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Online Video Course Trends You Should Know in 2022

When most people think about the future of education, they think about traditional learning institutions such as universities and colleges. But what about online video courses? According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the online video course market is expected to grow from $11.48 billion in 2017 to $31.72 billion by 2022.

That’s a lot of growth! So what are some of the key trends you can expect in the online video course market in 2022? Let’s take a look.

  • More universities and organizations will offer online video courses.
  • The quality of online video courses will continue to improve.
  • More employers will require employees to take online video courses.
  • Online video courses will become more affordable and accessible.
  • The use of artificial intelligence in online video courses will increase.
  • The popularity of online video courses will continue to grow.
  • Corporate training departments will increasingly adopt online video courses.
  • The quality of online video courses will continue to improve.
  • Increased augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in online video courses.
  • More emphasis on personalized learning experiences.
  • Growth of microlearning formats.
  • Increased demand for bilingual courses.
  • The number of videos will continue to grow
  • There will be a shift from short-form content to long-form content
  • More video creators will use live streaming as a way to connect with their audience and build trust
  • Video hosting platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram will increase in popularity because they offer more features for brands
  • Video content will be more interactive, with the use of quizzes and polls
  • Video platforms will become more social-oriented, such as YouTube or Instagram
  • Live streaming videos will increase in popularity
  • Brands will create more video content to help promote their products and services
  • Video content will be more interactive
  • There will be a shift from personal to professional videos, as the internet becomes more of a place for work and less of a place for leisure
  • Live streaming video will become even bigger than it is now
  • Facebook’s live video feature will only grow in popularity- they have already been trialing this with celebrities like Kevin Hart and Taylor Swift
  • YouTube stars are going to start making films that are released exclusively on their channels first before being put out on other platforms
  • The number of hours watched will continue to grow exponentially, and by 2022 it is estimated that there will be more than 1 billion people watching online video content
  • Video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu will continue to invest in original programming
  • Brands are beginning to use YouTube as a platform for advertising their products
  • Video will be the most important form of communication on social media
  • Brands that don’t have video content will lose out to competitors who do
  • YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram will continue to dominate as platforms for online videos
  • More brands are creating their channels on YouTube because it’s free, and they can control how much advertising is shown
  • The average length of a video is about 2 minutes, but shorter videos are gaining in popularity
  • Video content will be more personalized and tailored to the viewer’s needs
  • Videos will have a voiceover or captions with subtitles for those who don’t understand English
  • More videos will be produced by influencers, as they are trusted sources of information
  • Online video courses will be seen as an alternative to going back to school and getting a degree to get ahead in their field
  • The rise of online video courses
  • Video course creators will be making more videos for niche audiences rather than general ones
  • There will be a great demand for video tutorials that are quick and easy to follow
  • More people will start creating their video courses as an additional revenue stream
  • Video will be the dominant content on the internet by 2022
  • Mobile video consumption will rise to 75% of all online video viewing
  • YouTube and Facebook Live will be major players in streaming live events
  • Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) for videos will become more popular as their technology develops, especially with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets
  • The average length of a video watched on social media is 3 minutes
  • Video will be more interactive
  • More video content for mobile devices
  • Video ads on social media platforms will become less common
  • Personalized video content will be popular among businesses and consumers alike
  • Technology is the key driver of change in this industry, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with new trends.

A lot has changed in the world of online video courses since we last reported on them. Some trends include live streaming, native advertising, and more opportunities for instructors to make money through affiliate links or other partnerships with brands that want their message delivered directly into homes via this medium!

Video courses are here to stay, but they may not be what you expect. Instead of learning about a particular topic in-depth like languages or math, there’s one called “The Future Of Online Education,” which looks at how universities will use these technologies for education on-demand across many subjects from engineering right down through arts & design programs as well!

With the rise in technology, there are more ways than ever before for people worldwide to connect and learn from each other. Today, we will discuss some trends that will shape how online videos are produced moving forward into 2022!

Nowadays, more and more people are turning their attention towards online courses. These videos can be taken on your own time or at a scheduled date/time with an instructor who will guide you through the lessons step-by-step! And this trend isn’t just happening in one country either – we’ve seen it spread around the world, including here within America, where there have been growth rates between 15% to 20%.

The future of online video is all about quality, not quantity. This means that instead of uploading an unlimited number of videos to your course page as many instructors did before them you should focus on producing high-quality content with engaging stories. which will keep students engaged long enough for them to learn what they came there looking and more important. You want to share their knowledge after completion as well!

Video courses have become popular in recent years, with more and more people opting for online videos as their preferred means of learning. Despite the rise of technology that enables us all-inclusive access to knowledge at our fingertips through various devices, including smartphones or tablets; laptops/PCs there’s something about watching somebody else 24/7 who knows what they’re talking about . This is mainly because we humans crave consistency: if one person speaks, then somebody needs dozing off? Better let them finish! And besides, video classrooms provide live interaction between teachers.

With the ever-growing digital landscape, many changes are happening in our world of online video courses. These trends cover various topics from how you should prepare for success as an instructor or student with these educational programs to what2020 holds which may surprise some people who think they know it all!


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This will be especially important as new features are added that make it easier to target specific demographics with targeted ads.

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