YouTube Tips: How to 20x Your YouTube Channel With Data-Driven Insights

Do you want to rap your YouTube channel with flourishing victory echoes using YouTube Tips?

Don’t you want to stick with the unpolished dead YouTube optimization strategies?

Why don’t you try something strange to build the inspirational status of YouTube channel?

All these queries can be fulfilled through below phrases. Just keep reading to find everything from a pin to pin.

Get your YouTube Channel Analytics Data using YouTube Data API

The YouTube data API will let us find the YouTube channel analytics data by providing the reports of dashboard and tasks.

It also used to fetch the huge data reports which can be stored by enabling the tools to mine, filter and sort the data.

It can be used to manage the video upload and playlists automatically.

It helps to have the user interaction by framing the queries that exist in real-time.

It is the best tactic to follow which leads to have the channel reputation through continuous engagement.

Use Excel Macros to get more advanced Stats

Excel Macros are the set of programming applications which can be termed as VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is used to eliminate the repetitive work by using applications within the applications.

The chart form of data reports can be formatted and printed with the help of Excel Macros.

The generated reports through Excel Macros will display the clear visualization of the running data with full statistics.

The in-built advanced features, formulae, and graphing tools are the most seeking attributes to reduce the overburden work while tacking the YouTube channel.

Get Social Media Stats for Each Video using VidIQ Tool

It is one of the best tools that has been offered by Google Chrome as the extension that helps in predicting the possibilities of promotion in search, videos and recommended videos, etc. through the enhancement of optimization.

The overall performance of the YouTube video through quick real-time views per hour can be measured.

The links to the video description can be added by using VidIQ Tool. When the description word count length is too short, then it pinches the creators to generate the required count.

The keyword recommendation engine of VidIQ will let to engage the channel through the optimization of titles, description, and tags that helps to boost the SEO of the video.

Briefly, it can be used to overview the no. of shares, likes and views especially on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, etc.

Use various tools that help in finding the viral keywords in the search engine and YouTube search results as well.

Here ‘watch time’ will play the vital role to get higher ranking on YouTube search.

Always follow the YouTube recommendation algorithm strategies that help in the increment of video watch time.

Stick to use the question words like ‘how what, which, where, etc. which are most commonly searched keywords.

Along with the VidIQ Tool make use of TubeBuddy to fetch the most advanced features to get higher YouTube ranking.

Analyze Competitor YouTube Channel Data and compare both

Always keep bulls-eye on competitor’s channel that helps to make a comparison between both the channels.

Hence it will guide to plan for advanced strategies to overcome the competitor.

Too many tools are available in the market to analyze the data of the competitor’s YouTube channel.

Through this, the social media statistics for the channel and trending video statistics can be estimated. Pick the topic at which the opponent’s channel is being upper hand.

Then create the most significant and unique video content that can flood the competitor’s channel.

Source: Brite Content

Analyze which type of content is resonating audience

Try to create the variety of content through the selection of appropriate topics by making real-time research.

This type of content analysis will surely reach the audiences by producing the continuous channel engagement.

With the addition of it dig the strategies that help in delivering the dynamic content.

Mostly consider the video analytics to produce the channel vibrations with millions of fan base.

Scrap Each Video Comments data and get Audience feedback analysis using Machine Learning and AI Algorithms

The machine learning algorithm will help to minimize the human activity that helps in the optimization of the channel.

The AI algorithm will detect the fraud activities that are being considered as the scam.

Picking the combination of Machine learning and AI can be used to analyze audience feedback by scrapping each video comments data.

Analyze Demographics

Analyze from which country you are getting more revenue, watch time and audience retention plan your upcoming content based on these stats.

Also, the categories like age, culture, gender, religion, and levels of education will be considered as the part of demographics to release exact content that is being expected by the audiences.

10 YouTube Tips and Tricks for Android

Have you checked the YouTube app for iOS lately? YouTube added some new features to support VR videos. There are other interesting features such as private viewing mode, easy ski ahead etc. Let us learn some tricks and tips of YouTube for Android.

