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Artificial Intelligence Video Platforms: Top AI Video Software’s in 2024

Video plays an essential role in developing any Platform and application. The evolution and growth of video led to the development of Artificial Intelligence Video platforms designed for various aspects of their usage over the internet. Artificial Intelligence refers to a broad set of approaches that allow computers to imitate human abilities.

What is the Artificial Intelligence Video Platform?

Artificial Intelligence uses computers can help to imitate human thinking and decision-making. Artificial Intelligence Video is still away from the independent personalities we consider and see in science fiction; the computational power of these systems enables Artificial Intelligence to tackle challenges such as increasingly complex calculations that humans cannot do.

AI technology is evolving and programmed to perform functions to improve the way its algorithms work. Sometimes, Machine Learning is used interchangeably with AI but not accurately. Machine learning is a subset of AI focused on independent learning.

IBM Watson Media’s Video Streaming

Several live-streaming apps are available for consumers, and new IBM Live Video Streaming applications offer higher-quality video and more secure administrative tools. These allow users to stream without any special equipment.


The best video hosting and video marketing platform. It offers realizable video streaming services.


Brightcove offers better video experiences with the best-in-class technology and superior customer service. You can experience the best video hosting services and marketing tools.

Private Media Channel:

Private media channels are the best video hosting platforms that are helpful to businesses and companies. It is an IBM enterprise platform used for streaming.

Ensemble Video:

The Ensemble Video Platform is an excellent video streaming platform by IBM, and it offers practical ways to stream live broadcasts and fully managed cloud streaming services.


Vidyard is a video-sharing platform for businesses that makes every moment countable. Vidyard is a new-generation live video streaming platform offering personalized video streaming.


Panopto is businesses’ leading online video platform for streaming content, Webcasts, and recorded video footage. It is the best live-streaming platform for universities and a student-centric platform.


MediaSilo is a lightweight, secure video hosting and management platform for effectively distributing media. MediaSilo is a great provider of cloud-based media collaboration and workflow.

Brightcove Zencoder:

Brightcove Zencoder automates the file and live transcoding for speedy content delivery. This Zencoder dynamically encodes video for each device simultaneously.


A professional video hosting and Live video streaming platform with excellent tools. Premium users of Vimeo can livestream three events concurrently. A single stream from Vimeo can stream up to 12 hours long.


Concopa allows us to host both media files, such as images and video content, and share them on the platform—a perfect multimedia platform for your business.

23 Video:

Best video platform from IBM live streaming tools. It offers the best video hosting plans and content management system builds, especially for video marketing platforms.


Vzaar is built for marketing agencies and publishers with a cloud-based enterprise video solution. It offers unique features like Dropbox integration, bulk uploading, and a customizable video player.


uStudio offers secure video content in terms of Live streaming, Podcasting, and video marketing. uStudio SaaS providers modernize your business by integrating, managing, and delivering high-quality video.

Playwire Video:

Player video platform offers services for the best content management system, live streaming video, and serving ads in one place. It is an HTML 5 video player built its business, providing free and paid video players for independent publishers.


Kaltura is an on-demand video platform for effective video delivery, including security, quality, and flexibility. Live stream on cross devices around the Globe. It is an industry-leading CDN platform.

Ooyala Flex Media Platform:

Ooyala Flex Media Platform is an extensible and open-source platform that helps you manage, curate, and orchestrate the content and deliver quality video content. It also offers analytics to track performance.

Grovo by Cornerstone:

Grovo is 100% Microlearning courses that have moved to Cornerstone‘s content library. Now, it is available exclusively for Content Anytime subscriptions. You can now create your microlearning content Grovo by Cornerstone.


Flipgrid’s platform has engaging tools and the ability to stream live events. In the future, it will also allow YouTube Live streaming. It is a video discussion platform that is 100% for educators and learners.


Powtoon is an online video creation and hosting platform for engaging presentations and short videos for your business. You can create animated videos and tutorials for educational institutions.

JW Player:

JW Player is an online video player and platform with open-source video hosting, streaming, advertising, and analytics services.


