouse on the computer and finger dragging on touchscreen mobile devices.

How to upload 360 videos to the Facebook?

The video can be recorded by the 360 degrees supported camera system, which can add 360 metadata to the video. That file was uploaded to the timeline. If the camera could not add the 360 metadata, you can add it directly to the file and then upload it to the Facebook timeline. The general length of the 360-degree video content is 10 minutes, and the maximum size is 1.75 GB.

If the video had been recorded with the 360-degree camera, which added 360 metadata and you can publish that video to a page. Before publishing the video to the Facebook page, click on the advanced option and click on “This video is recorded in the 360-degree format,” and click on the publish button. The initial position of the camera and the vertical field view to the 360-degree video that was uploaded. The text boxes can be appeared on the screen to enter the camera’s position and the vertical field position.

The cameras like Ricoh Theta, 36fly, etc. automatically add the 360 metadata to the video file, which can be very easy and helpful during the uploading of the 360 video file on to the Facebook platform.

Facebook Video Hacks: 10 Tricks You Probably didn’t know About

Facebook video views were around four billion in 2015, and since then, they have increased to an average of eight billion per day, which is almost double. Facebook video consumption is rising on mobile. Here are few Facebook video hacks to get the maximum from them.

1. Upload videos directly to Facebook but do not share them from other hosting sites such as YouTube. This captures more attention.

2. Get creative and try capturing the attention of the viewers in the first four seconds of the video. Use humor to entertain them.

3. Maximize the potential of the video by showing something interesting in the initial seconds of the video.

4. Use the Facebook 360 video feature to engage the views more.

5. Add call to action for organic video uploads to direct the audience to where you want your viewers to go after watching the video.

6. Use an appealing thumbnail.

7. Facebook videos play automatically without sound in the news feed. If a viewer watches the videos for just three seconds, Facebook considers three seconds play as a view.

8. Create videos that are inspirations and educations. See that the first frames of the videos are of high quality.

9. Maximize marketing potential with the Facebook Live feature. Have a playlist for making it easier for viewers to find the videos.

10. Making data-driven decisions is very important for a successful video strategy in social media. Facebook insights help to get metrics, and this data can be sued to improve the video campaign.

The video is a powerful tool and contributes significantly to marketing strategy. The Facebook live streaming and video capabilities are easy to use. This is the reason why most brands and businesses are using Facebook video for success.

10 Ways to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook using Video

Billions of people watch videos on Facebook and the video posts are viewed more compared to other types of posts on Facebook.  Organic Reach on Facebook using Video posts on Facebook reach more people and keep them engaged.The Facebook video creators must understand their audience and create content that is interesting for them.

1. Let the video length be between fifteen and thirty seconds as people are more likely to watch the short videos until the end.

2. To increase organic reach on Facebook create videos exclusively for Facebook.

3. High quality videos catch the attention of the viewers and the first few seconds of the video are very crucial.

4. Add call to action button to drive traffic to the official website or landing page.There are different types of call to action buttons available such as shop now, subscriber, sign up, download etc.

5. A video post organic reach can be increased by tagging the right people.

6. Encourage viewers to comment or share the video to keep them engaged.

7. Ask questions, start debate on topic that is related to the video.

8. Videos are promoted by Facebook in the newsfeed.Create videos on different topics to gain the attention of viewers.

9. Post the videos at right times.  The videos see greater penetration in news feeds when posted during peak times, when more number of followers and fans are up and awake.

10. Use hashtags for videos so that it increases the organic reach.

10 Uniquely Awesome Ideas to Skyrocket Your Facebook Video

Facebook videos are used for building brands and also to generate leads.  There are few ways in which you can skyrocket your reach with Facebook video.

1.Start your own group on Facebook. Also, join in groups relevant to your niche. Post your video on your own group and also to other groups where you are a member.

2.Audience can be engaged if you post the video directly to Facebook as these videos are played automatically when scrolling down in the news feed.  This way, views for the video will increase.

3.Using the Call-to-action button at the end of the video to increase traffic to your business site though the Facebook video.

4.Thumbnail of the Facebook video should be clear and attractive.  A custom thumbnail cane is uploaded and used instead of the thumbnail given by Facebook.

5.When writing the description for the Facebook video, add a clickable link to it.  If the audience clicks it, it will redirect them to your business site, website or blog.

6.Check at what time most of your friends and followers are online. That would be the optimal time to post the video to get more views and likes.

7.Share the Facebook video link on other social media sites.  This will help it to reach more people.

8.Bring the video to surface again by resharing them or commenting on older things. People who missed to see it before may now watch it.

9.The video should be simple and short. Give the message briefly.

10.When promoting a product or service, include the brand image, product image or logo of the company in every frame of the video so that the viewers will remember it.

10 Commandments for Facebook Video Marketing Success

The video has the ability to effectively engage the viewers when the video is combined creatively with social media such as Facebook, the results are going to be much more effective and it will reach more and more potential customers. Here are ten commandments to make video marketing success of Facebook.

1. Marketers must identify what works for them and what does not.Facebook insights allow viewing how video is effective the engagement of the audience.