  1. Go to YouTube android app settings. Open the YouTube setting and go to the General section. Enable the Limit mobile data usage options to save mobile data.
  2. In YouTube, general settings enable ‘Enable stats for nerds.’ You can now see video stats and information about the video.
  3. YouTube video quality also can be changed. Visit the app on your Android device and tap the three dots. Go to Quality and choose the quality.
  4. For watching a video later, add that video to watch later playlist.
  5. YouTube app for Android also allows watching full 360-degree videos.
  6. If you do not want to receive any YouTube app notifications, go to YouTube settings, and select Notifications. Here you can enable or disable them.
  7. YouTube for Android allows downloading YouTube videos to watch later. Before downloading the videos, you can select the quality of the video.
  8. To play YouTube in VR headset, open YouTube video, select three dots and choose cardboard option. Enjoy the video in VR mode.
  9. It is simple to clear the YouTube search history on Android devices. Go to Privacy section in YouTube setting and select clear search history.
  10. YouTube Android app also allows changing the content location and selecting the country and watching the country based videos.

The above are the simple tricks and tips to use YouTube on Android devices to make watching the videos more enjoyable. There might be other tips and tricks that help to use the YouTube app more effectively on your Android devices.

10 YouTube Tips and Tricks for iOS

YouTube phone app is available for a smartphone like iPhone and Droid. There are some tips to be followed to use YouTube better on iOS phones.

  1. Though there is no built-in YouTube app for iOS in some devices, it is easy to grab the Google released free YouTube app.
  2. If you have your account on YouTube, have it synced up to iOS devices. Open the YouTube app on your iOS device. Find the ‘Sign in’ button at the top left and enter your credentials.
  3. YouTube for iOS also supports YouTube Red.
  4. iOS users can also enjoy YouTube on the web just like you use it on your desktop.
  5. YouTube app not just allows watching videos but also uploading to YouTube.
  6. The latest version of YouTube app offers to edit videos, add filters and music and upload to YouTube directly.
  7. It is also possible to adjust video playback speed in YouTube for an iOS device by tapping on the triple-dot menu in the upper right corner of the video.
  8. With the latest update, it is also now possible to live stream from iPhone or iPad screen to YouTube app.
  9. Chatting and discussing the videos is now possible within the YouTube app for iOS devices.
  10. Video sharing functionality is also available. Tap on the ‘Shared’ tab in the YouTube app for iOS. The link can be shared with friends via text messages or through email or any other social network.

Watch the YouTube videos by downloading them using free YouTube Downloader. A file management app, ‘Documents 6’, claims to let the user download YouTube videos. The downloaded video appears in the downloaded section of the Document 6 app, which then saved to the device for watching it later. Another way is to watch YouTube videos offline is to download them on PC and to share them to iOS devices.

How to Backup All Your YouTube Videos

YouTube is the best platform that holds dozens of videos in it. Sometimes you save your uploaded videos to your computer. If you miss the content or some reasons, your YouTube account may terminate, but you need the video content to get it back. To download all YouTube videos, it has some limitations. Another reason is when you upload your videos, and YouTube convert videos to its format that may cause loss of quality.

“Google Takeout” is the latest suite to download or backup all your YouTube videos. You can download all your original videos with full quality and whenever you want to download them. Here is the step by step process to backup all your YouTube videos.

Procedure To Backup your YouTube Videos:

First, log into your “Google Accounts”. After that type on URL bar “

Click “Next” and select “Choose Services” on the takeout navigation bar.

Google takeout window select the type of service among all the google takeout services.

Select a service “YouTube” from the window or else you can directly go to the YouTube page by clicking on the link

After loading the page you will see the estimated size and number of the file to download or backup data.

Click on “Create Archive “, after that choose an option “Email me when get ready” to get the notification.

When all it’s done, you will get a link to download the videos, as just link get a link to upload videos to your YouTube account.

Previously Google allows you to download one video at a time to the file manager, but now it’s different. You can download a bunch of files altogether one time to download.

When downloading the video files through Google takeout we should have an idea about this google takeout suite.

This will allow you to download all your own uploaded videos, it does not allow the people to download others uploaded a file.

Google takeout gives you the high-quality original videos which you have uploaded to your account. The downloading time may vary depending on the size and number of files to download.

Make sure that you have enough space to download the files in your hardware or a computer.

Every Company or an organisation should have a YouTube account. The Company’s data held in videos format. Suppose your YouTube account hacked by some other persons or your account is terminated by yourself only, you need to get back your video content. This is an ultimate guide to backup all your YouTube videos.

Best Times to upload a video on YouTube [Study]

Today’s generation whatever thought’s come to their minds, they just shoot a video and publish on YouTube.Publishing video’s on YouTube not only a matter of getting a good result, but we should maintain some specific timings on weekdays or weekends. Somehow it depends on which day you have posted your video

The Best Timings to post YouTube videos on YouTube is in between 12 P.M to 3 P.M. You can publish these timings all weekdays and weekends it may be optional.