BrightTALK offers an eponymous platform for the compelling content delivery of content marketing through the communities and video presentations for effective lead generation.

StreamShark Live Streaming Platform:

The best live-streaming solution provides options for small to large-scale enterprises and individual business requirements.


Viddler was built primarily to provide video tools for customer engagement and active learning. This enterprise video solution includes features such as a learning hub, a learning-focused player, and a video subscription e-store.


Muvi is one of the best OTT streaming platforms, allowing users to offer audio/video streaming features: it is the top live streaming and on-demand video platform for businesses.

How AI is Used in Video Analytics Software Solutions

Expanding AI in video analytics Software Solutions can help analyze high-resolution videos more accurately and faster. It is commonly associated with security and record incidents and assists in investigations. AI significantly expands applications of video surveillance beyond security systems.

  • Facial Recognition
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • User Profiling
  • Image Moderation
  • Motion Analysis
  • Digital Rights
  • Video Analytics Process For Smarter Vision & Display
  • Video Classification
  • Bi-Spectral Sensor Analysis
  • Facial Detection
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Text Detection
  • Object Tracking
  • Object Detection
  • Object Characteristics Specification
  • Edge Computing

How Does AI-Assisted Video Surveillance Work AI Surveillance Market Segments?

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in security systems is early, but its role in video surveillance varies in different markets. Artificial Intelligence-based Video Analytics Solution empowers users to make a continuous inspection, and they can collect more accurate information. It is also termed the CCTV solution with Artificial Intelligence.

  • Banks
  • Super Malls
  • Airports
  • Tube/Train Stations
  • Bus Station
  • Security Companies
  • Security Service Providers
  • Home
  • Office / Corporates
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Events Locations
  • Theaters
  • Parks
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

Companies that Change the Game in Video Analytics & Deep Learning

Artificial intelligence helps businesses build software to analyze video performance to capture, understand, and monitor events better. It is for delivering quality content, scouting videos, and providing valuable insights. Here, we have compiled the Companies that change the game in Video Analytics & Deep Learning.

  • ACK Data
  • A.I. Tech
  • Aquifi
  • Camino
  • CloudSight
  • Diplomatic
  • Netra
  • Neurala
  • VideoIntellect
  • Vintra
  • Visits
  • Visible

Artificial intelligence is coming out with sophisticated computer technology that is becoming widely used to understand and improve business and computer experiences. Here are the best AI video trends for 2024.

Brands Dive into AI Video:

In the video, brands are diving into AI, and the trend is increasing, evolving the new use cases for emerging technologies. Many Video intelligence platforms use ML to help marketers gain production.

Context-specific tagging:

AI for video includes context-specific tagging and gesture control to improve product discovery. Neuromarketing and biometric sensing are used to monitor viewer response.

Context-aware marketing:

Context-aware marketing is also used to gain traction, using natural language processing to better understand the ads on relevant content.

Video intelligence platforms:

Most Video intelligence platforms use machine learning to help marketers. Marketers can increasingly understand where the audience is watching and what they are watching with the help of insights. Insights can enhance marketers’ ability to act on their needs and goals.


Hyper-personalization has become routine in the digital world. That means, with the help of AI video, the ability to speak directly to people’s priorities in future years. Marketers can also create AI-driven video content by targeting an individual viewer.

AI video in global marketing:

More than half of the worldwide marketing executives are still facing the issue of the effective use of AI compared to all other technologies they already use. With the effective use of AI usage in video growing, there is no doubt that there may be a greater emphasis on creativity and novelty. These AI videos have more human minds executing them.

Effective content creation Tool:

Content creators, designers, editors, and creatives can adapt to these new technologies. AI offers access to an unparalleled toolbox with an extended human reach that can simplify complex problems. Combining AI with human creativity creates new innovative technologies and trends that have the power to make video an even more effective marketing tool.


Further advancements in d cloud computing, deep learning, and internet things technologies have brought quick access to data from anywhere. Artificial Intelligence technology has made many advancements in computer vision, machine translations, and speech recognition. These are the top Artificial Intelligence video software for 2024.

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