YouTube Advertising Statistics

50 YouTube Advertising Statistics Marketers Know in 2022

No one thought that the video would be the maker of digital marketing until YouTube comes to the screenplay. But now YouTube is the only marketing ambassador for businesses from start-ups to grown brands. It’s not an opinion of one or two billion business brands are believing that YouTube is the live income supporter with million consumer engagement.

How can we define that YouTube has shown a huge impact on advertising?

Here we can find the real-time YouTube advertising stats that blow your mind off

50 Significant YouTube Advertising Statistics

  1. 48% of marketers invest more on YouTube like a paid social media.
  2. 29% of marketers consider pre-roll skippable ads are most active on YouTube.
  3. 78.8% of marketers obey that YouTube is the most significant social video marketing platform.
  4. The net advertising may reach $4.96 billion on YouTube in 2020.
  5. 90% of ad campaigns on YouTube drive high in brand recall.
  6. 8 out of 10 businesses prefer YouTube TrueView ads.
  7. More than 70% of YouTube views are from mobile.
  8. In the U.S, YouTube may hit $5.5 billion in video advertising revenue in 2020.
  9. More than 9% of small businesses in the United States promote their brand on YouTube.
  10. Business brands using TrueView ads on YouTube are finding a 500% increase of views for the previous existing video content.
  11. For every 18.5 minutes, top trending brands upload a video on YouTube.
  12. Each top business brands almost have 2.4 YouTube channels on an average.
  13. 71% of B2B marketers are using video content, and YouTube is a significant channel for that.
  14. 53% of B2B marketers are in the use of YouTube for organic video content marketing.
  15. As distributed paid video content, 11% of B2B marketers are using YouTube.
  16. The above 90% audience stated that they find new products on YouTube.
  17. 80% of B2B and B2C marketers stated that YouTube videos are driving views, business sales, and consumer engagement.
  18. 92% of views on branded YouTube videos happen due to the influence of influencers and creators.
  19. 51% of B2B and B2C marketers launch YouTube video ads.
  20. TrueView ads account for 10x more audience engagement for brands.
  21. After watching the video on YouTube, 46% of B2B buyers will buy the products or services.
  22. The YouTube influencers with 500 to 5k subscribers on an average cost $315 for each video.
  23. Influencers on YouTube with more than 500k charge around $3857 for each video.
  24. It is a perception that by 2025 the 50% of YouTube audiences under the age of 35 will not buy a paid TV.
  25. More than 6 billion view LEGO is the popular channel on YouTube in the category of brands.
  26. Globally, 50 million Channels on YouTube, involved in the YouTube Partner Program.
  27. YouTube users of the age of 45 are more likely to watch YouTube ads.
  28. US stock market revealed that $3. 96 billion ad revenue generated from YouTube.
  29. $0.10 to $0.30 is the Cost Per View (CPV), advertisers paid to the YouTube ads.
  30. In the US, 9 %of the Small Businesses use YouTube ads.
  31. Over 60% of the products purchased by watching YouTube ads rather than one who recommended through TV and other ads.
  32. 40% of the growth rated notified every year of the YouTube channels, which are earning six-figure ad revenue.
  33. Top 100 brands on YouTube collectively upload videos n every 18.5 minutes. Some Interbrand’s have an average of 2.4 channels.
  34. True view ads viewers watch at least 30 sec has 23 times more likely to visit the subscribers count for that brand.
  35. YouTube viewers who watch the true view ads, they don’t watch till the end but still 10% more likely to take one of those actions.
  36. More than 50% of the Advertisers are interested in YouTube ads.
  37. Among all social media channels, YouTube is the most influenced channel for product purchasing.
  38. Over 90% of the shoppers discovered new things through YouTube.
  39. $2,000 is the average cost per YouTube ads to reach 100,000 Viewers.
  40. Brands who used to post True view ads got 500% increased video views.
  41. At present “LEGO” Channel is a trending branded YouTube channel over 6 billion video views.
  42. 2/3 of all premium online videos on YouTube reached a million views across all devices.
  43. YouTube pays $4 billion to Google.
  44. As per the YouTube Statistics, 85% of the females watch beauty product ads on YouTube.
  45. Nike Advertisement featuring Ronaldinho is the first ads hit 1 million views.
  46. 20% of people who watch video ads will leave after the first 10 seconds.
  47. 85% of the digital video ad viewers from YouTube.
  48. 30% of the view rate notified for the YouTube users of the age 55 and provided $0.049 per view.
  49. The first top 10 ads on YouTube, hit 539 million views.
  50. Over 51%of, the US marketers run the YouTube Video ads.


YouTube has a different story on ads over other social media. Over the years, YouTube has perfected advertising so that YouTube ads are not imposing viewers instead of targeting. 2021 is the best year for businesses to set their video marketing goals selecting the best types of ads for campaigns.

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