2. Adding a custom thumbnail to the video uploaded ensures that it gets the attention of the customer.

3. Make sure to set call to action URL.The link should take the viewers to the relevant landing page.

4. Encourage viewers to comment to keep them engaged and conducting contests also helps boost engagement.

5. With the introduction of autoplay videos by Facebook, it comes important to get the attention of the audience in seconds, before they scroll past the video.Marketers must make their videos appealing.

6. Do not just create video content and wait for the success of it.Instead, create videos that are inspirations and informative.Try telling the story of the product or service in better ways.

7. Identify your goal with the video ad and then decide what the audience must do after watching the video. Include relevant calls to actions.

8. There is a feature in Facebook that lets you create videos for the custom audience. Use this feature to target the existing customers by adding their user IDS, email addresses etc.

9. Experiment with different types of video ads.Measure their performance.

10. A/B test the headlines, call to action and other things in the video apart from the content.

The visual power of videos help gain customer engagement on Facebook and marketers must make sure that they make video ads that ensure great conversions.

The Science of Engaging Your Facebook Audience using Video

Many of us may have doubts about using Facebook video and wonder if these add value to the business. Facebook videos are easy to view and share. When these are shared, it gives a great opportunity for the brands to engage the customers and generate leads. Here are a few tips following which can help in engaging the audience with videos.

To engage the audience with Facebook video, offer new information in each of your videos. The viewers will then watch and share your videos, which help in the promotion of the brand. Fans can engage with the repurposed content. Upload your old video again or a YouTube video, or you can also read out and record the content published in your blogs. In this way, there will be no need to create a new video, and the efforts you put into creating the older video will not waste.

Embed the Facebook video on your website or blog or the YouTube video on Facebook. Both of these can increase traffic to your website and also the Facebook page. Facebook videos can create a call-to-action button. This button is usually placed at the end of the video. Define the goal of your video and find a suitable call to action button.

To increase viewer engagement add a feature video on your Facebook page. This will increase visibility. The featured video can contain the details of an upcoming event in the organization, announcing the winners of a recent competition held or the discounts offered by the company.

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your Facebook videos is to create a Facebook video playlist. When the video tab is clicked, the viewer can see all the videos uploaded by you. You can also group your videos into categories which makes searching easier for the fans.

Top 10 Chrome Extension for Facebook Video

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites, and Google Chrome is the most popular web browser. Chrome offers many extensions for Facebook videos and this help improve the user experience.

1.Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook Video Downloader is a Google Chrome extension that allows downloading Facebook videos. Since videos from Facebook cannot be downloaded with the Internet Download Manager, use this simple chrome extension.

2.FBDown Video Downloader

FBDown Video Downloader is an extension from Google Chrome. Connect the FB account with this extension, and videos of Facebook can be downloaded easily.

3.Facebook Full Screen Video extension

Facebook Full-Screen Video extension allows viewing embedded videos on full screen at Facebook.

4.Disable HTML5 Autoplay

Disable HTML5 Autoplay is another Google Chrome extension that prevents Facebook videos from auto-playing.


F.B.Purity is another chrome extension to disable auto-playing Facebook videos.

6.Social Video Downloader

Social Video Downloader is another Google Chrome extension to download Facebook video with one click directly from Facebook.

7.Savido-Facebook Video Downloader

Savio-Facebook Video Downloader helps to download any video easily.

8.Video Downloader Professional

It is another Google Chrome extension that allows downloading videos from Facebook.

9.Video Blocker Plus

This is a chrome extension that allows the user to block any video on Facebook.

10.Silent Site Sound Blocker

It is another simple Google Chrome extension that allows users to block audio of any video on Facebook and many other sites.

Google Chrome extensions enhance the experience of the user. Chrome extensions for Facebook videos allow customizing the social network. Other than extensions for videos, there are also many other extensions for Facebook, such as those allowing changing the Facebook page. Google Chrome extensions allow the social working site. The style, size, header, and background colors can be changed. Related to video, many extensions allow downloading the Facebook videos and blocking the auto-playing.


The above-listed points help the brands to launch a successful Facebook marketing and can be used to gain the brand reputation.

Facebook gives special treatment to videos than any other type of content. Videos are accessed more and shared more by consumers. Understand the importance of video on Facebook and create effective videos using the above tools.

All the small business owners and entrepreneurs follow some tips to advertise your videos. So here, we have given 20 tips for the Facebook video to Go Viral. Just follow them and make use of it.

Videos are a great way to gain customer engagement.Creators must keep in mind that the video you post on Facebook must follow the guidelines of Facebook. Remember, videos play automatically in newsfeed without sound, and so a successful video must be able to catch viewers’ attention even without sound and with only visuals.

The phrases mentioned above will generate the key factors of Facebook video by delivering all measures that have been disclosed while using. Most of the brands are making amendments to generate the most effective video content engaged by the audiences continuously. These will give the perfect result of video campaigns for Facebook, and through this, we can get the ultimate strategy to build the video campaign with full pledged content.

Facebook has more than 2 Billion monthly active users. More than five million advertisers are creating limited ad space. To have a space in the feed, advertisers necessarily must use the video products of Facebook to avoid being left behind. This is the complete guide to Facebook Video 2020.

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