The rise of YouTube is nothing short of legendary. With a small company that hosted user-friendly videos, it has now risen to be the most sought-after platform for some of the biggest industry giants to advertise.

It has risen from being just a website to being a platform for start-ups to grow. It has become the single-most revered opportunity that budding people in business opt to utilize.

The length and breadth of this mammoth platform can seldom measure as millions of subscribers use it to learn new technologies, techniques, processes and strategies to upscale their business.

However, little is known as to how to optimize one’s reach on YouTube. Several companies that advertise on YouTube think that their products will themselves become popular given YouTube’s sophisticated strategies regarding gauging keywords thereby increasing the SEO ranking of that product.

But one may ask if that’s enough to increase the company’s viewing percentage. No. With more and more strategies emerging that are bound to benefit both the customer and the user, one needs to always be on the lookout for the latest trends in YouTube marketing.

Sometimes, the moment we are about to launch a massive ad campaign, it might just end up clashing with a campaign from another giant service provider whose hype can easily overtake us.

to avoid such clashes, it is best when we choose the right times to market our product. Finding the timing can be as crucial as the product itself. Honing these time strategies is what makes a successful marketing strategy.

When it comes to the timing, it is best suited to advertise when viewers are relatively free from the daily chores or when they sit watching television. It also serves to understand or survey when the human mind is free to concentrate on something other than pressing matters.

A recent study showed that weekends are best suited to advertise as they are targeted towards peak viewing hours of potential customers. Finding the right time and the right mix of strategy is imperative, and it only takes practice to come up with the perfect approach.

As per my knowledge, we have researched and described, what are the best timings to publish a video in YouTube channels. Some people may be busy with those timings we have listed, but as per survey most of the people get to engage with the YouTube.

How To Do Keyword Research for YouTube Video

Vlogger might have the strong desire to occupy the peak position in the track of YouTube.
It’s not a big deal, and it can crack by adding the ultimate keywords for those videos. Here, the Keyword Research is the main source for the YouTube video to get the traffic through the search treasure of search engine.

So envelope the unique and most searchable keywords with the video you upload.

If you jammed at the confusion of finding keywords then get rid of it by looking at the given keyword research strategies.

Start with Primary Keyword in your Mind:

The primary keyword is the basic one to lead the traffic to the video. This will stack all the audience at your video looking for this keyword related content. Don’t neglect to use the special and matchless primary keyword in your videos.

Seed Keywords from the Primary Keyword:

By considering the primary keyword gather the linked keywords that might provide a chance to get search results that involve your video. The clubbing of all these keywords will make your video to be in the top position of a search engine.

Generate keyword ideas based on your Video Content:

Thoroughly analyze the content of your video and this can make you understand the user required keywords. Then start collecting keywords based on that analysis of the video.

Set your Keyword Priorities as Future Perspective:

Before you are allocating the keywords for the YouTube video should remind yourself to assign the keywords by predicting future search. That means try to give the keywords that required in upcoming days. Then your video will be on the list of evergreen trends.

Check your Analytics which Type of Keywords are working well:

To find the fine keywords that mostly searched and used then it’s better to go through your analytics. The analytics will reveal which keywords are showing better results for the videos you generate at your YouTube channel. Based on that allocate the keywords that help in fetching the better ranking results.

Use Keyword Research Tools:

If you are struggling too much to find and attach the well-defined keywords for your YouTube video then go on using the best-advanced keyword research tools.

Google keyword planner, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, Google trends, KW finder, and are some of the best keyword research tools.

These tools will make your work simple within a short time and gives the exactly matched keywords that drive the continuous traffic for your channel.

Get CPC Estimates for your Keyword List:

Try to find out the cost per click evaluations for the list of keywords. That means catch which keywords have more clicks in your video. The highly qualified keyword will attach a higher CPC for your channel videos with continuous engagement.

These are the everlasting strategies that help in finding the best keywords for your videos simply and quickly. If you are the initial point of running your channel then immediately go on applying the real-time implementation of these tactics on keyword research.


If you want to make your channel to go viral, then start using these strategies that establish the milestone of the YouTube channel success. These tactics are drawn from the real-time experience of running a successful channel. Gathering unique information is better than sticking to regular methods.

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