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YouTube Stories for Creators: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever heard about “YouTube Stories”?

Of course, you are.

Do you want to go deep in finding everything about YouTube Stories?

Stories are trending on either Facebook or Instagram. Moreover, the Stories being as the ambassadors for hyping the giant social media sites like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.

The stories are the much exciting feature for both the users and creators either create or watch the amazing videos or photos of current or past. Everyone sticks to stories as it lets to add the emojis, wishes, tagging location, hashtags and also presenting the mentions.

Now our giant video media YouTube turns to stories by naming it as YouTube Stories. To feed the audience with tons of entertainment by making every moment of the creators a realistic story YouTube has launched the feature “YouTube Stories.”

Is it sounds good? Of course, from celebrity creators to start-ups along with the audience are much awaiting for the arrival of YouTube Stories.

YouTube Stories

As you know, the stories are created in short form, and moreover, they are mobile-only videos. These YouTube Stories let the YouTube creators get in touch with their fans often by adding the simple and on-going activity. After 7 days of uploading the story will expire. Now they are in beta.


Unlike Instagram and Facebook stories, YouTube Stories will not expire, and the creators can add multiple.

How to Create YouTube Stories?

  • Initially login to your YouTube account and then click on Camera icon.
  • Then click on “Story.”
  • Start recording by holding the capture button.
  • Also, click the capture button to take the photo.
  • Also, upload the video or photo as the YouTube Story.

Steps to Edit YouTube Story

  • Edit the video by saving to your camera.
  • Trim the video.
  • Also, you can add the music to the story.
  • If you want you can use the filters.
  • Add the text to the Story.
  • Add the stickers.

How to Delete Video within the YouTube Story?

  • Click on Story.
  • Then tap a player to find the photo or video you want to delete.
  • Click on three dotted Menu.
  • Then click on Delete.

Viewing YouTube Stories

  • Stories tab of creator’s YouTube channel page the stories displayed. The subscribers can see the YouTube Stories on subscription feed.
  • The viewers can see the stories below videos on watch page and also see on the homepage.
  • From the stories itself, the users who are not subscribed to your YouTube channel and watching your story can subscribe directly through the stories.
  • Stories tab of a channel the creators can see the count of no. of views of the story at the bottom of a player or in a story.
  • The creators can see the total views on active YouTube Story. Furthermore, the subscribers or fans can’t see the no. of views on your YouTube Story.
  • If you want to watch story yourself, then click on the icon of the subscription feed or tap on the stories on your YouTube channel.

Steps to Respond Comments on YouTube Stories

  • Click on the icon on your channel subscription feed or stories tab and then go to stories.
  • Then select the icon of comments.
  • Below comment, if you want to highlight next story, click ‘Reply in Story.’
  • Then start recording the video or photo with the app.
  • Now click on Post.

Moderating Comments on YouTube Story

Either in YouTube Studio or in the story itself you are allowed to moderate the comments directly. For both the stories and video uploads the comment moderation settings are enabled.

How to Watch YouTube Stories as a Subscriber?

  • If you want to watch the Story, then click on the icon of the creators from the subscription tab that appears in the subscription feed.
  • On the channel of the creator itself, you can watch the story from the stories tab.
  • If you want to watch the previous or next story, then click the left or right side of a player.
  • If you want to pause the story, then hold down the screen.

What can Subscribers do if the Story is Inappropriate?

If you think that story is inappropriate to watch, then you can report it.

  • Select the Menu from the lowermost right corner of the YouTube Story.
  • Then choose the Report.

What happens after reporting the inappropriate Content?

After reporting the inappropriate content, the YouTube Community Team will not let the others find who reported.
When report made, then it’s not taken down automatically. The YouTube Community Team will review the content by following the Community Guidelines. That is-

  • When the video content is violating the YouTube Community Guidelines, then it will be removed.
  • The content you upload is age-restricted that means inappropriate for Younger audience will be removed.

10 YouTube Stories Statistics for 2020

  1. YouTube stories let for up to 7 days.
  2. 8.5% of the subscribers count who participate in YouTube stories.
  3. YouTube channel having 10,000 subscribers can access YouTube stories.
  4. The comments made on YouTube stories can will let up to 7 days, and those comments can stay 30 days on YouTube creators’ studio.
  5. Top 100 brands are getting started using YouTube stories.
  6. YouTube Stories are 15 seconds of short-form videos.
  7. 79% of internet users who hold the YouTube account are trying to use YouTube stories.
  8. YouTube enabled the mobile-friendly YouTube stories for the millions of users.
  9. Follow the metric with the help of YouTube stories.
  10. YouTube launched its own YouTube stories as Reels.

Advantages of YouTube Stories

  • It is simple to capture stories
  • It can be shared easily
  • It can be viewed on a mobile phone
  • The editing process is quick and easy
  • You are not putting pressure on yourself
  • It is a great way to connect with a new audience
  • Make your channel more attractive to potential advertisers
  • Increase the chance of subscribers taking the next step
  • Accessible across platforms
  • Engages viewers
  • Provides a more authentic feel
  • Simple to create
  • An excellent channel for marketing
  • Collect followers
  • Make use of the visual medium
  • Get organic content and promotion opportunities
  • They are super easy to make
  • You can update it faster than a blog or Twitter
  • You can answer questions and comments
  • You can get organic traffic from google and YouTube search

What you need to know about YouTube Stories

  1. You can upload photos, videos, and gifs
  2. You can reply to your audience
  3. You can tag people and businesses
  4. Your story will be saved for 24 hours

This is why you should use YouTube Stories

  • You can target a more engaged audience
  • The stories are great for engagement
  • Monetization and branding opportunities
  • Use the phone they just bought to watch videos

You’re not a creator, but here are YouTube Stories for Creators

  • Challenge your fans to make videos using your product
  • Engage with fans on stories
  • Show your personality
  • Give out free samples or gifts once in a while
  •  Regularly retweet fans and followers’ content

What are YouTube Stories, and how can they help you?

  • YouTube stories are what creators should be using instead of Instagram stories
  • It’s a perfect format for video blogs
  • It’s also great for chatting to your audience ‘when it feels right.’
  • YouTube stories can lead to organic views because it exudes authenticity.
  • Comment and like on other accounts’ stories
  • Reply comment or reply to other creators chatting

Curious about YouTube Stories?

  • They last 24 hours and disappear
  • You can post videos or photos
  • You can add text or drawings to them
  • They’re a great way to talk about your day or your passions

If you’re not on YouTube stories, you’re missing out

  • You’re missing out on a growing audience
  •  3 in 4 people check their stories daily.
  • Get more views and more engagement on your thumbnails.
  • Watch how creators are turning stories into full episodes and movies


Anyone can be a creator on YouTube. One way to grow your audience is by sharing videos posted on your show’s channel and linking them to your stories.

A YouTube story is a great way for your audience to connect with you — especially if the video is the main format you use to communicate with them.

Use YouTube Stories to create new experiences for your audience.

YouTube Stories is a simple way to share more of yourself and engage your audience.

A no-brainer for any creator using YouTube but not taking advantage of YouTube Creator stories or other free Creative Highlights.

Your ideas matter, so start growing your audience today.

Use YouTube Stories to grow your audience.


YouTube creators can get the continuous engagement of the channel through the delivery of the optimistic stories. Now the creators can blast their talent by uploading the short-form video content as the story. It could be a great feature to gain the audience. Mostly the brands can elaborate their branding capabilities with ultimate story creation.

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